Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I really should be crafting...

but somehow I don't feel like it right now... :( Procrastinating with crafts ... now, that's not new, but in favour of HOUSEWORK??? That must be a first surely!!!

Slight tummy upset today too - hope it's better later. About to do more ironing, then will do the washing up and look into prepping dinner.

Hoping to do some scrapping after dinner though.

...and back to "normal" tomorrow, i.e. work after 1 week off holiday (cut short 1/2  because of gardening!! :( ) and 1 week off with the leg.

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Lynz said...

Hope the stomach's better, Kat. How's that leg doing? It looked so sore. Does your football have an off season? Just wondering since the soccer finished a couple weeks ago.