Thursday, 8 January 2009

Wolves Photo Stamps

Wolves Photo Stamps
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Today's photo is of 2 (of 5) custom made stamps (courtesy of Dimension Fourth Ltd) - they show the Wolves Logo (which we have as decals) and the Wolves helmet (I've got the both facing the other way as well) plus the official Wolves Logo as well.

They are the first "photo" stamps (photo like) I have and they are looking fab! Roy and Ally have done a FAB job on that.

Done lots of Wolves paper work after phoning the league to figure out about temporary applications - and then had to sign, scan and save about 25 forms (Seniors and Juniors) ... and then add the details into a spreadsheet. Want to use a database again this year but am not sure if I should go for OpenOffice or Access??

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sharonfruit said...

Ooh, these look great hun!

Did you brayer them? I find photo stamps a completely different beast to work with than normal stamps. Brayering them gives such a crisp image when you come to put them on photo paper.

S xx