Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Catch up day

Feels different, going to work on a Monday and being off on Wednesday - but that seems to be the way for the first 3 weeks in July at least (agreed to switch my part time day due to staffing numbers).

Today I decided to do some catch up on housework. Have done 4 washes and also moved some football stuff up to the first floor so we have more space in the kitchen, livng room and hall. It's not all put away properly, still have to go through things etc. But that can wait until weekend or next Wednesday.

Due to weather conditions (after nice sunshine until about 3pm we suddenly had a thunderstorm with massive downpour) I was just dashing about to put in the washing and then didn't do much more.

I did write 17 letters for internship/shadowing though - hopefully I'll get something positive there ... *fingers crossed*

Righty ho - think DH wants to catch up on Battlestar Galactica episodes, so this entry is short again.

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