Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Moving Blog ... again?

Mmmh... with all that "saving money" talk in our household I think I will move my Blogs from Typepad to Blogger over the next couple of weeks I think ....

Monday, 10 April 2006

Back in the running!!!

Just back from the ERI and am now in possession of a snazzy purple bag .. containing needles, drugs, syringes and a needle bin. Like the desing, can think of tons of things to use it for once I'm done with injecting!! ;)

Back to square 2 (Square 1 being all the HSG, laparoscopy etc.) now - will start with the injections on 1 May with next scan and hopefully fully down regulated on 18th May (that would be Day 1 of the treatment ... sounds weird, eh?). I guess EC will be around 1st June and the result should be in around 16 June ... that's just the rough plan though, as I may have to do longer down regulation or longer stimulation etc.

Hope it won't effect the 2 games which are after the 2WW is over .... but shouldn't really ... should it?