Friday, 25 September 2009

T- 1/2 for BBXXIII

I don't know how and why, but whatever time we're leaving home, we always managed to get to Newcastle around 3 or 4pm ... and therefore getting stuck for a while on the bridge.  Usually, it's taking us 2 hours to get to Newcastle ... so we're now stumped how we managed 3 (!!)  hours this time ... surely we didn't have a 1-hr break at Berwick to get to Aldi and Morrisons???

That delay meant that we arrived with 1 hour delay at Doncaster - but at least this time we were still in time for the dinner. :)  This year's hotel was the Holiday Inn Express, with a pub/restaurant conveniently just across the car park. :)

We shared table with Mel, Chris H and Mark S and had lots of fun ... including Mel, Doug and me telling stories from last year's Orlando holiday. ;)

Main was good, dessert was "oomph" ... far too much ... thinly sliced Choc Mousse, but the height of that thing ... geesh! And it was sooo heavy (in the chocolate sense), I couldn't even finish it. :o   Ok, the main course was actually enough, shouldn't have gone for dessert at all... ;)

Too tired to do anything, so off to bed it is ... with early start tomorrow ... team  meeting at 9am... huuuuuh!! ;)


Well... nearly. Got everything sorted, baking for the "Bake off" with Mel is done and packed, bags packed, everything packed. ;)

Now we are just waiting for TD to turn up so we can get on the road to Doncaster. :)

Looking forward to seeing all the people again I only see once a year (Mel, Nathan, Sharon, Gary, Susan, Mark, Nigel...) and others I see more often but not often enough (Tony, Ken, Gary, Debbie...). :) I think we (the BritBowl Crew) really should look into a BritBowl Volunteers getaway once a year. ;)

Well.. that's us off now ... I will try to report from Sunny (?) Donny this weekend. ;)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

WOOOAAAH!!! Where's the time gone???

It's nearly a month gone since my last blog entry ... time's just been rushing past and I didn't feel like blogging. :o

However, I will be updating the blog with back dated entries over the next couple of days, just to keep it chronologically. :)

As for right now - I've finally got my date for the day surgery (cyst again) - it's on the 15th October, so I will give the October crop a miss. It's the first one I will miss since April, and the past couple of months I was feeling not too happy about having to be at the crop early and leaving after everyone had gone because Lisa had taken some months off due to family commitments. My MOJO had disappeared as well, so I am hoping it returns once I get some organisation in my scrap area - which I am planning to do next week as I am off work anyway. We'll see...

I decided to watch the Monday Night Football game (Dolphins v Colts) while DH was sleeping ... was up until close to 5am!! What a nail biter of a game!!! Shame Doug couldn't see it. First time ever I stayed up that long for an NFL game really ... but it was worth it. :)

Reason for it? Not sure, don't think it was just to check on my ESPN Fantasy Team... ;) ... But I am doing well there, have the highest points overall (1.5 points more than runner up TD) and I am leading my "Wesside" division (again, with 1.5 points ahead of TD). Won both week 1 and 2, and my team seems to be doing fine. I've played fantasy football last year on and don't think I was good. ESPN makes it even more difficult for me as you have to select individual Defensive players ( only has a combined D/ST = Defense/Special Teams option) - and I don't have ANY idea about who's good and who isn't ... but I seem to have selected good players on there who are consistent enough. :) As for QB .... I ended up with Donovan McNabb ... AGAIN! There seems to be an unwritten law for me that I have to have him as QB when playing Fantasy Football ... I had him at last year (and that's automated drafts!) and this year, plus on ESPN I drafted him as I had Internet trouble for the first 3 rounds and he was the highest ranking QB left when I was able to draft a QB. :o Well... apart from him being injured right now I think I will stick with that guy. :)

Well... I better get some shut-eye now ... early start tomorrow for work so I can go to the gym afterwards and do some crafting in the evening.