Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Needed some funny Blogthings... :)

Found this on Lynne's Blog today and thought it sounded quite funny ... and the result is fairly accurate as well... :O

Your Birthdate: December 30

You have the type of personality that people either love or hate.
You're opinionated, dramatic, intense, and very outspoken.
And some people can't get enough of you - they're totally addicted.
Others, well, they wish you were a little more reserved.

Your strength: Your flair

Your weakness: If you think it, you say it

Your power color: Scarlet red

Your power symbol: Inverted triangle

Your power month: March

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Still not 100% back to studying...

Have taken yesterday as my "day off" to just "vegetate" in front of the TV and also read a bit (non anatomy/physiology/etiology & pathology!!!).

Was quite good but my brain was still not switched on at all ... today is a little better but I can read things about anatomy/physiology and I may as well attempt to read Chinese ... not going to happen today. Doesn't help that I seem to have developed a cold (sore throat and sniffle)... :(

Sooooo... I give up for today and will hopefully be back to 5 hours studying (excl. breaks) tomorrow.

Gestern hab ich mal einen Tag "freigenommen" nach dem praktischen Modul, hab vor dem Fernseher "hinvegetiert" und auch ein bisschen gelesen (aber nichts, was mit meinem Studium zu tun hat!!!).

War ganz gut, aber mein Gehirn ist immernoch nicht ganz angeschaltet... Heute ist es ein bisschen besser, aber ich kann was ueber Anatomie/Physiologie lesen und haette genauso gut was auf Chinesisch lesen koennen ... studieren ist heute einfach nicht. Es hilft nichts, dass ich heute anscheinend eine Erkaeltung habe (Halsschmerzen und Schnupfen)... :(

Also... ich gebe heute einfach mal das studieren auf und bin morgen hoffentlich wieder auf dem Damm um 5 Stunden (ohne Pausen) pro Tag zu studieren.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Angry, fed up, disappointed, annoyed...

...and that's only how I feel about me!!!

The last practical module from my correspondence course is over and done with, and my brain was just BLANK ... nearly the whole weekend!! I was ok on Friday for the mock written test and my Surface anatomy was also ok, but having the Clinical test on Saturday (examination & assessment and then physiology, pathology, etiology, rehab and treatment of an injury) just dragged me down ... again, just a mock test, but I was just stumbling over my words, needed a lot of prompting from my lecturer Colin and felt like a rabbit in front of a snake or a deer in the headlights!!! STUNNED!!! By my own nerves and the brain that denies its existence!!! AAAAARRRGHHH!!!

It's really annoying, specially after I have been studying for the last 4 months ... apart from my hospital stays and the fact that my brain just went "doolaly" the last month because of the Zolly!!! So I am not happy with myself and very angry!!

I also feel drained ... it's a information packed weekend every time, but this time it was preparing us for the final exam, and with my defunct brain it was harder to take in everything. I've actually taken our flip chart paper with me - Ta Colin!!! :)

However, the weekend was fun - as always!! It was only Tony and myself with Colin as our lecturer, which allowed more "one to one" teaching (well... one to two), much better than a group of 6+. We had very nice food (paid for) and I slept fairly ok .. even though my staying up late and getting up early to get more stuff into my head ... which of course didn't work!!

So... now I am WORRIED TO BITS because of the exam ... which will be in 4 weeks!!!! Colin said I should sit it anyway ... because I am most likely to pass the first part of the exam, which is the written paper and Surface anatomy of the upper limb. So now it's all getting back into Physiology, brushing up my anatomy (my brain drew a blank naming the muscles on different joint actions ... even lower limb, which I have done and sat the exam for in June 2005!!!!) and get to know my injuries. And of course doing lots of "hands on" work on Doug and any player I can get .. ;) Have already 3 veterans on my list for SuperBowl Sunday!!! :o

Well... I'll take tomorrow off studying (probably will have a look into some things though ;) ) and then get back full time Tuesday. Wonder if I should use audio tape/MP3 player? Just record bits by myself and listen to them? To give my brain a break from the boring reading?? Any suggestions/comments there? I'll get some pc slides from Colin next week, so having the pictures there should be better than lugging the Tortora or even the Palastanga everywhere!! :)

Tuesday, 23 January 2007


I found this on Andrea's blog today and thought I try this myself ... Means I have visited 15 countries (6%) so far ... all Europe and North America though... now ... when are we off to Japan and Madagascar??? LOL!!

create your own visited countries map

And to put that into a little perspective... I have visited 14 US STATES (27% of their country!!) - ok, 2 have been just a "drive through" ;).

create your own visited states map

Reisen ... Ich hab das heute auf Andrea's Blog gefunden und dachte mir, ich probier das auch mal aus...Ich war soweit in 15 verschiedenen Laendern (6%)...alle jedoch in Europa und Nordamerika...nun...wann geht's nach Japan und Madagaskar??? LOL!!!

Und um das ganze eine Perspektive zu geben .. Ich war in 14 US Staaten (27% der USA!) - ok, durch 2 bin ich nur durchgefahren ;) !!!.

Falls Ihr es selbst ausprobieren wollt, schaut mal hier nach.

Cyst - follow up scan

Gosh, it's really an in-and-out thing with me and ERI, isn't it? Was there today for the follow up scan and the head of department Dr T wanted to do the scan by himself - that's the 3rd time now ... Think he's not happy with me having the cyst in the first place and now I am one of his "problem" cases??? Who knows.

Anyway - scan was ok (well... as ok as it gets, I suppose!), cyst is going down, but we still have the next follow up appointment for post-Zolly and Cyst on 13th February. Wonder what they are going to tell me then.

I asked Dr T if I can expect to have a hospitalisation every 3 months with a cyst now and the master of non-commitment said that it depends on how agressive my endo is. Ack, I really neeeeeed some fixed information there!! :( Can't stand open answers... :/

So we'll see. At least I don't have any pain ... at least not in the lower abdomen, but my headache has reared its ugly head again today... realy could do without it.

And as I have been posting a lot of long messages lately and no photos I've taken some pics of the Pentland hills with the little snow that's left ... I just have to load them onto the PC and then will post them here...

Sunday, 21 January 2007


isn't it? I am not that comfortable to type/translate my Blog in/to German!!! Weird!!! English is my chosen language now as it seems.

It began...

...the week of self-doubts. :(

Have been swimming today for 30 mins, always a bad idea as you can let your mind wander. Although I have been studying for about 4 months now (well... with 3 stays in hospital etc.) but I feel as if my brain denies its existence!!! Things just don't STICK!!!

Was wondering if I should postpone the Module 12 and exam for another 3 months, but in the end - why should I? I have been always bad with tests (nerves gone etc.) and I can't do more than do lots more studying the next 4.5 days and hope it's enough for the Module - which is NOT an exam, just has mock exams (both written and practical). It's a preparation for the exam itself, and maybe Colin (my instructor for this module - I had him for module 9 already) can help me getting more confident.

Today's QVC craft day, and I have been good (probably much to the delight of DH) ... I just watch it for inspiration more than anything, although the DCVW stuff was very nice ... love the "Olde World" paper stack!!!!

Off to make some roasted veg for dinner ...and maybe do some scrapping later today while DH is watching NFL playoffs.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Some things are never...

...what you expect them to be!

Since my 3 eye OPs when I was a child (I was 5 or 6 at the time I think - have to check this with my Mutsch) I've never been in hospital for longer than day surgery with overnight stay. Until 17th October 2006 that is!!! And now I have been in hospital for 4 days each on 2 occasions within 3 months - for the same thing!!! LITERALLY the same thing, as it looks like the same cyst which was drained in November, it just refilled...which it shouldn't have, with me being on Zoladex (can have small cysts as side effects, but not hospitalisation ones!!!) and all that!! :( My IVF consultant is not happy with this at all, he looked very disappointed when he came to see me after my first USS (ultrasound scan).

And the nurses in ACU are totally confused as well, one of them even said "Why are you here? I saw you Monday and everything was fine then...?".

As for hospital stays ... I know my side of the family is in Germany, as are lots of my friends, and DH has a very demanding job at the moment with him doing work for another team member as well who's going to be signed off for quite a while... But I can't help feeling jealous of all the visitors the other 3 ladies have. It's not easy, I know, as we never know how long I am going to stay, but still...I know that my parents, sister and friend back in Germany would make sure they visit me ... all I seem to get here is a max 1 hour from DH on his way home an a quick "bag drop off" from MIL ... And now I am feeling guilty for wanting more - and more guilty of making excuses for them not visiting me!!! (It's the 2nd time now... :( ) How stupid is that?????!! Or do I "romanticise" hospital stays here??

Going to be discharged today and cannot wait in my own bed again - without all lights being switched on at 11:30pm as an emergency arrived. Phew... SLEEP!!! Not being woken up at 6:30am for pulse/blood pressure & temp check and then again for breakfast at 7:30am!!! Not feeling at 11am that it should be actually b 2pm by now!!! I'm really surprised that my migraine didn't play up ... but that's probably all that Codeine and Paracetamol!! ;)

Manche Dinge entsprechen nie Deinen Erwartungen.

Seit meiner 3 Augenoperationen (ich glaube ich war so 5 oder 6 damals - muss das mal mit meiner Mutsch abklaeren) war ich nie fuer laenger als amblulante Operationen mit vielleicht 1 Ueernachtung im Krankenhaus. Bis zum 17. October 2007!! Und nun war ich fuer jeweils 4 Tage in zwei verschiedenen Monaten innerhalb von einem Vierteljahr im Krankenhaus ... mit der gleichen Diagnose!! SPRICHWOERTLICH derselben, da es so aussieht, als ob die Zyste, die im November "ausgesaugt" wurde, sich wieder aufgefuellt hat...was eigentlich nicht passieren sollte, da ich Zoladex "Implantate" (so mini Hormonkapseln, die einmal im Monat in meinen Bauch gespritzt werden und die Hormone ueber den Monat ausgeben) seit November bekomme (Eine der Nebenwirkungen sind "Mini - Zysten", aber keine, die mich ins Krankenhaus bringen!!!). Mein IVF Doktor ist gar nicht gluecklich mit der Situation, er hatte einen ganz enttaeuschten Gesichtsausdruck, als er mich nach meinem ersten Ultraschall besucht hatte.

Und die Krankenschwestern von der IVF Klinik waren auch ganz konfus, eine hat sogar gesagt "Wieso bist Du denn wieder hier? Ich hab dich am Montag gesehen und alles war prima??"

Bezueglich Krankenhausaufenthalte ... Ich weiss ja, dass meine Seite der Familie und viele meiner Freunde in Deutschland sind, und dass mein Maenne derzeit einen sehr stressigen Job hat, da er fuer zwei arbeitet - eine Kollegin ist derzeit fuer eine laengere Zeit krankgeschrieben... Aber ich bin dennoch eifersuechtig auf die anderen 3 Frauen in meinem Zimmer, die saemtliche Besucher bekommen. Klar, ist nicht so einfach mit job etc, und wir wissen ja auch nie, wie lange ich im Krankenhaus bleibe, aber trotzdem... Meine Eltern, meine Schwester und meine Freunde wuerden mich in Deutschland auf jeden Fall besuchen... Alles, was ich hier habe sind maximal 1 Stunde von meinem Maenne auf dem Weg von der Arbeit nach Hause, und eine schnelle "Taschenabgabe" von meiner Schwiegermutter... Und nun fuehl ich mich schuldig, dass ich mehr will... und schuldiger, dass ich nach Entschuldigungen fuer meine schottische Familie, warum sie mich nicht besuchen koennen (das 2. Mal jetzt schon - selbe Situation in Oktober :( )!!! Wie bloed ist das????!! Oder mache ich einen Krankenhausaufenthalt "romantischer" (nicht Liebe-maessig!!) als sie sind???

Ich werde heute entlassen und kann es kaum erwarten, endlich wieder in meinem Bett zu schlafen - ohne die ganze Lichtanschalterei um 11.30pm wenn ein Notfall eingeliefert wird. Phew... SCHLAF!!! Nicht um 6:30am aufgeweckt zu werden fuer den Blutdruck/Puls und Temperaturcheck und dann wieder um 7:30am fuer's Fruehstueck!!! Kein Gefuehl um 11am, dass es eigentlich schon 2pm sein sollte!!! Bin eigentlich ganz erstaunt, dass meine Migraene nicht aufgetaucht ist... Aber das ist wahrscheinlich all das Codeine und Paracetamol!!! ;)

Monday, 15 January 2007

ERI, Sharon...and back to ERI???!!!!

Got up today, did a bit of cleaning around the house, cooked the "Letcho" (something like "pepperonata", but Hungarian) and then took the bus into town to meet up with DH to go to ERI (Edinburgh Royal Infirmary) for our follow up talk. All went well, we had a doctor whom we never had but he's nice and gives more information than our main consultant. He confirmed that my Endo is severe and suggested I have a follow up scan on 13/2 to see if I should stay a bit longer on the Zolly or if we can go ahead with the next cycle. Apparently we're now coming to the top of the NHS funding list, probably around 8-12 months. Now we have to consider if we want to go ahead with another self funded cycle in the next 3-6 months (depending on the scan of course) or if we want to wait until we're getting NHS funding. We've 2 NHS cycles left, and if we'd go for a self funded one that would leave us with only 1. But I believe that if you had one "fresh" cycle on NHS they can make you do a "frozen" cycle with the next one. So is it worth it to wait? It would help with the weight loss, but what if we fall back into bad habits? Waiting for longer would mean we could go on holiday ... Sooo many questions!!!!

Met with Sharon at the Chocolate soup (who were out of squishy cream :( ), I had a nice White choc ... Yumm!! Sharon gave me some belated birthday presents (Yankee Candles!! Perfect!!! And a bird seed/nut feeder in the shape of a sunflower... and some choccies!! TAAA!) and we had a good natter about things. Then we went to St. James' centre as I had read on our Crop thread on UKS that either John Lewis or Jenners was having a sale in their craft section as they are going to get rid of it. Was in the end Jenners (which I could have guessed ... they were taken over by House of Fraser who don't have a craft section). They had a couple of things "of interest" for me, but not for the prices they have them "in sale" for. Maybe later??? :)

Once home I gave Sharon the full tour of the house (she's never been!!!) and then finished cooking dinner (chicken breasts, letcho and rice .. nice and easy!). Had a nice talk in the living room on the runner up to "Panorama" about that London Doctor doing IVF etc. ... and suddenly I had nasty stomach pain!!! Went upstairs to the loo which didn't help, nearly doubled over because of the pain and went upstairs for a lie down. Hot pack didn't help, neither did Ibuprofen (I was told last time to take for tummy probs). Sharon came upstairs and watched "Medium" with me while DH stayed in the PC room to get football stuff done. Suddenly I felt sick and sent Sharon out (don't like it when people are around when I am "hugging the bucket/toilet"). Was hoping that this would help but ... no. So I told DH to phone NHS24 who made an "Out of Hours" appointment at the Western General for us at 11:30pm. DH packed a quick overnight bag, gave Sharon instructions how to lock the front door etc. and then we left for the hospital. Quick check showed swollen parts in lower tummy and of course my muscles were in the way to prod about (why do they always tell you to "RELAX" when they know fine well that you CAN'T!!!). The doc then referred me to (my well known) ward 210 at ERI as the WGH doesn't have a gynae ward!!! She was confused why NHS24 sent us here in the first place.

Arrived in ward 210 at about 12:30pm after an agonising drive through Edinburgh (how come there are soooo many bumps on the road!!!??) and I got the full tummy prodding, taking a smear and blood pressure/temperature stuff again, and of course they need blood... which nicely enough worked the first time like a treat!!! At around 1:30pm decision was made for me to stay overnight at least, and I made DH go home as he looked more tired than me!! And then... horrayyy!!! I needed to get a venule/canula in case I needed an IV (drip)!!! I always like that one ... "A little sharp scratch..." "mmmh... nothing there" ..."Mmmh... I thought I got one" ..."There it is where has it gone???" To put it mildly ... my veins aren't the best! ;) It took the doctor 5 attempts all over on both arms to get the canula in until she admitted defeat and 3 attempts for the anaesthetist to finally get that needle into my hand!!!

At about 2am I got into my bed in the ward and slept (after yet more blood pressure and temp check) for about 2 hrs when I was woken by one of the surgeons (gosh, that boy looked younger or max my age!!! Fairly good looking surgeon as well... I am getting ooooold!!!) who started the whole prodding again ... and then even had to put his fingers in my bum to rule out appendicitis!!! Now, how would that make YOU feel? ?!! Didn't even know that that is a medical way of checking it!! Even worse that he looked like one of our ex-players!! He kinda ruled the appendicitis out though, and I then slept again until the next blood pressure/temp/pulse check at 6:30am.

Follow up appointment..

It's today - follow up appointment at the ACU ... hope they can tell me what grade my Endo is, and also what the consultant meant by the fact that my tummy looks like "Tiger Country" ... he said that it's hard to see things, so I assume that there is lots of scarring etc. (bad enough that the scans showed the cyst last year on the right ovary and they removed it from the left!!!!). I suspect that I have severe Endo (grade 4) but hopefully will learn more in a few hours.

After the appt I'm going to meet up with Sharon ... wahey!!! Nice chocolate soup, and then we'll be going back to my place ... Sharon's never been!!! ;) She's going to have a work meeting tomorrow morning, so I suggested that she'd stay over at our place. I can't wait, it's just far too long ago we met!!!

Mein Abschlusstermin von der OP letztes Jahr (Entfernung von meiner Zyste) ist heute ... ich hoffe, dass ich nun rausfinde, welcher "Grad" meine Endometriose ist, und auch was mein Doktor meinte mit der Aussage, dass mein Unterleib wie "Tigerland" aussieht ... er sagte, dass es sehr schwer ist, die Organe zu sehen, also nehme ich mal an, dass ich da viel Narbengewebe habe (schlimm genug, dass die Ultraschalluntersuchungen zeigte die Zyste an meinem rechten Eierstock, und wurde dann am linken Eierstock entfernt!!!). Ich nehme an, dass meine Endometriose ziemlich heftig ist (Grad 4) aber werde hoffentlich in ein paar Stunden mehr rausfinden.

Nach dem Termin treffe ich mich mit Sharon.... juchu!!! Ein schoener Besuch bei "Chocolade Soup" (jede Menge Heisse Schokolade!!! Yumm) und danach gehen wir zurueck zu unserem Haus... Sharon war noch nie hier. Sie hat morgen frueh ein Treffen von der Arbeit in Edinburgh, und ich habe vorgeschlagen, dass sie bei uns uebernachtet, weil ihre Eltern bei Glasgow wohnen. Ich kann's kaum erwarten, es ist viel zu lange her, dass wir uns gesehen haben!!

Saturday, 13 January 2007

The box arrived!!!!

There you go ... DH will be a happy chappy when he gets home ... actually, he just phoned and got all excited about it. This box is from the US and should have arrived end of 2006 ... we're not sure where it went missing or just left in a depot, but here it is!!! :)

Grown up man playing with Lego ... but suppose, he can always give the excuse that Richard Hammond did it during his recovery. Or maybe to have something to do when his nephew is coming over? :)

Weather is crappy outside, icecold rain and gales again... So I am going to have a nice cuppa tea now and play some Lego Star Wars and then go and get some scrapping done.

Das Paket ist angekommen ... prima!! :) Maenne wird ganz happy sein, wenn er nach Hause kommt ... Er hat soeben angerufen, und ist schon ganz aufgeregt!! :) Das Paket kommt von Amerika und sollte eigentlich Ende 2006 ankommen...wir wissen nicht, wo es verloren gegangen ist, oder in welchem Depot es liegengelassen wurde, aber hier ist es ja nun!! :)

Erwachsener Mann spielt mit Lego...aber naja, er kann ja immer die Ausrede geben, dass Richard Hammond waehrend seiner "Erholung" geholfen hat (Richard Hammond ist einer der Praesentatoren von "Top Gear" und ist mit einem "Dragster" Auto - sieht aus wie ein sehr schmaler Formel 1 Auto und hat Duesenantrieb wie ein Flugzeug - 228mph (366kmh!!) fuer eine der naechsten Sendungen von "Top Gear" gefahren und hat sich ueberschlagen. Er hat das ganze ueberlebt, hatte jedoch einen Gehirnschaden mit kurzzeitigem Gedaechtnisschwund welche ihn in einen kindergleichen Zustand versetzte. Richard hatte eine 50% Chance, den Unfall und die Gehirnverletzung zu ueberleben).

Oder vielleicht hat Maenne auch nur geplant,mit seinem Neffen Lego zu spielen? :)

Wetter ist absolut mist draussen, wieder mal eiskalter Regen und stuermischer Wind... Ich glaube, ich mach mir jetzt ein Taesschen Tee und dann spiel ein bisschen "Lego Star Wars" auf der PS2 und dann scrappe ein bisschen.

Friday, 12 January 2007

Off to brace the storm....

Waited for DH's ParcelFARCE delivery today (his 4th Batman Lego box... :) ) but nothing. Am allowed to go to get some peppers for dinner now ... It's just a quick "nip over" to Somerfield, but the wind outside must be around 50mph (and some of the weather websites show 29mph ... HA!!! I doubt that very much!!!!) so I may just get blown away!!! LOL.

After that I am going to make dindins, then update some databases and then ... get maybe some scrapping done (???) while DH is going to have a Radio appearance with info of our SuperBowl party in Edinburgh!!! :)

Hab den ganzen Tag auf eine Paketlieferung von ParcelFARCE gewartet (Maenne's 4. Batman Lego Box... :) ) ... aber nix wars!! Hab jetzt die Erlaubnis bekommen, das Haus zu verlassen, um einige Paprikaschoten fuer's Abendbrot einzukaufen... Sind nur 5 Minuten zu Fuss zu Somerfield, aber der Wind hier muss so um die 80kmh sein (und einige Wetterwebseiten sagen, wir haben 46kmh... HA! Ich bezweifle das ganz stark!!) also kann es sein, dass ich einfach weggeweht werde!! LOL.

Danach werde ich Abendbrot machen, dann einige Datenbanken aufputzen und dann... vielleicht ein bisschen scrappen(???) waehrend Maenne ein Radiointerview hat, wegen unserer SuperBowl Party in Edinburgh!!! :)

Is that easier to read?

Ist das einfacher zu lesen?

How many books do you need ...

... to study Sports Therapy? Well... in my case that'll be 11!!! ;)

Wieviele Buecher braucht man, um Sporttherapie zu studieren? In meinem Falle waeren das 11!!! ;)

First the books provided by Sports Rehab & Education who are the provider of the course:

Zuerst die Buecher, die in der Kursgebuehr inbegriffen sind (von Sports Rehab & Education):

And then the books I bought myself or got them as presents (some from the "Reading list" of the course, some just because it's relevant to the sport I am involved in ... American Football - so that's "Collision Sports" and "Taping Techniques"):

Und dann die Buecher, die ich selbst gekauft/geschenkt bekommen habe (manche sind von der Buecherliste vom Kurs, andere habe ich, weil sie relevant fuer den Sport sind, an dem ich beteiligt bin...American Football - so das waeren dann "Kollisionssport" und "Taping (Bewickelung um Gelenke) Techniken"):
It's quite funny that most of the books are named in the course not by their title, but by the authors ... Like "The Tortora" (Principles of Anatomy and Physiology), "Bruckner & Khan" (Clinical Sports Medicine), "Palastanga" (Anatomy & Human Movement).

Es ist ganz witzig, dass die meisten Buecher im Kurse nicht beim Titel, sondern bei dem Hauptautor genannt werden... Z.B. "Der Tortora" (Prinzipien der Anatomie & Physiologie), "Brucker & Khan" (Klinische Sportsmedizin), "Palastanga" (Anatomie und Koerperbewegungen).
    Quite a lot, huh? And I am pretty sure there are some to follow ... like specialised books for Knee /Shoulder /Ankle injuries.... And something else I have purchased since I am studying ... it's my 2 (so far, but am after more!!) Cryocuffs!!! :) So far I have the Knee Cuff and the Shoulder Cuff but I am desperate (LOL) for the Ankle Cuff . That should cover the main injuries I seem to come across in Gridiron (at American Football games).

    Eine ganz schoene Menge, mmmh? Und ich bin mir ganz sicher, dass da noch mehr dazukommen...z.B. spezialisierte Buecher ueber Knie/Schulter/Knoechelverletzungen... Und noch weiteres, das ich gekauft habe, seit ich mein Fernstudium angefangen habe ... das sind meine 2 (soweit, ich moechte aber noch mehr!!) "Cryocuffs"!!! :) Soweit habe ich die Kniemanschette und die Schultermanschette, aber ich suche verzweifelt nach der Knoechelmanschette. Das sollte die Hauptverletzungen decken, die ich so beim American Football sehe.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Thinking about ...

...blogging bilingual. So instead of having an English and a German Blog individually, I was thinking about blogging in both languages per entry ... that may be easier for me and gives the non-english speakers of my family and friends the opportunity to keep caught up with our daily life.

So... what do you think? One of my blogging friends (Nat) blogs bilingual and it seems to work fine. :)

Oh ... and just in case you crave a nice snack but don't want potato crisps ... Aldi has Pan Fried Vegetable and Pan Fried Parsnip Crisps!! We believe they have added that to their regular stock now... and they are YUMMIE!!!

I'm trying to make money again...

....well, I have re-listed 8 items (mainly craft mags and stamps) and have added 3 items. So if you want to have a look, here are my listings - my seller ID is Inselaeffchen.

Been studying, and now will do some Sizzix cutting, so Maureen from UKS can get her shapes!! Have to check my "To do" list what else I had planned for today, apart from scrapping/journalling.

Oh... and I have made an appointment with my "Voodoo Master" (i.e. Acupuncturist), Julia ... we'll tackle my tiredness and other signs of my endo and side effects of the Zoladex next Thursday. Wahey!!! :)

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Just another normal day ...

...did some studying, did some ironing, sorted out money things for our Edinburgh Crop and also wrote a letter to the Tollcross Community Centre to pay for some crops as well as booking the hall for the 2007 crops.

Did I do any scrapping? No. Did I do any journalling? No ... not sure if I am just searching for excuses not to do it, maybe my creativity is gone just now...???

Had a small brisk walk today to Somerfield to check if they have issue 2 of "The Art of knitting" (I am not getting them all, far too expensive... just the cheaper ones and then maybe some that I like?) and checking what the new DVD in the Daily Mail was. I got the "Yoga for Beginners" and "Pilates for Beginners" and quite fancy a couple more of the DVDs they are going to bring out over the next 2.5 weeks. However, "Reiki" wasn't one of them, so I went the opposite direction to our small local Post Office ... but they didn't have "The Art of Knitting" either ... so I may nicely ask DH to check during his lunch tomorrow....???

Feeling tired, so am off to the bedroom to read/watch TV and hopefully sleep before 1am this time!!!

The art of studying...

Well... usually when I am feeling poorly I am doing my 3x45 mins study time on the PC with online quizzes. Today I have been studying from my books for 2x45 mins and the last 45 mins online quiz.

I decided that I am going to make some flash cards for the muscles and their actions/insertions/origins/innervation and then flash cards for joint movements and their respective muscles. Probably flash cards for joints and their components as well... :o That might do the trick!

As for scrapping ... errr yeah, not done this year really, apart from 1 LO ... hope to catch up though. I shouldn't have started playing "LEGO - STAR WARS II" - it's sooo funny, but takes time away from scrapping (lol). And DH seems to have unlocked some extras for me that I don't have yet, i.e. invincible and speed building ... or maybe it's just because we logged out of his saved game and I started mine? Maybe tomorrow everything is changed after switching the PS2 off??? Who knows!!! :)

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Well... of course not!!!

That's my answer to anyone going to ask me if I got any scrapping done between my last post and now... ;) Had to catch up with the forums, and then reading my "Google Reader" (for blogs) and then took a fancy of searching the web for digital scrapping stuff ... I am sure DH would be happy if I would change to digi scrapping ... and it looks much quicker, too!!

I have a look into it, although I always will be a traditional scrapper as well.. just need the feel. So ... I'll be turning tra-digi in 2007!!!

If anyone has any suggestions for favourite websites etc ...all welcome!! I am currently specially interested in American Football digi stuff, as I have TONS of Wolves Photos to scrap and think that would be the easiest start for me. ;)

Off to bed in a bit ... probably reading a bit more (really have to finish "A breath of Snow and Ashes" by Diana Gabaldon by now ... I've started it AGES ago, but then came quitting my job, studying, going twice to the hospital and new diagnosis and Christmas ... well, you know all the "excuses". And that although I am usually a bookworm!!!

2007 is one week old tomorrow....

...and I still haven't drawn up my "New Year's aspirations". Ach well, I will do that tomorrow ... just had a lot on this week.

DH and I have been shopping a bit today before and after training (well...after 2 hours at training - the players still had 1.5 hours to go! :D ). I got an A5 folder for my Banana Frog stamps (and maybe other cling-on (LOL) stamps if I can find a way to do that) and a plastic ruler for the new Royal Mail sizes.

Borders didn't have the CK February in yet, and I couldn't find any marked down scrapbooking things at WHSmiths so I just got my calendar refill for my "filofax", the Daily Mail for the free DVD and a set of organising items (2 magazine holders, 2 slimline A4 folders etc.) for half price.

Off to Aldi & Lidl for some food ... seem to have lost out on the Brother labeller though... will have to stick to my manual Dymo type one.

Have been shining my sink again and had 1 hour on the PS2 playing "Lego Star Wars II" again and then let DH and one of our friends watch playoff games in the lounge ... while I am trying to get a layout done... :)

Friday, 5 January 2007

Sinusitis and a little movie review...

No headaches today but my face hurts ... feels like a sinusitis coming on ... could really do without them - have about 2-4 each year! :(

Cinema yesterday was a little weird .... I know that some of the reviews were really bad, but apparently it was the SCRIPT and not the books itself ... bad adaptation. DH was in fits nearly all through the movie and I cracked up a couple of times as well... Let's face it: The movie is a mix of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings!!! Plus a little "Dragonheart" added. DH had lots of workmates saying that the books are much better.

And why did they have to cast Robert Carlyle as Durza (the King's wizard/magician)???? I didn't recognise him at all - lots of facial prostetics, so they really could have casted anyone!!

And sorry, but Rachel Weisz does not get clooooose to Sean Connery as Dragon!!! :)

Well... off to do some more studying ... taking it this time the interactive way on the web.

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Hey!!! We had post!!!! ;)

Sneaky postie must have stolen another bank holiday yesterday!! :o Anyway ... no birthday cards yet (geesh... what's happening? Or has everyone forgotten? Apart from my family and some friends who sent e-cards that is???)...

BUT I got my order from Banana Frog (2 stamps - the "Elegant Swirls"
and the "Big Punctuation" ... yay!!) and the CK January issue from Modern Scrapbooking.

Have done my 3 hours studying but think my brain just is against any revision ... may do some interactive studying tomorrow instead. Now onto some housework, and then maybe some scrapping/christmas journalling if I have the time ... DH and I want to go and see "Eragon" tonight.

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Headache again...

It's just getting on my nerves really. And the worst thing is I cannot figure out whether it's the weather, the Zoladex or just my normal tormentor!!

Woke up with a nasty feeling of a vice clamping down on the left side of my head - across the eye and around to the back of my neck.... not nice, and the ice pack didn't do much either for it. :(

Feeling better now, but have given up on studying today (after I had a lighter headache yesterday and only studied for 2hrs (well ... 2x 45mins)) and have done some tidying around the house and finally got the last bit from my Ebay ready to be posted ... just have to walk to the post box at some point today before 6pm.

We've got friends coming round tonight to discuss the SuperBowl party (main fundraiser for the Wolves) ... have to get the lounge a bit more tidy for that.

Oh ... do Scottish posties have a special bank holiday today? Just so they have 2 extra days for the 1st and 2nd January???? We still haven't had our mail and I am kinda hoping that I'd get some more birthday cards really .... nothing arrived on my actual birthday last year (30th Dec.).... :(

Maybe will be able to do some Christmas journalling later tonight ... think DH is watching College Bowl again (The Boise game had a "Statue of Liberty" play in it yesterday ... wish I'd seen it now!!) ... and may take on PS2 Lego Star Wars II again after I've done level 1 by myself and did some free play with DH in the evening.

Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year's Eve 2006

Well.. DH and I decided (again) to keep it low today ... we had Raclette to ourselves (with leftovers for New Year's Day) which is usually for more than 2 people ... like Fondue which we had last year. We invite people around and they always have something else on. Not too happy really .... :( Little "scare" as suddenly everything went out in the house, apart from the lights ... I'd blown a fuse as I used a distribution plug and overloaded it. After DH was running about like a headless chicken for a bit we got the electricity back and enjoyed our meal!! :)

Then BIL and his girlfriend came over to watch the NFL (Jacksonville Jags game)until 9:30pm ... Then watched Dead Ringers Christmas Special and Still Game... during this we heard the wind howling outside and we found out at 9pm that the Edinburgh Street Party had been cancelled .... again, after 2003 was cancelled the first time due to high winds.

At some point DH heard something outside, and when we checked we had 2 sets of neighbours dismantelling a shed from one neighbour who had moved out a few weeks ago! It was one of those plastic sheds and I believe the storm must have taken off the roof!!! :O

Anyway ... midnight, a nice big hug from DH, watching a bit of the Fireworks (BBC1 showed a "Here's one we made earlier" as the live firework was supposedly cancelled ... but the inlaws confirmed that it was still going - they have perfect view of the castle from their flat) and then went to bed. I couldn't sleep so watched the "Most annoying Celebrities 2006" on BBC3 ... until 4am!!! Don't ask me why ... I just did! ;)