Sunday, 30 July 2006

I'm on a cleaning mission...

My Mutsch is coming on 23rd and at the moment our house is not fit for guests ... not at all!! Football stuff all over the place as well as paperwork!!

I'm on holiday this week and will tackle the house, so I just have to do routine cleaning until my Mutsch arrives.

Have started probably in the most "secret" spot - the master bedroom - but the messyness of it just got on my nerves. So I have spent 3 hours going through stuff and throwing things away/putting it in recycling bags.

3 hours in one go is not really what Flylady suggests, but I was on a roll... Clocking off from house duties for the day though (apart from doing the washing up after dinner).

May try to do some scrapping later ... just have to clear some space... (oops).

Friday, 28 July 2006

Scrappers Block...

Mmmmh.... think I found one reason of my scrappers block.... you can see it below ...

I really have to clear that mess ... best before I am going shopping to Perth on Tuesday ... errr... just so I know what stash I actually have ...

The other reason are 2 big boxes for photos ... far too many to scrap... and now add to that the ones on the PC from my digi cam since October last year!!!! :O

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Crafty Blog is calling

.... have updated it again.

My First ATCs !!!

Have decided to finally join in the ATC craze ... and have taken part in the Summer Scrappin' Holiday VISA Swap. 3 ATCs for Swaps done.

AND - of course one for Sharon who gave me my first ever ATC!!!

Sharon, hun - it's here waiting for you either for us to meet up or for you to provide your new address!! :)

Hope you (and my swappees) like it *looking anxiously* ...

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Wee little beasties!!!

Some of the kids in my road are rubbing me the wrong way round since... mmmh.. World Cup?

They are playing football (soccer that is) between the parked cars in our cul-de-sac (and our car had some muddy prints to prove that in the past). They don't care about a) the cars and b) other peoples' front "garden" (well.. it's a 3x1 m patch I'd guess).

Found a broken off lower branch of one of my bushes 3 weeks ago (and that couldn't have been the strong winds we had then!!!) and today when DH put out the wheelie bin he found my lavender plant - taken out of the patch and put onto my bags of compost beside the bin. I had only planted it on Monday! Ok, with the current heat it was probably on the verge of being dead anyway, but that's not the point. Why can't the wee buggers STAY OFF OTHER PEOPLES' PROPERTY???!!

I suspect a couple of them but cannot pin them down to it so cannae complain to the parents. ... And what parents they are ... the kids have no manners and no respect for other people and their property ... and yes, I BLAME THE PARENTS!!! I was totally upset about this (and still am, to be honest!) as it's not the first time they have - knowingly or just by accident ?!?!?! - vandalised my front patch which is straggling as it is!!!

Worst part is that DH and I got into a row about this as well... misunderstanding on both sides, but still!!!

Could bring up the old song about "When I was a child....!!!" but then - yes, when I was a child I'd tell people when I accidentially knocked something over or killed their plants or whatever. Or even better - I'D STAY OFF THEIR PROPERTY IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!

***Rant over*** For the moment at least ... going to the cinema with DH in a bit, hoping to see "Over the Hedge" (how fitting is THAT!!!)

Monday, 24 July 2006

Scottish Summer 2006

... and I feel it this year very badly... :)

Coming originally from mainland Europe I am used to summer temperatures of 30 to 35 degrees ... no problem. Okay, we have outdoor pools and lakes in order to cope with the heat, but still.

Edinburgh's Summer this year is just a heat wave - we got 25 degrees on average for over a week now, and I am absolutely exhausted! Think I am living too long in this country already, coming up 8 (!!!) years in October. My goodness... is it really that long?!?!?!

Got so used to Scottish Summer of maybe 1 day approx 24 degrees and that's it... cannae cope with that "heat". My Mutsch reported 37 degrees in Germany - OMG, I think I'd probably DIE there now in that heat!!! Missing the outdoor pools/lakes though... :(

A friend in Canada has also 35 degrees ... in CANADA!!! Would you believe!!

So ... yes, my body has adapted to Scottish Weather ... quite a funny thing, isn't it? Wonder how the weather will be in August!

Saturday, 22 July 2006


Phew! Got at least a POSITIVE reply to my 17 letters regarding shadowing/internship. While ActiveX cannot offer me the internship (insurance reasons) they are willing for me to be an observer. I am going to call them on Monday to make appointments ... looking forward to this.

At least there are still people who are willing to help (there are still others who don't even have the curtesy to say "Sorry, but no"!!!).

Little Promotion for DH and his friend... DH has a secret (??!) ambition ... to become a writer. And he's done already some attempts, including writing sketches for the 2003 BBC Comedy Awards. He and his co-writer friend have now placed their 3 sketches on YOUTUBE. Have a look...

Oh... they came 2nd btw!! :)

Thursday, 20 July 2006

"Cow Patrol"

DH and I had the Sunday off (i.e. no training with the Wolves) so we decided that we would finally go and do the "Cow Parade" ... or as many cows as we could get in that day. With the cows being located between Ocean Terminal in Leith and the Edinburgh Airport and The Gyle Shopping Centre we knew we wouldn't be able to get every one done.

With a little (???) delay we left the house at 1pm and decided to take the car instead of going by bus to get more cows on camera. We started off with "Pri-moo-la" at the Royal Botanics, which was just a quick "I jump out, get into the Gardens, search for cow, take picture, phone DH to pick me up again from the main entrance" thing... :) I have to admit that we had a couple of these "jump out of car - take pic - get back into car" over the day, specially as we took quite a while at Ocean Terminal.

We were amazed how mediteranean (sp?) Leith feels when the sun is out and it's hot. We "caught" some cows at Victoria Docks and felt like on holiday in Italy! :)

What I don't understand is why people think they have to vandalise these pieces of art - we had a couple of cows removed from their places (namely Hunter Square, The Meadows, Iona Street) who went to the "Cow Hospital" to get repaired. Shame that there was no hope of them being returned for the last week of the Cow Parade which finishes on 23rd July.

We also missed "Salty" (Saltire) which wasn't at the Parliament, which was a shame. However, we got most cows, think we didn't get to go to 2 (one in Prestonpans and the other at Queen Street) and missed in total 8 which had been removed. Not a bad result.

I caught the ones at the Airport and the Gyle yesterday and have now found out that "Fruit Smoothie" is actually inside the Lloyds TSB building so will send DH around tomorrow after work or during lunch to take a picture.

Here are the cows I took pictures of ... :)

I get a bit obsessed with them now ... and when DH and I found out that they have a Cow Parade in Boston we toyed with the idea of a longer weekend there (we loved Boston when we were there for part of our honeymoon) - but unfortunately DH can't take any holidays in August and the Cowparade finishes early September... ach well, maybe next time? But ... look at THESE cows!!!

I have signed up for the newsletter and maybe I can get to go to some more CowParades at some point. It seems to take over in Europe as well, there's currently a CowParade in Paris, Athens, Budapest, Telemark and Lisbon!

My Dad's Birthday book

Have finally finished my Dad's birthday present ... it's a "Paperbag Book" (i.e. a small scrapbook made using paperbags - like the brown paper lunch bags) with things that remind me of him.

And ... the present was only a little over a month late! OOOPS!!!

But well... April to June were very busy and stressful months for us and my dad was on holiday over his birthday anyway ... he hasn't received it yet as he's on holiday this week ... AGAIN!! ;)

Here it is:

Thursday, 13 July 2006

Losing "faith" ?

That's in brackets because I am an agnostic/atheist anyway ....

Yesterday night it kinda hit me ... gosh, £3,200 is quite a lot of money ... specially if it only buys you 40% CHANCE of getting pregnant... isn't it? We've agreed to try our luck again for a December/January cycle. And at the moment it doesn't seem much more ... it's only luck. The specialists don't have a clue what went wrong, they won't change anything regarding dosage of injections etc ... the only thing they suggested (and that seems to be across the board with all the other girls at the ACU) is losing weight.

But back to that £3,200 ... it's a big thing. It's ... a 2-week holiday in Florida for DH and me including all the shopping and possibly even tickets for Disney/Universal/SeaWorld. And it's going to be the 2nd amount to pay end of this year.

One of the girls who are at EFREC with me had her 5th (!!!!) negative last month. That's hard. And not even one teensy NHS attempt as far as I know. I think it's totally unfair that we get an NHS attempt deducted for every cycle we pay for. That's punishment!!!

I am amazed that that "girl" is still going (she's getting too old for the NHS cycles now, I believe she's turning 38 this year?!). I don't know if I could - and it's not just because of the money. Another girl said that she can understand that the treatment cycle can be addictive - there's probably always the nagging thought "Maybe the next time it's the 40% (or whatever) for us!!"

But I think I'll stick to the limit I set myself. 4 cycles. No more. I think that your body will go haywire if doing too many cycles, and I'd love to have the chance to be still young enough to be considered as an adoptive mum for a baby ... or would I? I mean... would I adopt?

Geeesh... that's the thoughts that go through my mind all day already ... think it's because it's now 1 month since the failed attempt. The "witch" (period) was on the dot datewise this month.... :o

Can I go through with it again? Is it WORTH it getting the hopes up if the specialists cannae tell you what went wrong and what to do different next time? I responded to the drugs perfectly (well.. even a bit more than that, considering I was close to borderline OHSS), it just didn't happen with the "nisting in". And that's where the docs cannot find out what went wrong. Did my little embies actually get to the blastocyst stage or did they decide not to do any cell division anymore like the 2 embies that were supposed to be frozen but just didn't get past 4-cell embies?

We have the other 2 frozen, and I want to keep them that way. 2 Embies in the same vial, with a 50/50 chance of surviving the thawing process plus a 40% chance of actually anything happening with them when they are transferred back ... nawh... I keep my frosties and do a fresh cycle ... and hopefully that will be that.

I'm a person who needs to get information as to WHY things happen ... IVF is not really the best thing for me then, is it???? :(

Saturday, 8 July 2006

Movie/TV day

Today was all in the name of movies/TV series really .... we met Sharon and Graeme for Pizza (possibly our last bigger meet before they move down to London ... buuuhuuuuuu!!! :( ) at Pizza Hut as a thank you for them to man the Tuck Shop at Meadowbank ... and afterwards we went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead man's chest". Great movie, absolutely funny, and the ending definitely showing that they have filmed both 2 & 3 paralell... can't wait until next year to see the 3rd part (felt a bit like a TV series at the end ;) ).

Interesting what story you can make out of a Disney ride ... LOVED the dog with the keys again, and then at Tortuga the drunk man coming out of the well (that's soooo the ride!).

One of the crew on the ship who picked up Will Turner actually looked like our new headcoach ... LOL!!!

It was a fun day and we 4 thoroughly enjoyed it. Have to make sure to meet up with Sharon again before she leaves though. Have asked them to come with us to see "Superman Returns" next Friday but that's Sharon's Graduation night, so that's not happening.... :o

After doing our weekly shopping at Lidl and Tesco we came back to see the final "Doctor Who" episode from Series 2. What an episode!! I still try to figure out things about the whole DW concept (I haven't really seen it until they revived the series with Christopher Eccleston) so had to ask DH a couple of questions again.

But yeah, I was surprisingly sad at the ending. But at least Rose is together with her mum and dad - and I am sure if Billie Piper decides she wants to get back into DW the writers/directors will find a way for her to reappear.

And I should have learned from the end of series 1 that there is again a cliffhanger to keep us waiting until the Christmas episode... NOT FAIR!!! ;)

So .. now it's on to CSI NY and then ... maybe another episode of Battlestar Galactica?!?! Who knows ... :)

Some PEOPLE!!!

We had a 2 minute silence at work on Friday for the 7/7 suicide bombing in London. Everyone was informed the day before about this, and managers were told to speak to their teams about this.

I am not religious or anything (think I am some sort of an agnostic ... ;) ) but then - a 2 minute silence is not about religion in the first place. I think it's about respect for people who died and also for the families etc.

But there are just some people who CANNOT understand that or just WON'T do it. Observing 2 minutes of silence is hardly a problem, is it? If you need to muck about just RESPECT that others want to observe it. Why laugh and talk loud about. I mean - those people have been sitting in a different area of our open plan office, but I still could hear them, so they didn't even ATTEMPT to be quiet!!! It's not as if they haven't been informed about it (was sent out to everyone via e-mail, and it was on the news and in the press for goodness sake!).

I mean - yeah, I don't really do believe in a 2 minute silence for events that happened before neither my big sis nor me were "planned" - but I still am quiet at that time because I respect that others may/do want to observe the 2 minute silence ....

Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Catch up day

Feels different, going to work on a Monday and being off on Wednesday - but that seems to be the way for the first 3 weeks in July at least (agreed to switch my part time day due to staffing numbers).

Today I decided to do some catch up on housework. Have done 4 washes and also moved some football stuff up to the first floor so we have more space in the kitchen, livng room and hall. It's not all put away properly, still have to go through things etc. But that can wait until weekend or next Wednesday.

Due to weather conditions (after nice sunshine until about 3pm we suddenly had a thunderstorm with massive downpour) I was just dashing about to put in the washing and then didn't do much more.

I did write 17 letters for internship/shadowing though - hopefully I'll get something positive there ... *fingers crossed*

Righty ho - think DH wants to catch up on Battlestar Galactica episodes, so this entry is short again.