Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Still struggling with sleep deprivation from Superbowl on Sunday, but hey … maybe I’ll get finally to sleep BEFORE midnight.

And since 11am this morning the “little secret” from the Adamsons is now not a secret anymore.


The IVF run in December was positive (typical, the one we thought won’t do anything and we’ll have to go down to London to get immune issues checked out), and we had our official 12 week scan today.

Both Chip and Chap are doing fine, are moving about, have all limbs and noses and chins and heartbeats.
And I’m feeling as if a big rock’s been removed from my shoulders … have been reading too many horror stories about twin pregnancies resulting in just one baby born or even losing both. Think with 5 years IVF in the bag we know far too much about the medical background and are more likely to worry about what COULD go wrong instead of “enjoying the pregnancy”.

But there you go – all going ok, tests were normal as well (don’t have the official result, but the measurements (nuchal translucency) as per T’Internet are normal.

I *think* we’re back for the 20 week scan, but due to twins we may have one in between … but I think we just get more scans from week 28 onwards.

Next stage is next midwife appointment on 8 March – which seems to be aaaaages away (again, that’s because when you do an IVF run you get seen 1-2 times per week for about 2-4 weeks)…
Glad I can now post openly about that all and hopefully some mums or mums-to-be can feed back their experiences. Smile

Sunday, 6 February 2011

What I learned today (11W4D)

I have to deal with that heartburn … will have to search for the Gaviscon liquid sachets and have some with me all the time.
Following items causing problems:
  • Chocolate (humm!!!)
  • Shortbread biccies (hohumm!!)
  • Citrus fruit
  • Chocolate
  • Fybogel!!! (and I have to drink that twice per day because of other reasons … cannot WIN??)
Else – me feeling bad must mean Chip & Chap are doing perfect … mmmh? Fortunately the 12-week-scan is Tuesday morning, as things that come up on the internet are really scary for me. Big sis said during telephone call today that I shouldn’t read that stuff, I’m now at the stage to read up how to handle the nappy changing etc. LOL.
Ah well… skipping Gym today (haven’t been at all this week as I started to feel slightly dizzy and nauseous last week Sunday) but will have to go back tomorrow.
Now searching for that elusive Gaviscon liquid in my rucksack and then will take it after dinner …

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Why is it we’re so scared???

Not scared about what happens in August or end of July … but scared about things that don’t fall into the “normal pregnancy” situations. Like – I didn’t have any nausea or “morning sickness” until week 9 with a bit of a bigger bout since Sunday. Bit late, eh? And that’s not “sick sick” but just feeling a bit funny tummy wise, not that I have to hug the toilet bowl any time soon.

Or then the fact that I am not ravenous with 2 beans in there? When I told DH this today when he phoned to say he’s leaving work, he totally went panicky thinking things are wrong, we’re not pregnant anymore etc.
So … while people are being told to "enjoy pregnancy” (as far as you can … with all the sickness, nausea, constipation (sorry TMI), HEADACHES etc.) WE CAN’T! Not just yet. Not until at least week 12.

Think that’s normal for people who went through IVF 5 times and nearly decided to switch clinics after the 6th attempt … and then it works. And for couples who had only 1 positive result which ended up to be an early m/c at week 5/6 ….

Wish I could just stop that worrying, but I’m not even convinced it will be better after next week Tuesday.
I should though … I’ll start week 12 tomorrow, and they usually say that week 11/week 12 is already reducing risk of m/c. And the nurses & doctor said that once you see the heartbeat you’ve already reduced the risks. Given that you won’t see the heartbeat until week 12 in normal pregnancy (i.e. no IVF/ICSI) I SHOULD be less worried … but then you read those “horror stories” about “Vanishing twin syndrome” and “missed m/c” (i.e.  no bleeding/pain).

Think I need some positive enforcement … some music might help…

Body still against me…

3rd day in a row where I am not 100%, but fortunately first work day … All ok, “just” Tension headaches at the neck and feeling a bit dizzy/nauseous. Should be ok for work tomorrow.

Otherwise things are ok, time flies and DH and I are looking into holidays for this year (Germany and London and maybe something else).

Still no crafty stuff done, but there’s still hope … SOMETHING at least on Friday … or Saturday… or maybe Superbowl Sunday while DH and BIL are playing Lasertag?

Currently planning 2 things for scrapbooking (one of which a CJ we will do at our crop) and a mini-album which I really should do asap (but mojo is missing). And then I’ll have to look into cross stitch or knitting small things while watching TV. Instead of spending that much time on Facebook, really. I HAVE already deleted some of the FB games, mind.

And maybe quilting a bit, but that is for a weekend or so where I have NOTHING planned. And I’ll have to check for fabrics first really. Winking smile