Saturday, 30 May 2009

Summer is here... ?

Looks like it! :) Since yesterday nicest sunshine!! I managed to mow the lawn, strim the edges ... and also managed to pull the stuck lawnmower back over the lead but that's another story! ;) Let's just say we have a new lead for the lawnmower, and at the same time I bought a new blade, as ours is already 6 years old and never went into maintenance. :o

Potatoes are growing (I've got a barrell and one of those bags) and my new strawberries seem to do fine as well. :) Will have to tackle the weed in the back where the rasps and red currants are ... nasty little things!! Also bought a pepper, a cucumber and a tomato plant at Tesco yesterday. We'll see how that works out.

Still have to actually dig up the veggie patch which I marked out. Think that's something I am going to do today too.

On another note - yesterday we went to Dave's (friend of ours who helps with Wolves posters/programs etc.) birthday meal at Al Fresco - I didn't know that this is part of the Guiliano "chain". My way of checking Italian restaurants in the UK (let's be serious - you CAN'T do that in Germany as there are sooo many very good Italian Restaurants) is usually ordering Spaghetti Carbonara and Tiramisu ... but this time I just couldn't go past the "Taglierini al Carciofi e Gamberetti" (Taglietelle with Artichoke Hearts and King Prawns with green Pesto and white wine sauce). And it was just YUMMIE!! LOVED IT! Have to say I prefer "Al Fresco" to the main Guiliano's.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Just a wee entry right now...

I am dead ... and I mean *D*E*A*D* ... junior tournament on Saturday (early start), Adult Wolves away game (early start as 11am kick off due to double header for the referees - and HC wanted to be in Wishaw for 9am!!).... got sunburnt to boot, so that doesn't help.

And ... I am struggling with missing MOJO ... I wanted to do some scrapping today, and what have I done instead? Done 2 washes, the washing up, emptying the dishwasher and now HAVE to do some ironing (otherwise I won't have any clothes for work tomorrow ;) ).

That's just to keep me from going to the study and actually get some scrapping done!! BUT I WILL!! After ironing some blouses and work trousers, I will deffo go upstairs. Promised Pauline she'll get the Chinese Whisper today, and I will keep that promise for once!! ;)

But aye - at the moment you can shoot me, take me to the arbattoire ... my brain is fuddled, and I don't have any energy whatsoever!

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Sorry for not posting that regular at the moment. Very busy at the moment with the first 2 Wolves game and a Youth game over, now we have a Junior tournament on Saturday and an away game on Sunday. 

Will hopefully be able to post some photos later tonight from both games last Sunday.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Guess what ....

I am writing this outside... ;) Without the long cable going through the bedroom window upstairs... :D  Our WiFi is strong enough so I can be on my lappy outside.. WAHEY!!!

Sooooo happy about it, as I had to run errands like bringing the sleep monitor back to NRIE - why don't they have a drop-off zone where you DON'T have to pay £1.20 (0-65mins) for the 10 mins it took me to dash in, drop off and come back out??? :( If they have one, then they don't signpost it very well!!! >:( ) 

And go food shopping for the next 2 weeks (Didn't manage to do that yesterday during/after training as I was helping a new friend - one of our new player's fiancee - shopping for their flat - had tons of fun mind! :) ) and also went to the petrol station twice (once at Shell to get around the Bypass to NRIE and then to fill the tank up at Tesco's - for points - and it was cheaper than at Shell).

I did a bit of massage duty as promised to AP, then dashed out to mow the lawn so we could hang up the Wolves Wash for this week. :)

Was worried all the time driving around that the sun is going away/it starts raining, but it's still nice, so I gave our plastic chairs and table a quick clean (have to do the deep clean soon) and then ... the big test ... is the WiFi working outside??

And as you have read beforehand and can see right now ... it does!! :)

So I am currently sitting here with the Wolves paperwork which is on my to-do list, but may spend some time digging and saving my berry bushes from weeds before I am starting on that.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Shopping, Chai and all that

Had quite a busy day yesterday - had to go to NRIE to pick up my "sleep monitoring" kit and then had planned to meet up with Heather P and Heather R at Fort Kinnaird for a cuppa and some shopping at Borders & Hobbycrafts. Also decided to get rid of some landfill stuff we'd floating around the house since the neighbours' Sky Dish made a flight down into our garden and since we'd have our car checked.

I don't like NRIE. It's the most illogical layout I've ever seen in a hospital really... :o Ok, so far I have only experiences from Germany, but that is probably a cliche then! ;) Bad enough that they make you walk through the gynie unit first before you get to the assisted conception unit (unless you park in the smaller car park up the hill ... but if you're taking the bus you really HAVE to walk through the waiting room full of preggers women etc.! If you're coming from the small car park you still have the preggers women outside SMOKING!!! ... Ok, quick change of topic!!) - can I hear a "That's a man's logic of planning!" ????

When I went to the Sleep Medicine unit for my first appointment I was lost as I was told to go to the Day Clinic ... which last time I checked was below the Day Surgery unit. But no, it wasn't. It was way back stashed away past the restaurant (didn't even know where that was until then!). And not very clearly signposted either. :o

So... yesterday I went to the Sleep Medicine Day Clinic (ok, I lost my letter, so couldn't say if they actually gave the correct place for picking up my kit this time) - was told I don't have an appointment (I phoned them on Thursday to make sure I had the time right!) and then was told I have to go upstairs. "Just take the lift up to first floor and walk back towards the main building area!" was all I got. No ward number, no nothing!!! So I took the lift and then slowly walked along the hall ... searching for something stating "Sleep Clinic" ... which I found after a while ... ward 114. Followed the signs and then was directed towards something "cardiology"??? Locked doors with intercom didn't help either, but fortunately I had 2 supply guys explaining to me what I had to do.

So ... the Sleep Medicine Unit was the actual place with the "bedrooms" where they do the monitoring for the acute/typical cases (My first consultation didn't really bring up lots of "red flags" so I got to do the monitoring at home). One of the nurses explained to me how to put on the gear and then I was sent home (with a quick stop at Julian Greaves).

Quick detour to the Craigmillar landfill (including an extra round as I didn't find the motor oil recycling the first time ;) ) and then I went to Fort Kinnaird. Got some nice smelly stuff at Body Shop (once a year I am surely allowed??) and then met the 2 Heathers at Starbucks for a Chai Latte. Got the latest issue of Craft Stamper at Borders and some tartan papers at Hobbycrafts for the CJ "Where do you live" and cellophane bags (shared with Heather P) for the 1 Stamp Swap. Still not convinced by Hobbycrafts (want a Michaels or a Jo-Ann's!!). :(

With the whole weather going from sheets of rain, sunshine, black sky and sunshine, back to torrential rain I decided I could try a quick trip to Dobbie's to check if they have anything interesting from PaperMania (and to check if Hobbycrafts marks up prices). Didn't find anything (and the prices looked fairly the same) at the craft section (which is getting smaller!) but there were some nice Yankee Candles - but with the inlaws going to Florida soon I'll rather give them the shopping list. ;) Checked for seed potatos (well.. Rooster ones) but they were all gone or moved to another section. Then the obligatory trip to the Food hall ... testing the flavoured oils and vinegars. This time I decided to buy some as they were really nice. :) Raspberry Vinegar, a special mix of Balsamic Vinegar and Basil infused Olive Oil. :) In Germany you can get these in the normal supermarkets... so I just HAD to. ;)

On the way back ... I encountered Friday afternoon work traffic on the Edinburgh Bypass!! :o And was stuck for 20 mins at the Gogar (?) Roundabout. That was BEFORE I decided to cut through South Gyle. I went to Tescos, recycled poly bags and believe I still was quicker at DrumBrae Roundabout than if I'd waited at Gogar to get along St. John's road!!!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Looooong Day with a not so good result..

First Wolves game of the season ... and not a good result. However, despite key players missing due to circumstances (and in this case it was some linemen) we managed to fill a bus with around 49 (?) people over the journey (with a pick up/drop off at Southwaite Service Station). It's a scary thing, because in the past our travelling squad was around 35 plus non-playing staff... :o I think we'll have to speak to Park's to get a bigger bus for the other away games???? :o

The day started early at 5:45am which meant only 5 hours 45 mins sleep ... YAWN!! Fortunately we had most stuff already packed and in the car, so it was just getting the food in the cool bag, breakfast, a quick download of e-mails and then away. We arrived at 6:45am at Meadowbank where most of our players already gathered and had been to McD's for breakfast (no surprise there).

Bus arrived in time, we moved the kit and settled down to pick up more players at Livingston - with our usual suspect being late. I really don't know how he manages that every time we have an away trip ... :o It's not as if it's his first season either ... he's a 6th year Wolf!!

Bus trip was fine, I just wish I could sleep in the first couple of hours ... but there's just something with me and not being able to sleep on buses/planes etc. :o I managed to edit a selection of Wolves photos though and burn the DVD for Dave for posters/game day programs. Pick up at Southwaite went fine too and we managed to get to Broughton Park Rugby Club in Manchester in time. :) The usual rush for jersey numbers, taping etc. and finally we got out on the pitch. Started all out a nice day, promising temperatures as well, just what the MET said at 6am. :) Bit windy, but hey. ;) That changed to very windy and rainy during the 2nd quarter though. :( NOT HAPPY!! Every time we travel down to Manchester it rains!

Today's first however - REF CREW WAS LATE!! We had ambulances late, the opposition being late ... but REFS??? So the kick off was half hour late.
Fan ratio was a bit uneven as well... 2 fans (plus 1 retired player) for the Wolves, and about 30(?) people for the Titans ... which I think is due to their new recruits, Mark Squires (a GB Lions player) and the 2 guys from Hollyoaks. ;) Cue female fans en masse!! ;)

As for the game ... well, we didn't shine on points - the final result was 27:0 for the Titans, but I think it was a good result for us (we travelled with 28 rookies to the sport who now have their first league game experience in the pocket) - we only allowed 27 points for goodness sake. I think that's an achievement for our squad and am certain we can go a long way as long as the guys stick to it and rookies don't jump ship because they didn't get game time after 4 training sessions.

Oh - we arrived back in Edinburgh at 12:30am ... and I didn't get to bed until 2am. :o Definitely not happy with the Titans for not putting on free food for the travelling side, but there you go. We had the joy of the Manchester Curry Mile... ;)

So ... roll on 17th May!!! We hope to see lots of fans at Meadowbank for our first home game which is against the Highland Wildcats, one of the 2 new teams in the Scottish Division.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Geeesh! It's May already!!! :o

Yeah... scary thought, isn't it? And I don't even mention the time until Xmas... ;)

Anyway, what have I done since last week??? ... A lot of registration for the Edinburgh Wolves, paperwork and all that. We've got our first game on Sunday, which is an away trip "across the border". ;) Our bus will leave at 7am ... YAWN!!

Currently going through the mad dash of preparing everything ... it just seems that there are always things going wrong prior to the first game of the season, and suddenly players wanting to change their kit or deciding they are good to play after all so didn't organize their kit earlier. ... MEN!!! Although ... most of the team behave more like 14 year old pubescent boys! LOL.

Else ... I managed to finish the last Chinese Whisper yesterday (2 weeks late) and will be off to do the Recipe cards for a swap in 15 mins.

Then I still have 1 more CJ from the German girls to do as well as a stamp swap ... I really just don't know where the April has gone!!! :o

My left ear is blocked since yesterday, my hearing is like I am underwater (one sided) ... and now I have headaches again... JOY!!!

Ah well... let's hope for the best ... I got my last ever issue of Simple Scrapbooks today ... I think I have every single issue, and I really LOVED this mag. Shame they had to stop it. I am not sure if I am going to order my Creating Keepsakes from Artbase from July instead (my US subscription is running until then) or if I just cancel it as well... :o