Friday, 26 June 2009

Not my week really...

I haven't felt like scrapping/crafting at all ... 2 CJs to be dealt with, plus my Chinese Whisper (needs to be done today or tomorrow!! Already a week late!).

Had a check up scan on Tuesday to see if my cyst behaves ... well... let's just say ... it doesn't!! The "usual" is blown back up to 6cm diameter, and on top of that I've got a medium and small size one as well. All 3 on the right ... as usual. :( Not sure what the plan is, as the big one cannot be dealt with another round of Zolly ... the small ones would work, but the big one needs either draining (usual procedure) or removal, which the senior consultant is not too keen of because of the risks involved - but he wasn't available for the scan, so I don't know what the plans are. Don't fancy being rushed to ward 210 again though ... but fortunately no major pain right now.

And on Wednesday on the way from the bus stop to work I think I pulled the gastrocnemius in my bad leg ... wonder if that's because of compensation for the injury in the first place??? Feeling ok right now though.

Good things - had another meet up with Aisha at Chocolate Soup, this time Doug and Wombat joined us as well. Really like the 2, shame they're only here for 2 years... Just my luck! ;) Was a lot of Football Talk (sorry, Aish!!) but at least that's not the only topic we can talk about. ;)

Weekend is very busy ... tonight is Poker Night at Dave & Nikki II (LOL) - we're just going for the banter/PS3, neither of us is playing. Will be fun though. :)

Off to look into scrapping, and then it's dinner cooking time plus making a Chocolate Banana cake a la Jackie - one of our Juniors has birthday tomorrow. :)

Monday, 22 June 2009


(imagine me doing the "T" sign for the Refs)... :)

3 games in 3 weeks can drain the life out of you. Add to that a Junior tournament (i.e. 3 games in one day, but obviously shorter than senior games) and an impaled leg, 3x sunburn/sun strokes and that's about that. :o


My face is totally red, my legs were jelly yesterday after the game and for whatever reason my bad leg compensates for the pulling skin in front with sore calf muscles at the end of the day!

Would all feel better if we'd actually won yesterday ... or not lost at such a small margin/with just seconds in the game. :o

Well... so I decided to take TIME OUT today ... no housework (will do stuff tomorrow). I am currently catching up with SKY+ series and want to do some scrapping later. The only thing I do "work wise" will be sending some e-mails for the Wolves and scan/e-mail the roster sheets. Plus checking on Paulie's jersey...

...We decided to play in white yesterday due to the hot weather and the fact we managed to print the spare jerseys and had now enough numbers. Last season we hardly wore the "away" jerseys so they are in better knick than our "home" jerseys (cardinal red). And what happened yesterday, with the first day in the white jerseys this season??? Paulie got some small scab pulled off by a defensive player during the game and while it was very small wound on his elbow it was bleeding all over the place ... including on the WHITE jersey!! :o So that's soaking since yesterday in a bucket of cold water with washing powder ... wonder if I have to resort to bleach.... :o

Yesterday was a game day of little niggles - I don't think I've ever put so many small plasters on small wounds and handed out ice bags for small scraped knuckles etc. Really weird!!! :o Fortunately only one bigger injury (touch wood) and hopefully that player will be better in time for the next game on 4th July.

The coming weekend will be football on Junior & Youth level for me ... Junior tournament in Glasgow on Saturday (with hopefully some wins this time) and on Sunday it's the Forth Valley Fusion vs. Gateshead Senators - and I will go over to Fife to see my ex-Juniors play ... after I missed them playing at Meadowbank at our first home game!!!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Crop Day!

Today was crop day - and the first time I had to use our own key and code for the church! :) Everything went fine though, didn't set the alarm off. :)

I even managed to print off photos for the Chinese Whisper - but forgot the patterned paper and even had to borrow lime green card stock from Lisa (ok ... didn't really think it through ... give you that!). I printed some photos from the Hull game as well to do some inroads with the Wolves layouts  ... but didn't plan that either, and a couple of the photos were not printed nicely (I need to replace printer cartridges) and in the wrong size ... so I didn't really scrap today.

However, I managed to do 2 cards and the "One Stamp Swap" (some people in the crop decided on a stamp (but every single one I received so far was more than 1 stamp - either individual stamps or stamp sets), created something (card, mini layout blank etc.) and passed the stamp on to the next person. It's designed for stamps where you don't know what to do with it (like my Charles Rennie MacIntosh stamp - I don't like Rennie MacIntosh stuff, but thought it's a versatile stamp for cards for OTHERS). 

BILD0062This month's stamp set was from Elaine - cats. Her plan was to make a mini-album for her sister for pictures of her cat - it should have a "peek-a-boo" section for photos, so I used a library file tag. BILD0063





The other 2 cards were for a friend of mine who's undergone knee surgery this week and a father's day card for my FIL (I *think* Father's day in Germany is next week Thursday... :o  ). BILD0064









The crop itself was very quiet today - we were only 9 people out of the usual 16. Several call offs.  I kinda expect the same turnout next month due to summer holidays.

As for the Chinese Whisper - I am planning on finishing it on Monday. But of course I cannot show it to you as it's a secret until the swap is finished.  :)


Friday, 19 June 2009

Just saw this on Lynz' blog! :)

quite interesting ... and I think a fairly fitting word for me too! :)

Your Word is "Love"

You see life as possibility to form deep connections with a few people.

Relationships are the center of your world, and you always take time to bond with those you love.

You are caring and giving. You enjoy helping those you love.

And when it comes to romantic love, you feel passionately ... even in a very long term relationship.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

American Football Part 1 (NFLE)

Funny title, without any scores or anything else, I know.

But there are more and more things happening that make me realise how big a role this plays in my life...

Lots of my friends and family think I am mad to put so much time into the Wolves, specially with all the other stuff going on in my life. But it is MY choice (and I am not doing it because DH is so involved in Football on different levels). And I think even DH doesn't understand that part in full. ;)

I am an American Football fan since 1992 - went to the last ever Frankfurt Galaxy game in the WLAF (I think it was against the Monarchs although could have sworn it was against Sacramento Surge) with my big sis, her friend Suse and my friend Alex.  LOVED the sport (just couldn't get into Handball, Volleyball or Soccer - primary sports in Germany), the atmosphere ... just everything.  And then there was nothing ... WLAF disappeared, but the Galaxy Fans (yep, nobody saying anything to the contrary!) brought back the team by collecting signatures. In 1995 the "slightly" modified league (i.e. no North American Teams anymore) started again, I went to a couple of games, and for 1996 - 1998 I had season tickets. 

It is a great sport to make friends, either fans of your team or the opposition. No stupid fighting like at Soccer matches, no "sectioned" seating like in so many other sports. It's really a family outing, and the Germans took to it like a duck to water, including pre-game BBQs in the car parks. :)   I learned the rules quite quickly (yup, I was hooked, not like the girls who are just going because of good looking players  - although... well... there were some hunks out there on the pitch ;) - or because their boyfriends were going) and was fairly good with the penalty system as well (ok, not 100% sure what requires 5/10/15/20 yards or 1/2 distance penalties, but hey - I was/am still learning. :D ).

Then, in October 1998 I moved to UK through internal transfer at work. I'm sure I went to a game in Frankfurt in 1999 before I contacted some Claymores Fans about travelling up to Edinburgh for the Galaxy @ Claymores Game.  And just the way it is I contacted the Chairman of the Edinburgh Fan club to get info of Youth hostels etc ... and got an invite to stay at his flat if I wouldn't mind spending the weekend with Claymores fans (said chairman is now my DH! ;) ).

NFLE in Scotland was different to NFLE in Germany ... no BBQs in the car park for starts, but that was the only negative thing really. It's more the interaction between players and fans. In Germany there was not much interaction ... full stop. They were treated like NFL players, were ushered off to their bus after the game which was in the stadium compound.   With the Claymores there was after game stuff, meet players (who were moving around freely, speaking to fans etc.) and not just for interview and then ushered away by miked-up staff... and Player Sponsorship (I sponsored one player by myself and co-sponsored a player who came through the Wolves ranks with DH)  and I still have the signed photographs and player jerseys.

I loved that!! Made lots of friends who I am still in contact with (Hi Flick, Scott, Rob!! ;) ).  That and me moving to Edinburgh made me change my NFLE team to the Claymores ... with Galaxy being 2nd team. And that never changed until 2005 when the Claymores were "moved" to Hamburg. :(  We even went to the 2003 training camp while on holiday in Florida and it was fun meeting up with the players.  And we kept in touch with some of the staff, e.g. assistant equipment manager Tanny Fernandez, who's helped us a couple of times with questions regarding Wolves kit.

All over Europe I have now more friends/acquaintances due to the NFLE, and I like that fact. Not necessarily lots of contact, but with the Internet there's still the odd contact. :)


Ok... that took a bit longer than I thought ... I'll better split this post into parts over the next couple of weeks... ;)

I really should be crafting...

but somehow I don't feel like it right now... :( Procrastinating with crafts ... now, that's not new, but in favour of HOUSEWORK??? That must be a first surely!!!

Slight tummy upset today too - hope it's better later. About to do more ironing, then will do the washing up and look into prepping dinner.

Hoping to do some scrapping after dinner though.

...and back to "normal" tomorrow, i.e. work after 1 week off holiday (cut short 1/2  because of gardening!! :( ) and 1 week off with the leg.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Leg is fine - but I have now a headcold to boot!!

Cough is keeping me up during night/makes it hard to sleep (partly psychologically because of my Asthma - which is under control until I get panicked with stupid colds! :( ). Throat is very sore, and cough syrups, Lockets and Tea doesn't really help for long...

On the flip side - check up with the nurse showed that the leg is healing fine, stitches will come out on Tuesday.

I planned to do some scrapping today but haven't been able to push myself to it yet. Will do it tomorrow hopefully... or maybe later. Not sure if I am going to training tonight after all... racking cough is not nice. Just have to ask DH to bring home the bags with the white jerseys for counting/checking numbers...

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Medical day...

Well.. you could say that. First a check up with the nurse regarding the leg who said the wound seems to heal nicely (a bit pink is normal because of leucocytes doing their job!), but she also suggested I self certificate this week as I get pain when I am sitting longer than 3 hours in a chair at a desk. Next check up Thursday.

And then it was dentist check up (a couple of months late, but still a quick 10 mins only!). :)

Have been doing again a day of Wolves work, so that should be out of the way now. Hoping to spend some of my sitting down time to do some scrapping. :) Planning a couple of pages already. :)

Below are update photos on the wound and 2 pics of the "culprit".
leg has "folds" as I had been using the Cryo Cuff (thighs - don't have a calf one) (pic taken on Saturday).

I am not sure which "spike" it was but I think it's the big one ... no traces of blood or flesh anywhere on that blimming thing!!!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Junior Tournament #2

Today was the Junior Tournament @ Clyde Valley in Wishaw. The 2nd tournament out of 5 (we will only be attending 4 though).

As I was feeling ok on Friday I decided to drive through, take photos and see our new juniors play their next 3 games.

Weather was nice, and we had some travelling fans in Dave & Nikki who are already an institution since their nephew Cammy joined last year's squad. :)

We also had a personnel change as one of our other QBs was available this time, so the QB from last tournament was able to play RB and center again.

I grow to like this new's quite interesting to have a nearly new team as most of last year's players went either up to play Youth Football with the Forth Valley Fusion or disappeared from the sport altogether. Right now we only have 3 players from last year's squad, with another coming back after exams.

Long story short - we yet have to win a game, but we put scores on the board this time and held the Clyde Valley Falcons close in scores. I am sure that this gave the team a boost and the next tournament we hopefully will win our first game(s).

A couple of diamonds in the rough in the team - one of our WRs, Graham, is absolutely great, jumping in the air to catch the ball (and actually landing with control over the ball) - really would like to measure his vertical jump! On D we have a couple of good players too, including Calum Veitch, who won game MVP for the Wolves v Falcons game. Our RBs are doing good work as well, specially Conor - he is a wee speedy thing bouncing of the defence who reminds me of a combo of Magic and Stuey from the seniors. And of course our 3 "veterans", Mike, Dan & Cammy who are doing their best to step their game up.

All in all a good bunch of kids - and while we will lose a couple of players to the Fusion again in 2010 we will keep a bigger core group than this year.

IMG_0008_renamed_14743 IMG_0079_renamed_23399 IMG_0004_renamed_18390

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Voting Day - and feeling better

After a quite painful night - I can only sleep on the side so had to shuffle about to be more or less comfortable and also needed to use the "body pillow" to make sure Doug doesn't get onto the wound while sleeping - I'm actually feeling better than yesterday. Pain on the shin is really fairly low, which surprises me. The pain in the Gastrocnemius and Soleus are bad though and keep me from walking fully weight bearing. Add to that the sore muscles from the gardening work in my hamstrings and the calves ...

So I am not feeling 100% (obviously, considering the doc at A&E said I should keep the leg up and I've been already up and walking/hobbling around) but I'm getting there I think. And so far I survived without painkillers, but I think I need to take some for the night again.

Managed to hobble to the poll station - which is normally only 5 mins away but we had to take the car around to a car park as I didn't even WANT to consider walking the (granted, short!) way. Managed to pop into the Doctor's as well, was seen by the nurse who said I don't need anything special to clean the wound.

As for voting - it's quite interesting that you are only allowed to vote for a party, but not for the individual in the party who you want to represent your country in the European Parliament. Can't remember voting for the European Parliament, so not sure if it was different in Germany.

And now showing you the injury ... I didn't have a camera at hand yesterday to take a pic of the open wound... ;) Scrappers are really weirdos sometimes, right? ;)

We think the spike went still up to about the lower edge of the photo ... I'm surprised that I don't have a nasty bruise yet, but that's probably coming soon.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Gardening is DANGEROUS!!!

Well... I decided to finally give the front garden some attention today after waking up and realising that the weather is still nice.

Of course I decided to clean the kitchen windows outside first (procrastination... I know!) but then I made my way to the weeding ... and 2 hours later most of the front garden looked fine-ish. Good enough to get those weed sheets and some stones on it I'd say. Even moved my roses so I can buy a trellis and get them growing nicely.

Then I decided to put down the small fence - really just a "visual" for neighbours who like to walk through our garden and try to use our outdoor tap - kids and adults alike (not for the tap mind), so it's just about 4" high. Had been digging a "trench", got 1 of the 2 fence bits in and was just stamping the earth on our side to compact it when I lost balance and stepped over to the neighbours garden. BAD CHOICE!! As I suddenly realised I had spiked myself in the shin with a branch of a shrub. Neighbours have just broken off the branches and not cut them properly!!! Dangerous for kids (they could fall onto it and kill themselves!!) and VERY PAINFUL for myself.

I just pulled my leg up, saw a triangular hole in the shin and stumbled into the kitchen, took a towel to staunch bleeding and sat down on the floor and phoned DH with the internal phone.

It's quite weird how my "anatomy brain" kicks in when things like that happen! Just applied pressure and felt a bit dizzy so lay back on the floor while DH phoned NHS24. Poor soul, he's always very flustered when things happen to me/I have to get rushed to hospital. :o

We decided against an ambulance as we're living fairly close to the Minor Injury Clinic, and when we arrived there they couldn't do the stitching (a doctor needs to see that and the MIC is only done by nurses) but the nurse cleaned the wound, dressed it and gave me a tetanus booster.

Then we left for the RIE where we waited for 1.5 hours before being seen. During that time my body suddenly withdrew all adrenaline and my leg started hurting/throbbing. The wound itself was about 1.5 - 2 inches, but now I had deferred pain all the way round to my gastrocnemius (that's the big calf muscle)and also higher up and down on the medial side of my tibia.

Got seen, DH very brave came along, but the doc at a look at the wound and decided he has to look inside and clean as well - we assume the blimming spike went about 2.5 inches inside the leg along the tibia up - and he needed to check if there are any splinters etc. So I sent DH out to make sure he's in a fit state to drive me back home.

I only got stitches for an injury when I was about 4/5 and I don't remember. The other stitches I got done while under GA, so this was a new experience for me ... injection in the wound edges and all that. :o The doc managed to pull the skin all the way across the wound, so all went well really... 10 days minimum of stitches in, today/tomorrow and maybe Friday rest with leg up and then we'll see. I hope I am well enough to go to Wishaw with the Junior Wolves and to Inverness with the Seniors on Saturday/Sunday respectively, but we'll see.

Bit disappointed at NHS mind ... no pain killers this time, so I have to make do with Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and an ice pack. Got antibiotics though just in case there's a piece of wood after all. :o

So - front garden is still not 100% (needs a bit more final weeding, the fence placed properly and then the black weed sheet plus some nice stones) done and I ended up with 8-10 stitches and quite a bit of pain. Huh!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I'm a bad person!

Well... *I* personally don't think so, but my neighbour does!!! How DARE I tell her kid off for a) trampling in my front garden (ok, it has lots of weeds right now, but still!!) and b) playing with my outdoor tap (which is switched off at the mains)!!! HOW DARE I!!! So she gave me the evil eye - if looks could kill!!!

That woman is really driving me mental. If her kids (and adult members of the family) would respect other people's property (we own our house - they are renting only!!!) then that wouldn't be a problem. Considering her DH or whatever was stepping out of his car while I was loading ours and stepped into my garden (onto my heathers!) to get to their front door! Just because he's too lazy to walk around the car!! GRRRR!!! I really don't get it how people can do that, specially while I am in plain view of it!

What's WRONG with the world/mentality of people nowadays??? I mean, their kids (the youngest ones being around 4/5?) are outside playing at 9/10pm!!

Nearly took all the fun out of our trip to the cinema!! And when we got back I was getting subdued again. It's really weird how things like that tend to affect me after all, even though I think myself above it. :o

Oh ... cinema ... we went to see "Angels & Demons". I read the books, and have to say I prefer the movie over "The Da Vinci Code". But the books are better in both cases.

Other movies to be seen this week ... "Night at the Museum II" and "Terminator - Salvation".

And I think I'll HAVE to do the front garden and put a new mini-fence (we've got a wee wooden one - just about 4" height) in so the neighbours have a visual for where our property starts (well... the "visual" of our car space markings don't do the trick either... >:( ).