Sunday, 12 January 2014

OMG OMG OMG–Another Fangirl Moment!! ;)

I have been following the STARZ production/filming of the book “Outlander” from Diana Gabaldon veeery closely. Smile And since 12am there’s a live stream online from a Fan Event in LA – and I had several stones thrown into my way to watch it already! First of all, I’m TIRED! Second – my NEW phone does not support Flash, Third my PC does not do Audio … and then the stream didn’t start on my laptop after I took it to the bedroom.

But finally the live stream is working … and I missed the first trailer!!!! ARrrrrggghhh!!! Thanks to twitter though I found out it’s on Youtube already … and watching it … gosh, I cannae wait!! Have to find out who will show the Series in the UK. And apparently there are already plans to film the second book, too!! (1 Season per book – apart from the bigger books).

Now … here’s the trailer…

And I have to say … Sam Heughan’s voice is verra nice! Winking smile Shame Dougal (Graham MacTavish) isnae there.

So… off to check twitter, and further watch the live stream. Smile

Friday, 10 January 2014

10 Things on the 10th–January 2014

Well… I’ll try my best with it this year. Not sure if any of Shimelle’s “students” are still doing it, but who knows. Smile 

Right … this month’s 10 Things on the 10th is brought to you courtesy of – or better said the Geeky Swaps there. Winking smile We have a new Geekdom/Fandom swap going, and that’s the 3rd Geekdom/Fandom swap I’ve done, so I thought I better write down some fandoms/geekdoms for the future. Winking smile  Ok, here we go…

  1. Avengers/Thor/Iron Man/X-Men (Marvel)
  2. DC Comics Characters from TV Series/Movies (as I don’t read comics really) (Green Lantern/Batman/Superman/Miss Martian/Supergirl/Green Arrow etc)
  3. The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings
  4. Sherlock (BBC Series w Cumberbatch/Freeman & Movies with RDJ / Law)
  5. Doctor Who
  6. Disney
  7. Harry Potter
  8. Outlander Series (Diana Gabaldon Books & Starz production)
  9. PS3 Lego Games (LOTR, HP, Marvel Superheroes etc)
  10. Murdoch Mysteries (and other Canadian Series)…

Yeah… that’s the list I provided for the swap (bar #10, and I had The Hobbit & LOTR split for 2 bullet points). I’m sure that there are lots more geekdoms/fandoms I could think of if pressed/given more time…

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A few crafts from Q4 2013

I HAVE been doing some crafts in the last quarter of 2013. Not as many paper crafts, which I always thought as my “go to crafts”. Some were swaps, some were presents.

My first attempt at purling as well as knitting – loving the pattern, miscounted rows / stitches though, so will unravel and try again. Also have future plans for some things using those patterns… They are from “holynarf” on Ravelry.
2013-09-25 23.15.52

Some hats I knitted for the “Big Knit 2013”. Never managed to buy an innocent smoothie with a hat myself though, shame really! Sad smile Definitely will knit more this year. Smile
2013-10-31 12.25.49

My tags for the Christmas Tag swap at the Edinburgh Crop
2013-11-05 20.35.312013-11-05 20.35.22

A crocheted Dalek egg cozy which I transformed into a plushie. Have to improve my bobble-stitch mind (first time I ever stitched those). Another pattern from Ravelry.
2013-11-18 22.45.20

Some Halloween “Ephemera” and a Candy corn hat for a Halloween Swap on Craftster (currently my favourite craft forum)
Candy CornIMG_0011IMG_0010

A Mug rug for a swap on a FB Sewing group (my first mug rug and first ever pocket!)
2013-11-20 15.59.07

My pennants for the Christmas Banner swap at the Edinburgh Crop (everyone was allocated a letter, and then colour schemes were agreed).
2013-11-16 15.35.122013-11-16 15.35.06

The only handmade Christmas card this year – for my BF Sharon. Smile
2013-12-17 11.21.142013-12-17 11.21.05

Some “stash busting” thanks to Pinterest – Christmas presents for friends, BIL and hubby.
2013-12-20 21.16.362013-12-20 21.16.232013-12-20 21.16.11021

Two more mug rugs, presents for MIL and Hubby (BIG Ted Kord – Blue Beetle – fan, and as DC doesn’t provide ANY items for this character I think I will be crafting more than my share for that! Winking smile
Christmas RugTed Kord Mug Rug

Oh, and last but not least – my favourite mug rug so far! Double sided one, for a geeky swap on Craftster. Smile One side dedicated to Loki (incl. freehand embroidery while having a "pattern" on the laptop) and the other to the 9th Doctor. Smile

Have been pinning a lot already for future projects, now just need time and “conviction” to start doing something!! Winking smile

As for JYC 2013 … due to the Adamson Manor having the lurgy over Christmas period it didn’t happen. That’s my excuse and I stick to it! Winking smile I’ll probably post some back dated posts for some (all?) prompts and then do (pages for) the album whenever I feel like it. Best not stress about it.

Onwards and upwards with crafts … have a couple of new things I want to try in 2014, too! Open-mouthed smile

Monday, 6 January 2014

Rain, rain, go away…

It’s really getting to all of us, it’s raining most of the days since middle of December, or it’s windy – too windy or wet to take the girls outside for play park time! Sad smile 

So when we had a small blue break in the sky shortly before lunchtime I decided to pack the Hobbits up (in jackets, puddle trousers and snow boots for warmth) and take them to the park (needing fresh air and tiring them out)– just to be greeted with very strong winds. So we took out-of-date meds to the pharmacy, then over to the small play park at the doctors and then the drizzle started again. When I asked the girls what they want to do the constant answer from Supergirl was “Doctors” or “Dentist” (both being just a few steps away from the play park). So there was no playing on the swings, going down the slide or sitting on the see-saw!

We went back, and the only fun I could get the girls was some puddle-hopping … after Supergirl finally let go of her hood which she held with both hands since leaving the house in the first place.

So … while rain is not nice and is not much liked, I think strong(er) winds are definitely higher up on the “don’t like” list for the Hobbitses.

2014-01-06 12.28.292014-01-06 12.27.182014-01-06 12.26.04-12014-01-06 12.26.04-32014-01-06 12.25.202014-01-06 12.22.32

Well, at least we 3 got some fresh air, and there’s hope that the weather gets a bit better this week – really could do with outdoor activity with them, instead of softplay or staying at home…