Sunday, 11 January 2009

365 Photo Challenge - missing photos

I've taken them on the days, just didn't have the time to edit and upload.

That's Friday's Dinner - yummie Salad with Halloumi cheese (and already 1/2 tucked in!) including reading material for the evening. :)

DAY 10
Chai Latte - a yummie spiced tea (thanks for introducing me to it, Sharon!!) frothed up a bit in one of my "Dunoon" mugs (love them too). Comfort drink. :)

DAY 11

And comfort food tonight after my headachey day today. Found them when clearing out the pantry - nice micro(poppable)waveable popcorn... today's flavour: Honey Butter. YUM!

Still got a bit of tension in my neck but hope I am fine tomorrow ... got lots to do (and this time some scrapping too!!)

And I will try to capture something non-food related tomorrow. LOL.

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