Thursday, 29 March 2007


Not my week really ... had nasty vice-clampy headaches (tension? Migraines?) Monday and it started again Tuesday.

Went to the scan for the cyst etc on Tuesday. Small cyst on the right ovary has gone, and the left one is down to 2cms, so it looks like I won't have another hospitalisation in April... ;) They are planning for me to do the next cycle from 5th May, depending on where I am on the NHS list.

THAT means that our holiday plans for end May/beginning of June are out of the window again, because I will start with the stims on 5th May (to be confirmed end of this week) and therefore will have to pop into the clinic twice a week for 2-3 weeks. And then is the EC & ET ... and depending on the quality of the embryos we're probably get blastocyst(5 day old embies instead of 2 days old) transfers. Was hoping to be on my "2WW" (2 week wait) for the holiday, but even then Doug won't let me go because he doesn't want to take away our chances. :(

Yesterday I had a vigorous culling in our pantry ... have chucked stuff out (and had the biggest row with Doug about that - why can I not make my own decisions about stuff? I am a grown woman and do most kitchen stuff anyway, for pete's sake!!!) and it looks now better and you can actually WALK INTO the small cabinet under the stairs again!!! ;) Still lots of stuff in it, and I have actually banned the chocolates and biscuits from the kitchen. They'll be in the spare bedroom under the bed!!! Far too tempting in the kitchen!!!!

Yes, that's another thing. I have to lose 2kg until 5 May (which shouldn't be a problem really) so my BMI is 32. I know, that sounds as if I am FAT as hell, but I am not!! That's the thing that's bugging me. BMI is sooooo outdated, they should use the clamp thingy for body fat!!! If I weren't so ... mmmh... well endowed (LOL) I am sure I would be definitely a BMI 30 or less!!! ;)

So today I am taking it slow ... I've put out my back yesterday somehow, left lumbar area, but not the spine ... hurts annoyingly, so I am taking ibuprofen for it ... last thing I want to get is an injection!!! But I will mention it to my Voodoo Master (aka Julia, the acupuncturist) tomorrow.
Feeling like an old lady, limping about ... and staying in one position (sitting, lying etc) seems to seize it up, so I am off for a swim in a few minutes, just to see how I get there (and because Chip told me so! ;) Listen to a PT!!).

Chip's had a sick family since Friday (with flu etc) so is taking a week out from doing work here - I wouldn't want him to be up in the loft with the glass wool if he caught a cold anyway.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Pack rat & TAP!!

I really don't know why I bothered taking the test ... I know fine well that I am a pack rat!! ;) Don't agree about the "granola bars", but have lots more stuff falling about.

But I'll do my best to get it cleared. Doesn't help that DH is the same ... :D

You're a Pack Rat

Someday, you'll get totally crushed by a falling pile of stuff.
Whether you survive depends on how many old granola bars you have lying around your house.

I've got a TAP outside now!!! :) Well, in the front garden, makes washing the car & the Gatorade buckets easier ... no more poly bag around the sink tap and the spiral hose through the window!!! :) Easier for gardening as well.

Else - we have a little problem with the home improvements ... I still have to make a decision about the bath tub, the dishwasher and the kitchen cabinet. Doug's really keeping from making decisions around the house (when it comes to design etc.). There's also the fact that the flooring boards for the loft have been discontinued, so Chip has to go for another length which will mean lots of wasteage, but that's the only thing we can do.

It's sunny outside ... shall I be optimistic and hang out the washing today??? ;)

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Ghost Rider ... and a lot of travelling around Edinburgh

Ok - suppose we HAD to see the movie "Ghost Rider", considering it's a comic book adaptation (from the worst ever comic book Doug said!) ... and I have to say it's SOOOO BAAAAD it's GOOD! :) So many times I have been sitting there, smirking at the script etc. Nawh, what a baaaad thing!! But suppose, whoever wants to see it, go for it ... you probably have to see it for yourself!! :D

The script is quite mixed up, there is a lot in there (e.g. the scene at the Saloon where the Hell's Angels went in) that could have been cut really. VERY GOOD SPECIAL EFFECTS, but it was very quick for Nicolas Cage to get used to the fact that he turns into a skeleton during nights that is on fire. Hohum!! And being the devil's bounty hunter and the going against him... weird. All in all ... didn't like the script, and was trying to keep a straight face most of the times ... which is not a good sign, unless it was meant to be a funny comedy movie!!!

Next week it's "Hot Fuzz" for us I think.

Due to problems with the loft floorboard wood Chip is going to do the outdoor tap and the back garden light (I decided I wanted a motion detector to keep the youths off!! And our old one is totally rusty and the light's burnt out) and hopefully he's back up in the loft on Monday.

We went to B&Q (Longstone & Murrayfield) and Homebase (Straiton) to get stuff for the tap ... quite a bit of travelling, but it was quite nice as we cut through areas in Edinburgh that I haven't seen or haven't been to in a while.

And at least I know now what type of loft ladder we'll get ... much better than just the normal house ladder (aluminium) we've got at the moment.

Think I got Doug's "man flu" coming on. :( Have a sniffle, and as I said yesterday already I am feeling "off"... cannot point my finger to it, but there's just something.

Had a moment of BLISS today ... went for a swim at Drum Brae, and the first 20 mins we had the deep end cordoned off for kids swimming, so there was lots of screaming and splashing about. But the last 5 minutes of my standard 1/2 hour swim I was ALL BY MYSELF!!! Apart from the pool guard that is, but can you imagine how great it is?? A 25m x 10m pool and you're the only one in it??? WOW!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Feeling off ...

Had drumming headaches on Monday and a bit on Tuesday, today I feel as if I've pulled my glutes... not nice! :( Haven't been to the gym since Sunday and just feel "OFF" ... not sure if that's the "slump" of the Zolly, or just the weather, or whatever... :(

House improvement is getting along nicely, although there are lots of to and fro-ing from Chip getting more/correct materials as the "town houses" here seem to have been dealt with at not 100% good standard. Our en-suite looks like a single optical illusion. Got the 2nd door on the vanity chest, and Chip's now upstairs trying to get rid of the tank (which he's done today ... and I really feared more than once that he'd be falling through the ceiling into the study at some point!). Flooring the loft is going on tomorrow I believe.

Got at least the CJ for the SBS Forum done and sent today ... really have to stick to doing my entries as soon as the new CJs arrive. :(

Going to see "Ghost Rider" tonight ... if I can survive sitting that long that is. We're trying to get our money's worth out of our annual cinema passes as we've only seen 3 movies this year - Eragon, The Illusionist and last Friday The Good Shepherd ... which I didn't get really at all.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Blogthings... Personality

Saw this Blogthings on Kel's Blog just today ... and my result is:

Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISFP)

Your personality type is caring, peaceful, artistic, and calm.

Only about 7% of all people have your personality, including 8% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Happy St. Paddy's!!

It's a long time since I've celebrated St. Paddy's properly. Must have been since I left Germany really. :( You'd think with me being in Scotland, so close to Ireland, I'd be celebrating it even more. But I think since I am not in close-ish proximity to the An Sibin in Sachsenhausen anymore (and later the An Sibin in Darmstadt) - while Danny Kelly was running either of them I had TONS of fun there for St. Paddy's, St. Bridget's, Samhain etc. With me not drinking that much anymore I'd probably out after the first 1/2 pint of guinness anyway! :o

Today will be mainly going to the gym at 2pm, then scan receipts for Doug and then get the Wolves Forms done where I got all required documents together. And then ... I WANNA SCRAP!!!!! :D Have to get a CJ entry done for "Peppi" (Petra) from the SBS Forum to be sent on Monday.

Very busy weekend again as usual, tonight we'll have the price draw for our venue sponsorship, and tomorrow is a double session training. I still have to take more roster photos and chase up paperwork. Phew!!! And apparently the winter will be back full force tomorrow. I believe it when I see it though. Edinburgh just doesn't GET SNOW for longer than 1 hour.

On another note - our bathroom is nearly finished - we still need the mirror door for the small vanity cabinet and Chip needs to finish the corner where the shower leak was (3rd layer of ... mmmh... some paste? And then the skirting board. And then he's going up into the loft, flooring it and getting rid of that weird useless tank!!! :o So we'll see if he's going to be able to stick to the 2 weeks working.

But I think the ensuite looks better now ... beforehand we had a small vanity cabinet (cheap plastic with 3 small doors etc.) over the hand basin and a bigger (!!!) first aid cabinet on the wall where the door is.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Day 2 of improvements

Today we figured out where the leak is coming from. Well.... Chip did! ;) He decided yesterday to open the case of our "Power shower". I went to the study to look into holiday options for DH and myself, and suddenly I heard the shower going off full power ....

About 5 Minutes later Chip turned up in the door - he could have entered a wet t-shirt contest. LOL!! What a bad scrapper am I... I didn't take a picture of him in that state... ;D . We went off to check where the water mains is and switched it off.

Later I went through to the ensuite to find the shower screen being taken off - part of the problem for the leak was incorrect sealant (and we actually had them re-doing it with our snagging list 5 years ago!) and possibly a fault in the shower. So that's drying now, and Chip has removed the sealant from the sides of the shower where the shower screen was connected, and from around the shower tray (and removed some mildew while doing it).

State of the ensuite just now is as follows:

Lots of interesting talk with Chip as well - about cooking, American Football, Culture, his experience in the USA, mine here, our respective ferrets etc. VERY interesting .... and it's not included in the charges from him. :D

Wonder what he's planned for tomorrow ... sealing the shower and then I think it's the loft? Who knows!!! :)

Have been to the gym for 15 mins cardio and then weights ... have to get back into the routine and tomorrow I really have to get stuff done around the house. :O

Monday, 12 March 2007

Home improvements

One of our player coaches, Chip, is a joiner and has agreed to do some home improvements - i.e. does help with the small niggles we have in our house.

The list is fairly long actually....

  1. Leaking Shower
  2. Flooring loft space
  3. Moving loft hatch into master bedroom
  4. Remove empty water tank in loft if possible
  5. Check/replace velux windows top and middle floor
  6. Replace light fittings in bathroom
  7. Costing/purchase (?) of new higher bath tub
  8. Costing/purchase (?) of dishwasher
  9. Moving towel rails (?)
I think that is the list, but we're open for more/less... :) All depends on the budget of course. :o Chip said it would take approx. 2 weeks - so we'll see how that goes as well. ;)

One reason for asking him to help out is here...

And the first thing he did was this ;) :D But there's a reason behind it ... he had to "feel" for dampness behind the tiles.

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Where has the week been??

I don't feel like I have been doing much lately, although I have been to the gym or pool 5 times out of the last 6 days and am about to leave again for some workout.

Doing housework (but not as much as I'd like), cooking etc., Wolves stuff ... and it's nearly Sunday again - suspect I'll get the training kit for washing again as the weather has been WET here, to put it mildly. We had nice sunny spells, but that was about it ... SPELLS. Every time I was ready to continue weeding the front garden it started raining again... :(

Had a nice chat with Sharon this week, haven't talked to her in ages, it's usually just MSN or text, but that doesn't replace talking on the phone. Somehow I feel a little run-over, far too much stuff to do, stuff I want to do, studying (Tony is coming over for some E&A in 2 weeks) and not getting time for myself. There's sooo much I want to do and just not enough time for everything. :(

Once I am back from the gym I have to sort out the paperwork for the Senior Wolves so I can chase people tomorrow, we'll need to take roster shots as well, and I suspect I'll have a couple of players in the treatment room again. :/ And I am going to have more gym workout. :(

Maybe I can do some scrapping tonight ... have the next CJ for our SBS Forum CJ sitting here which I need to send off on 19th. I still have to figure out what to do/get for my mum's birthday in April, and Markus' Birthday is coming up as well!! :O

And in all that tohuwabohu I forgot to mention - The Junior Wolves are now officially affiliated with BYAFA!!!! :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Bonsai ...

...I love them! Had about 2 when I was in my late teens/early twens, but with me moving all over the place they never survived... :'( My sis and I even did a class waaayyyy back at Tropica Kriftel to create our own Bonsai ... but have to admit, they didn't last long... :o

While shopping at Dobbies today for Papermania stuff for a swap at the SBS forum I found some Bonsai, and while they had an offer of small ones in the typical pot & saucer for £5.99 I decided to get some small Bonsai plants myself for £1.49 each and start from scratch again ... and hopefully I'll be able to keep them for a bit. I have some Seeds as well which I bought in Germany, but haven't even tried them yet ... but that's the next step!!! :)

Here are some pictures of the plants I have bought. They are only about 2.5 inches high, but I am looking forward to plant them in the Bonsai pots and groom them... :)

The smaller one is a Serissa Foetida Variegata and the bigger one is a Cuphea Hyssopifolia. I'll keep you updated on the progress of the two! :) May go to the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh Shop this month to see if they have a Wisteria somewhere... THEY look great as Bonsai!!

Friday, 2 March 2007


Last wash for Wolves/BYAFA has been done and is hanging up ... doesn't look too good, but I am not too bothered really. Will throw our towels in bleach wash at some point, but that's all. If the players are not happy then they shouldn't leave their stuff at JKC or put it into the Wolves Wash!!! HAH!

Off to the gyle and then the inlaws for haircut and dinner.

Thursday, 1 March 2007

VERY miffed!!!

I found several personal items in the Wolves lot of washing ... jogging bottoms, hoodies, t-shirts.... That made me post on the Forum about it ... had that before, and I am really not in the mood to do personal laundry as well!! All I want are the jerseys and pants, and that's it!!! GRRRRR!!

One of our players said it could have been by accident ... but come on, we have collected a big moving box full of leftover clothing in 2 years and it starts out the same this year? Jumpers/T-shirts/Jogging bottoms feel different to jerseys & pants as well ...

I just feel disrespected there ... and hopefully this won't happen again!!!