Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Another song...

This is another song on my MP3 player at the moment ... I downloaded it a couple of months ago, but it became more meaningful 2 weeks ago when I heard the news of my gran dying.
The lyrics are fairly fitting - and I've yet to find out if the song is about a break up or the loss of a loved one. Does it matter??? Not really, as I feel it's a song for me right now.

Monday, 28 January 2008

John Ondrasik - 100 Years - Today Show

Just LOVE his music. The first song we heard was "Superman (It's not easy)", I think in 2001 on our honeymoon. Then I have to admit that I haven't been checking for his work, but then I heard a song while watching "August Rush" with his distinct voice (had to check if he's the singer of "Five for Fighting".
So... think I'll be checking YouTube from time to time for his music. :)

Oh... and the CD version is even better than the live version - not allowed to embed it though.

Link to it is here.

Quick update..

Well... I've done the following:
  • 2 Dark Washes
  • 1 Hour ironing
  • Putting DVDs away
Now I am going to make dinner and my lunches for tomorrow and Wednesday (which I forgot to add to the list) and then see how I get on with the 30 mins upstairs and the stepper. :)

There will be NO scrapping tonight ... just not in the mood for it, but I might have a look at the BH Sketch Books I got so I can get an idea for layouts this week? And the Circle Journal as well?

Where has it gone??

It's 28 January ... can you imagine? Where has the month gone? I am sure New Year's Eve was only last week??? LOL.

Still not feeling 100%, got cramps and a little headache to boot. Hope the cyst is behaving though, really don't fancy a trip to the hospital again. :(

Lots of things to do today ... and because of how I am feeling I just don't get in gear. So I am making it easy for me today. :)

1) 2 Dark Washes
2) 1 hour ironing
3) 15 mins stepper (as I am not up for Gym today)
4) Put away DVDs (DHs Christmas Presents and the ones we've pulled out for the festive season, as the tree is standing in front of the book case where they are usually stored)
5) 30 mins bedroom tidy
6) change bedlinen
7) Washing up

Friday, 25 January 2008

Weekend again??

Geesh, the time just FLIES right now, doesn't it?

Not feeling too good today, the "witch" turned up and I got cramps and back pain. Using my new TENS machine right now for it though so it's bearable. Shame I cannot use this for migraine headaches (not allowed to put the pads on the skull) but may try them on tension headaches for my trapezius.

Need to get the living room a little tidied today as Alan is coming tomorrow before he's "swaning" off to Japan for a year. AMAZING! One year teaching English in Japan. WOW! I just managed a quick "hop over the canal". :D

Else ... weather outside is shite ... gales and rain .. whoo hoo :( Hopefully I find some time to look into my next CJ (for another German Forum, as the SBS has disappeared in the ether due to some server problem :( ) - topic "Lieblingsrezepte" (favourite recipes).

I also have to get Wolves Admin stuff done today...

Monday, 21 January 2008

Couple of things...

This is for my DH ... he's helped me very much in the last week.

And then something I found on Doerte's Blog ...

Your Birthdate: December 30

You have the type of personality that people either love or hate.
You're opinionated, dramatic, intense, and very outspoken.
And some people can't get enough of you - they're totally addicted.
Others, well, they wish you were a little more reserved.

Your strength: Your flair

Your weakness: If you think it, you say it

Your power color: Scarlet red

Your power symbol: Inverted triangle

Your power month: March

It's BACK!!!

My "lappy" arrived this morning and I am currently enjoying the freedom of typing in bed while watching "Masterchef". WHOOOHOO!!! Soooo missed that little thing. :) Now have to make sure I don't overload it, make regular backups etc.

PHEW!!! First thing done ... downloaded Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird. Just don't DO Outlook and Internet Explorer! :D

Think the next step is to download ZoneAlarm & OpenOffice. And the rest I'll need to check with DH.

That's really a nice little ray of light here.

Not so good a day...

Woke up with headache and pain behind my eyes ... I had that kind of pain as I cannot do anything about it really. Also developed sinusitis pain over the day so all my face hurts.

Had a couple of bouts crying around lunchtime (no more sad TV/Movies for me for a while!) and feel all in all crap. And that's no wonder!!!

My granny's funeral was today at 1pm ... felt weird not to be there, and while I know nobody will hold it against me/us I am still having a nagging feeling. Not really guilt, but something else. Hope that will change once we're going to my gran's grave in April to say our final goodbyes.

And then of course there is the other matter....

I never had someone personally (verbally) attacking me and the whole thing is a shock to my system. The worst thing is that the persons not even contacted me directly but had to drag my whole private life out in the open in a usually very nice community - provided you deduct a couple of petty vicious people obviously!!!

Again - I hope you are proud of yourself!!!

Wanted to do more scrapping today but obviously this doesn't work well with headaches. Maybe I'll get a layout done later tonight?

Have done some admin work instead for the Wolves.

Saturday, 19 January 2008


Just wanted to say "WELCOME" to all my new blog readers who were kindly linked to my blog on the BAFL Forum where I didn't link to it on purpose!

Specially for you guys and gals - this is a personal Blog. It does contain my own feelings, own things going on in life and if you don't like it, leave it.

Last time I checked this country has a "Freedom of Speech" policy.

As I don't link to it in any other forums apart from Craft forums and usually just friends/family are reading it, it is a place for me to vent my personal views.

This blog WAS not frequented by members of the BAFA/BAFL until now - and I think it is a very low behaviour from ANYONE to do such a "witch hunt" against me if it is my PERSONAL BLOG and does NOT necessarily reflect other members' views.

SHAME ON YOU!!!! You know who you are!!!


And thanks for opening my whole life to people who this blog was not really intended for!!! TA MUCHLY!!!

I am NOT going to make my blog pass protected, and I am BLOODY WELL still going to post MY opinions.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Sad day ...

When I came home from work yesterday I had a phone call from my stepmom on our answer machine - just a quick note to say she would phone later the evening. As we're not regularly speaking on the phone I had a little inkling what she's going to say.

When she phoned later at about 7:20pm it was the news I had kinda been expecting. My granny died Monday afternoon - she wasn't in pain and went peacefully which is the main thing. And she's now with my granddad.

Taken today off as I am not in the best state. Have bouts of crying and then I am ok again. It's hard, as I have seen her only once a year for the last 9 years on her birthday. And yes, we actually expected her death for the last 6 years as her health was declining but she surprised us last year with a "massive" (for her) walk through the park.

Since I got the call I am/was torn about going to the funeral or not. It's on Monday - the last funeral I went to was my granddad's in 1999 and that was a 3 week delay (don't ask me why) where we could organise flights. Spoke to my dad and he said nobody will be thinking less if we're not coming. The most important thing is that we made the effort to see her every year and we celebrated a wonderful 90th birthday last year.

I'm glad that she was able to meet Doug (which my granddad didn't) and I am angry at life that she didn't live long enough to meet grandchild #2 ... whenever that's going to happen!!! She's been through a lot over the last years, with pain and lots of meds ... I think I am glad that she was able to go peacefully and that she doesn't have to go through anything worse.

Let's face it - I am not funeral material. I am not the person to handle such news in a good way to start. Last time I was in "robot mode" and this time it's a "feeling ok" and then something is setting the tears off again. Suppose that's normal.

So - with the short time we have to organise and my feelings (I don't KNOW if I want to go to the funeral or not!!!) I think we're staying here and then say our goodbyes when we're going to Germany in April.

Feeling very "away" from it ... at the moment I am in a state of no emotions... wonder how long it'll last this time.

Here's to a great woman who taught me knitting, playing Canasta, cooking wonderful German/Austrian recipes and has handed down her best ever cookie recipe to me.

Thanks for everything, Granny. I love you!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Time out...

"When the "Doug's" out of the house, the "Kat" is dancing on the table" ... :) Well... the saying actually goes "When the cat's out of the house, the mice are dancing on the table" (Ist die Katze aus dem Haus, tanzen die Maeuse auf dem Tisch) but it's just kinda "fitting". ;) DH has been off to Sheffield yesterday evening after work with our head coach to the BAFL Scheduling Meeting. The original plan was for me to go but then we decided to have a non-family member joining DH in case one or both of us have something coming up.

Soooo ... that was just perfect, as my best friend Sharon was in town for a conference and we managed to meet up twice!! :)

Yesterday I went up to the conference venue (Royal College of Surgeons) after I'd seen DH and HC off. It's a very nice building ... I love it that most of the buildings of the Universities in Edinburgh City Centre are old buildings. Sharon and I went out for dinner at Saffrani - yummie food, very friendly and attentive staff and good prices!! - the first time in about 6 years I've actually been to an Indian Restaurant. It's just FIL and I who eat spicier food in the family, but I think DH would like the dish Sharon had (Lamb Pasanda) and mine wasn't too spicy either - bit spicier than a Korma but about the same spicyness of our fajitas at home. We also had a bottle of white wine ... 2 larger glasses and I was away! :) Just cannot take alcohol anymore! ;)

Today we met at 1:30pm at the venue again and then went to meet our friends H & F at "Double Dutch". Didn't know the place, the last time I really had a good look at that building it was the Dutch China place. :) Had a nice hot chocolate with cream & marshmallows and a piece of lemon drizzle cake! YUMM!!!

And then Sharon and I went off to Jimmy Chungs for a late lunch/early dinner - at Waverley Station. Never been there before as it was always more expensive than the one on Grindlay Street ... and I think we'll prefer to not return to it. :) CHAV CENTRAL!!! Oh my god, it was really bad!! LOL. Less space as well for seating, and the food selection for the lunch buffet wasn't as varied as the other one either.

Seen Sharon off on the train to her parents (gosh, Waverley has been seeing more of me this weekend than in a long time!!) and now am back home, waiting for DH to let me know whether he needs to get picked up from the station later tonight.

Think I'll try to get my CJ entry done now ... REALLY have to send it off to Christina in Germany soon!!!

Oh ... and one of my New Year's Resolutions ... I want to have at least one holiday away with Sharon and her BF. Think that would be nice!!! For this year we hope to get to Berlin in April, but have to check how it works out with my Mutsch's birthday and the whole League Meeting/Games Schedule.

OOOOH... nearly forgot!!! Sharon gave me a veeeerrry useful and nice Christmas Present (and a very addictive Birthday present ... BAD GIRL!!! LOL ). This means my current favourite mug (nice one from Kefalonia) has to move over for this PERFECT MUG!!! :)

Monday, 7 January 2008

Not again!!!

totally exhausted - DH found a flour moth again (really wonder which shops have contaminated packs of whatever???) so I've been spending 4 hours wrapping stuff in cling film, hoovering the pantry, washing the shelves in the pantry and going through stuff and chucking "contaminated" food (and out of date things that escaped my last inspection) out.

Then I went to Tesco, got some glass jars for the cabinet to put bulgur wheat, millet, couscous and aborio (risotto) rice in.

Then I spent 3 hours taking the Christmas stuff down (didn't have time yesterday) and then I did the cooking for dinner tomorrow (won't be home until around 9pm) and our work lunches.


Doesn't help that I have currently a blinking cold that doesn't come out 100%!! :(

Really wanted to take today "off" to do crafts but ... priorities first. Will DEFFO do scrapping and that Circle Journal entry for Christina on Thursday.

My legs are killing me ... off to have a lie down on the bed and watching TV.

PS: Lis - thanks for your comment on my new layout! :)

Friday, 4 January 2008

No more snow ...

was nice while it lasted ... :( But despite the weather forecast we didn't have snow last night or today ... had a bit of rain though, and I am pretty sure the lovely white is all gone now (it's too dark to see anything outside).

My photos from 2007 show that there is a chance of more snow end of January/beginning of February though. :D

Have been doing lots of housework today and then spending the rest of the afternoon sending out team e-mails to lots of players (current and lapsed). And the last 2 hours I played in Photoshop creating my banner above ... and catching up on other Blogs.

Tomorrow we'll be off to the Post Office (I had a card through the door today dated YESTERDAY - why don't they try to deliver the parcel again if they deliver the card 1 day late????!) to pick up a parcel and kick up a stink!!! Then going to Stamper's Grove and afterwards to cinema? And then it's PC helpdesk for the inlaws. Think I'll take my Cross Stitching with me. :)

Off to bed now I think ... those 2 mornings getting up at 6am were a bit hard on my system ... Quite liked the fact of leaving work around 3pm though. DOUBT that I will install that as a New Year's Aspiration though. :o

Thursday, 3 January 2008

It's snow - and a word of warning!!

WOWEE ... It was snowing on and off today while I was at work ... and during the bus trip home. Lovely, but the snow is very wet so I doubt it will be still there tomorrow... although they are promising more snow and high winds for tomorrow and Saturday ... :) We'll see. Just LOVE snow! :) And we just don't get enough of that white stuff in Edinburgh.

Isn't that pretty? It's the view of Arthur's Seat from my office. :) Even if I don't like the 1-hour-trek by bus each way to and from work and don't like the building and huge open plan office ... but the view now that we're back on the 3rd floor is just STUNNING!!! :D

Thought it was starting to rain just now ... but nooooo!!! MORE SNOW!!! :D

Now on a more serious note... My laptop's hard drive packed in yesterday ... only with a bit of fiddling about and an emergency CD were we able to get most files off and onto our external HDD we bought this year. I've lost a couple of photos, including all BIG file photos from my trip to London in September visiting Sharon - fortunately I did the resize for them to use them on my blog, so I still have big enough files to print 5x7 without grainy or pixelated pics!! We did not back up the files during the 1 1/4 years we had the laptop.

So whatever you do .... BACK UP YOUR FILES PERIODICALLY!!! BURN YOUR PHOTOS ON DISCS (more than 1 copy and maybe onto another Hard drive as well)!!!

Don't go through the scare we had yesterday (and a very on edge DH and myself not feeling better!!)!!!

Right ... I am off to write some e-mails and then ... guess what I'll be doing .... BACKING UP ***ALL*** MY PHOTOS FROM THE BIG PC!!!!

The laptop is being picked up tomorrow by courier (don't you just LOVE German efficiency - it's a TARGA notebook from Lidl!) and I'll get it back in probably 2 weeks.

In comparison - we still don't know when the repair guy for the dishwasher will turn up again!!!

And there it goes again ... our things break in threes (portable DVD Player, dishwasher, my laptop) - at least that should be it for a while!! ;o

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

And now it's there ... 2008

We stayed up until 3am this morning!! The last few minutes of 2007 we spent switching between Jools Holland's Hootenanny and the Hogmanay Show. I sent texts to friends and then nearly missed midnight!!! :D

As we didn't have a chance to see the fireworks last year I took again a photo of the fireworks on TV (sad, I know... ;) ) and then hoped to see some fireworks going off at our neighbours ... but everything was dark & quiet. Wonder if they are in "hiding" like us from Hogmanay "revellers" and "First Footers"??

I dashed over into the study to get some shots of the official fireworks on Corstorphine Hill, but ... it was raining and the window was all blurry ... so I went back into the bedroom and then we saw fireworks going off just across the burn behind the block of flats. Lovely colours :) Fife looked like at war - eerie yellow/orangy lighting, fog and the sound of fireworks going off!!!

We then decided to watch "We Are Marshall" on DVD - the latest addition to our Gridiron DVD collection. It's a VERY good movie - even better than "Gridiron Gang" or "Remember the Titans". Based on a true story about Marshall University who lost their Football Team, Coaches, Teachers, Press and Fans in 1970 (plane crash - no survivors).

Jumping to today ... have been sleeping until 10:30am and then watched TV until about 1pm (they always show the "alten Kamellen" (don't ask me what the word in English is for that!!) on New Year's Day ... I watched "Pollyanna" and then "McLintock". ) then started clearing some space in the bedroom...
Did one layout from the Christmas Journal (and no, I am nowhere near catching up yet but will put some good use to Friday after some housework ;) ) and then it was time for dinner (leftovers from yesterday's Raclette). Did the washing up and when I switched on the dishwasher we got another error message ("E4" this time) from that blimming thing!!! DH and I agreed that we'll demand an exchange from Curry's. Maybe for a German dishwasher????? :o

I'll try another layout and then am off to bed for reading/TV at 9pm ... a colleague is going to pick me up around 7am tomorrow for work - It's Sunday Bus service and probably the only way for me to get to the other side of town.... :o

Oh - do I have any New Year Resolutions? NOT YET ... and I am not sure I will bother.... :(

Today's layout was prompt 18 - "Christmas Dinner"