Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Explore Class–not running to plan!

As usual when I’m signing up for a class from Shimelle, I get to print off the prompts (really, really LOVE them!), have a read at other “classmates’ “ work on their blogs and on the forum, and … then that’s about that. I think the only time I’ve been actually DOING layouts myself was/is for the JYC (Journal Your Christmas) classes. So it's about the same for her new class "Explore".

This time I’d actually hoped to get some stuff done – I signed up before we were told the c-section is to be at 36 weeks instead of 38 weeks, so I’d hoped to get at least 2 weeks out of it.

Well… I got the prompts 1-7, got a notebook somewhere stashed away in my hospital bag and might be able to do something while I’m recovering from my c-section tomorrow, if the twins give me some time-out. Winking smile I also have other prompts from other classes that I can read through while I’m there, just in case I cannot find the time to start reading a book.

So … I might just do the “play book” entries via blog, or nothing. I’m not getting stressed about that.

As for the other thing I stupidly decided to start this week – Ali Edwards“A week in life”. Have been taking photos so far, and I assume there will be lots more to come this week, so it’s not too stupid to do that. Winking smile

Just not sure about the blogging etc. It’s just funny that she’s timed it for the week when my twins are being born. Smile

Sunday, 24 July 2011

In 3 days…

we’re possibly parents.

Could just let that stand like it, mmmh? I suspect that they’re wanting us to arrive in the morning at the hospital so that we can get the pre-OP stuff done and then hoping for no emergency sections to come in, but confirmation of the timings will be tomorrow morning, when we have our last scan (double check the site of the previously low-lying placenta) and pre-OP bloods.

It’s just scary how quickly time flew by, given that we probably would have expected natural delivery in about 2 weeks anyway.  Still feeling like someone is going to tell me on Wednesday morning that it all was a “Dallas” moment, and that it was all a dream – despite the big bump and the joint pains I got over the last months.

As for the house, we’ll get there. So that’s good. Hospital bags for me and the twinnies are packed and ready to go into the car (we’ll keep them in there from tomorrow, “just in case” I have to rush in early, but I don’t think so. The girls behave so far, even though twin 2 is squirming a lot (that’s the bigger one, and she got more space – from the last scan @ 33 weeks she’s been lying a bit transverse and like part of the Yin & Yang sign – she’s lying up high on my stomach, and I feel a lot of elbows/head/bum moving about from her.  The smaller one has settled in starter position already, although I sometimes feel her head (? that’s what it was at the last scan at least) pressing down in the pelvic on the right hand side, which doesn’t help with the joint pains.

Another bad thing at the moment is lots of swelling of my feet!! My Friday was a lot of being up and about, first I was at my Twin Group (last visit without twinnies!! ;) ), met up with the inlaws for shopping exchange, then had lunch with my friend Nikki at McCowan’s before watching “Bridesmaids” at the cinema.

After that it was a quick trip to Lidl to get some of the small juice cartons for me for the hospital stay, home to put the ice cream into the freezer and back out to watch “Cars 2” with part of the “Geek Squad” and DH and a pint of soda & lime afterwards to meet Susan (part of the squad) whom I hadn’t seen in ages because of her work.

So … with that busy day my feet looked like this in the evening….


Elephant feet!! Had a foot bath and feet up most day yesterday and the swelling seems to have gone down quite a bit at least. Phew!

Really don’t need that again and I hope water retention is one of the pregnancy side effects that is going away quickly!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Week 35 & T=minus 6 days

That came earlier than expected!! Ok, ok, it’s on average 2 weeks early anyway (we’d probably expected the twins around week 38 if we’d planned a natural birth), but still… I really wonder where the months May & June have disappeared to??

Apart from the odd heartburn I’m doing ok. Well… no, not really. Joint pains (pelvic girdle, symphysis pubis, finger joints!) are getting worse, and now that the days/nights are getting warmer and more muggy, it’s really annoying that I have the oscillating tower fan on and yet my pelvic girdle joint is shouting out for a wheat pack!

The bump is getting bigger, and there seems to be not much space for the twins to move around. I can feel twin 2 move much more (it’s the bigger one – she is lying transverse-ish again as per last scan), while twin 1 is already lying in the starting position with head down. I have to take a couple more photos of the bump before next Wednesday really … and hopefully I’ll get a funny video of a morphing bump as well… might need DH to step in for that one mind.

Despite all of the above it still doesn’t feel quite real – I can’t believe that the IVF run has worked this time, and then with a double result as well!! I’m feeling like I’m going to wake up on Wednesday and someone will tell me that the last 7 months were all a dream. How come I still can’t get it in my head that next week around this time I’m most likely to be a mum-of-2 ? Apart from being petrified of that prospect, of course. Winking smile Because you’re never prepared for babies until they arrived, or so I was told.

We are probably not too bad with preparation. Got everything the twins will need in the first 6 months, specially with my mum’s parcel #1 being delivered to our neighbours yesterday, which was the only thing I was really still looking for – a twins feeding pillow from TwinsUK.

The master bedroom still needs last touches done (chest of drawers for the twins clothes to be put together) and the mattresses for the moses baskets needs their disinfection treatment, but that’s it.

And then we’ll have some time until they’ll be moving into the nursery, which will be ready by the time they’re ready to move – I just have to sort through a lot of craft stuff, but in the worst case I’ll just put it into boxes for the time being! Open-mouthed smile

Lots of friends are still wondering if they are going to see me/us before D-day, but right now I feel like I’d rather stay at home and get things done, so sorry – you’re most likely to see us at some point with the girls.

Right … that’s my thoughts for the moment … will go over to the study/craft room for more decluttering after “Without a trace”.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Only few photos of pregnancy

Yup… am a bad scrapbooker … I had planned to take weekly or at least monthly bump photos … that never really happened. Could blame DH for that as it’s really not easy to take pics by yourself with a growing bump, could blame the untidy bedroom (which only now is taking shape for the twinnies arrival) which is the only room with floor length mirrors. I could blame my friend Pauline who wanted to take bump pics but somehow life always got in the way for both of us.

So – despite this pregnancy being about 90% the only one I’ll be going through, I just have to live with it. That’s it. Full stop.

So far there’s a total of 4 bump photos, of which 2 are not the most flattering ones (I realised that bump photos are best done with a naked bump – clothing just makes me look fat… Surprised smile ).  But hey … here they are:


That’s the first pic – me in April (at 22 weeks) 
with my step mum after our nice day out close to
Mainz at a very good restaurant in a converted
As you can see, that was still the time where 
bump was smaller than chest.  Winking smile  What
annoys me a bit is that if you’d see me from the
front or the back you even wouldn’t notice that I
am pregnant, as I really lost weight around the
waist from before being pregnant!!


IMGP5132The second photo was taken after our pre – Father’s Day meal for FIL at The Chanter (very good food btw!).

Can you say UCKKKH??? Not the most flattering photo of me, not the most flattering top and all in all it just looks … well, I don’t like it.

But I suppose, it’s part of the pregnancy, so I’ll just include it here (and I will include it on a scrapbook layout, too.

And today I finally managed to take a couple of photos in the mirror, with naked bump, and I really prefer them to the two above, although they show stretch marks and the bedroom is still in the process of last tidying.



I hope I’ll get more photos done in the next 2 weeks before the twinnies are arriving on the 27th – just because.

And yes – I am still feeling a bit bad that I’ve not taken enough photos of the bump throughout the pregnancy. Something I probably won’t be able to undo again unless we decide to go for another IVF attempt later on, but both DH and I decided so far that we only will do that if medical research can promise us a boy the next time – which they won’t be able to.

But you never know – there are lots of twin mums in my twin group who have another child after twins, and even one of the twin mums from EFREC is currently getting ready for another treatment run. I would say – ask me in a couple of years again! :D

Sunday, 10 July 2011

10 on the 10th

I missed this in the inaugural month on Shimelle’s blog, and now I cannot really think about 10 things at all… Mmmmh… let’s see if I can get some pregnancy things up for this month, given that next month for this I’ll be a mum already (what a scary thought is THAT???).
  1. Daily headaches in 1st Trimester
  2. NO morning sickness whatsoever
  3. Heartburn (mostly from middle of 2nd Trimester)
  4. Sore sacroiliac joint on the right side (from 2nd trimester)
  5. Unable to sleep through nights because of loo-runs (throughout the whole pregnancy, not just Trimester 1 & 3 as singleton mums seem to)
  6. No WEIRD cravings … just cravings for German food
  7. Pelvic Girdle Pain & intermittent SPD
  8. Increased body temperature
  9. Slightly swollen ankles & finger joints
  10. Carpal Tunnel syndrome in right hand during 2nd Trimester
Yup… think that’s about it. Smile