Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Been playing "Angel"

... well... in a crafting kinda sense.

One person in our OAHPT (One Awesome Harry Potter Thing) swap (where I made the paper pieced blocks on a tote) flaked and because the swapper who lost out lives in Scotland I decided to jump in to make her something and then she wouldn't have to wait too long for the postie to deliver it. :D

I had been toying with the idea of making another paper pieced item, but she stated that she likes Amigurumi ... and she likes Buckbeak (the Hippogriff in HP). Soooo ... in my infinite wisdom I decided to make something fairly new to me (I've only made 1 amigurumi before, for yet another HP swap), and the pattern was a bit of a problem for me, too (the "toes" and the wings in particular ... had to ask several friends on help what the foundation stitch is!!)!!

But here he is ... Baby Buckbeak, ready to "wing" his way to Stirling tomorrow!! ;) The pattern can be found here.


I should be safe to post this, as my swapper is not a friend of FB with me yet ... I don't think. :) And Royal Mail should be fairly quick so she gets Baby Buckbeak by the weekend. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Musing/planning the future..

Ok.. not the most inspired title for the blog entry today, I admit. But I'm still a bit tired, and brain's still not 100% back to working order (lingering migraine since Tuesday). So that's my excuse, and I'll stick to it. ;) 

Well... the Hobbitses will start pre-school nursery a week today. And that means I have 1 more year to look into part time work for myself to fund holidays for us (and my crafts, I suppose). 

Sooo ... in a dash of madness I decided yesterday after Body Balance to look at some of the job sites online. Just out of interest. 

My CV mostly shows Customer Service... in telecoms and Finance. Joy! Some rebellious voice in my head screams against going back to either field, and even is against going back into admin. 

Now ... that little rebellious voice wants to do something more creative. Or something in the medical field / research. For that, admin would be allowed again. ;) Or working at a school/university (but most unlikely teaching ... don't think I'd be cut out for that, after my experience with nursery kids when I was helping out with the nursery library, last year). Or working in the leisure industry. Or in a library. Or a museum. 

There's obviously the suggestion from hubby to dust off my Sports Therapy books, look into the rules with Sports Rehab & Education for a re-sit etc (there were mumblings in 2010 that everything would go through colleges/uni courses only in a couple of years), But then ... is it financial viable for me if I have to pay for insurance? Maybe only if I find work at a Physio or so? 

Doesn't help that as older mum (no ... I'm not "mature" .. LOL!), so my age is against me there. And the fact that I want to work part time, around the girls' school hours... 

.... and that is when the little rebellious voice in my head is getting quieter, and my mind just gives up and resigns and prepares itself that I'll be back working as admin or customer service in the big industries. 

I'm actually quite scared to put myself out there on the job market. Never was good in selling my job qualities... :o  

Monday, 10 August 2015

Just some random things & Crafty List

Another busy week again ... really can't wait for the nursery to start up! :)

On Friday the girls were "camping" ... downstairs in the living room, with daddy on the airbed beside the tent. That was the easiest solution for us to have their bedroom ready for the replacement of the old Velux Window on Saturday morning. ;)

They liked it a lot, and who knows, maybe next step is sleeping out in the garden for a night ... next year? ;)

Of course we had an early morning, not only for Niz to come and replace the window, but also because the girls were due to go to yet another (!!!) birthday party! Seems since nursery broke up they've been to 1-2 birthday parties each week!! And we still have 2 more to go! ;)

I myself was very busy last week finishing off my first Kat's Geek Krafts order (!!) of 25 custom bags. I will post a photo after the event, just in case the organisers want to keep the design a surprise. Just can say it's "Shiny" and involves "Serenity" . ;)

I also finished my first ever paper pieced items (patterns courtesy of Fandom In Stitches) for Ginny in the OAHPT (One Awesome Harry Potter Thing) Swap on Craftster.


Having said that, my craft to do list needs an update...

  • Nursery teachers' presents for when the girls leave in less than 2 weeks (pinterest to the rescue ... I have now found an idea I quite like and hopefully get sorted!) - DONE
  • An order placed with Kat'sGeekKrafts for bags.   DONE
  • Crochet summer hat for wee Erica
  • Crochet summer hat for wee Finlay (re-do as the wee boy has a bigger head than anticipated!! ;) ) 2/3 Done!! YAY
  • Wooly ghan for hubby's birthday
  • Wooly ghan for big sis (that will be most likely for Christmas, not her birthday)
  • OAHPT Swap for Ginny (got an idea, just have to get started now!) DONE
  • Snow white pillow cover for Supergirl (thanks to Fandom in Stitches)
  • Sleeping beauty (or another princess ... she changes her mind often!) for Miss Martian
  • Coaster Set for HPC on Craftster
  • Coaster Set for Nerd Battles on Craftster
  • Finish off the Stitch-Cation blanket on the Crochet Crowd (which I started last year in August... me thinks... :o) )
  • HP Coaster set for Jo
  • DC Coaster Set for Jo
  • 2 TM Patches for Craftster Swap. :) 
  • Swap Angel OAHPT. 

I've removed the Wedding invites for Tigger's pal from the list, as said pal has never contacted me regarding design etc. That means I got a bit of a breather. ;)

I've also signed up as an "Angel Swapper" for a fellow Scot on Craftster (ok... I know ... I'm technically NOT a Scot, but hey.. ;) ), so that's next for me (last on the list above), and quickly finish off the 2 coaster sets.

AND I got an order for 2 sets of coasters for my friend Jo who's only now found out about my wee "business endeavour"... ;)

... and somehow I sneaked in another TM swap ... Huh! And then there are maybe 2 more swaps for later this year for me to take part in... ;) Doug - Ssssshhh!! No comment!

Busy busy busy as you can see... ;)

Sunday, 2 August 2015

July update Photo Scavenger Hunt

A quick update ...

Doing ok so far with Rinda's Scavenger Hunt, me thinks! ;)

  1.  A bouquet of flowers
    We've been invited to a friend's wedding evening do, and I managed to take a photo of the table decorations.
  2. An ornate door knocker
  3. A person walking a dog (or other animal)
  4. People playing a board game or card game
  5. Architectural columns

    Edinburgh Council Building - that's where hubby registered the birth of the Hobbitses 4 years ago!!

    And then I came across this print at the Camera Obscura ... and I just LOVED it (and the way it kinda fits this prompt!!)
  6. A metal bridge
  7. A turtle
  8. Someone "plugged in" to social media
  9. A tent

    A tent at the "Wild Wednesdays" event. I'm sure I can find more during Festival Time though!
  10. A college or university
  11. A cellular tower or television satellite dish
  12. A public restroom, bathroom, or toilet
  13. A merry-go-round or carousel

    The Carousel is back in Princes Street Gardens
  14. A traffic signal

    Quickly taken a photo of this on the way to the Camera Obscura
  15. A flag pole with at least three flags on it

    Ok... this will be my cop-out ... no poles with more than 2 flags on them. Saw these Banners at the Tattoo "Stands" ... but a) they're not flags but banners and b) they're not really on a pole... so will continue searching this month... ;)
  16. A panoramic view, taken while standing someplace high in the air

    Some views of Edinburgh from above, courtesy of our trip to the Camera Obscura.
  17. At least two people wearing matching outfits or uniforms
  18. An overloaded truck, car, bicycle or other vehicle
  19. A ticket booth
  20. A natural body of water
  21. A photograph of you with a sign reading "2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt". Note: you may not use a substitute for this item

    If you find something on the list too difficult, you may substitute one of the following items for any one item on the list, except for Item #21:
  22. Alternative A: People eating outside
  23. Alternative B: Someone holding an umbrella
  24. Alternative C: A rocking chair
Ok, I think I'll have issues with #15 and #18. Have Alternatives already, so should be ok though.

And I'll post the ALL the photos at the end of the Scavenger Hunt.