Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Explore Class–not running to plan!

As usual when I’m signing up for a class from Shimelle, I get to print off the prompts (really, really LOVE them!), have a read at other “classmates’ “ work on their blogs and on the forum, and … then that’s about that. I think the only time I’ve been actually DOING layouts myself was/is for the JYC (Journal Your Christmas) classes. So it's about the same for her new class "Explore".

This time I’d actually hoped to get some stuff done – I signed up before we were told the c-section is to be at 36 weeks instead of 38 weeks, so I’d hoped to get at least 2 weeks out of it.

Well… I got the prompts 1-7, got a notebook somewhere stashed away in my hospital bag and might be able to do something while I’m recovering from my c-section tomorrow, if the twins give me some time-out. Winking smile I also have other prompts from other classes that I can read through while I’m there, just in case I cannot find the time to start reading a book.

So … I might just do the “play book” entries via blog, or nothing. I’m not getting stressed about that.

As for the other thing I stupidly decided to start this week – Ali Edwards“A week in life”. Have been taking photos so far, and I assume there will be lots more to come this week, so it’s not too stupid to do that. Winking smile

Just not sure about the blogging etc. It’s just funny that she’s timed it for the week when my twins are being born. Smile

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Joanne said...

What a week to do it. It will be great to look back on later though.
Keeping everything crossed for tomorrow and try to enjoy it :)