Saturday, 17 March 2007

Happy St. Paddy's!!

It's a long time since I've celebrated St. Paddy's properly. Must have been since I left Germany really. :( You'd think with me being in Scotland, so close to Ireland, I'd be celebrating it even more. But I think since I am not in close-ish proximity to the An Sibin in Sachsenhausen anymore (and later the An Sibin in Darmstadt) - while Danny Kelly was running either of them I had TONS of fun there for St. Paddy's, St. Bridget's, Samhain etc. With me not drinking that much anymore I'd probably out after the first 1/2 pint of guinness anyway! :o

Today will be mainly going to the gym at 2pm, then scan receipts for Doug and then get the Wolves Forms done where I got all required documents together. And then ... I WANNA SCRAP!!!!! :D Have to get a CJ entry done for "Peppi" (Petra) from the SBS Forum to be sent on Monday.

Very busy weekend again as usual, tonight we'll have the price draw for our venue sponsorship, and tomorrow is a double session training. I still have to take more roster photos and chase up paperwork. Phew!!! And apparently the winter will be back full force tomorrow. I believe it when I see it though. Edinburgh just doesn't GET SNOW for longer than 1 hour.

On another note - our bathroom is nearly finished - we still need the mirror door for the small vanity cabinet and Chip needs to finish the corner where the shower leak was (3rd layer of ... mmmh... some paste? And then the skirting board. And then he's going up into the loft, flooring it and getting rid of that weird useless tank!!! :o So we'll see if he's going to be able to stick to the 2 weeks working.

But I think the ensuite looks better now ... beforehand we had a small vanity cabinet (cheap plastic with 3 small doors etc.) over the hand basin and a bigger (!!!) first aid cabinet on the wall where the door is.

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