Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Wee little beasties!!!

Some of the kids in my road are rubbing me the wrong way round since... mmmh.. World Cup?

They are playing football (soccer that is) between the parked cars in our cul-de-sac (and our car had some muddy prints to prove that in the past). They don't care about a) the cars and b) other peoples' front "garden" (well.. it's a 3x1 m patch I'd guess).

Found a broken off lower branch of one of my bushes 3 weeks ago (and that couldn't have been the strong winds we had then!!!) and today when DH put out the wheelie bin he found my lavender plant - taken out of the patch and put onto my bags of compost beside the bin. I had only planted it on Monday! Ok, with the current heat it was probably on the verge of being dead anyway, but that's not the point. Why can't the wee buggers STAY OFF OTHER PEOPLES' PROPERTY???!!

I suspect a couple of them but cannot pin them down to it so cannae complain to the parents. ... And what parents they are ... the kids have no manners and no respect for other people and their property ... and yes, I BLAME THE PARENTS!!! I was totally upset about this (and still am, to be honest!) as it's not the first time they have - knowingly or just by accident ?!?!?! - vandalised my front patch which is straggling as it is!!!

Worst part is that DH and I got into a row about this as well... misunderstanding on both sides, but still!!!

Could bring up the old song about "When I was a child....!!!" but then - yes, when I was a child I'd tell people when I accidentially knocked something over or killed their plants or whatever. Or even better - I'D STAY OFF THEIR PROPERTY IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!

***Rant over*** For the moment at least ... going to the cinema with DH in a bit, hoping to see "Over the Hedge" (how fitting is THAT!!!)


sharonfruit said...

Little gits! I hope you manage to catch them at it. What you need to do is get some nasty prickly/poisonous plants ;o)

Enjoy Over the Hedge! I want to go see "Cars" at the weekend!

S xx

Anonymous said...

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