Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Day 2 of improvements

Today we figured out where the leak is coming from. Well.... Chip did! ;) He decided yesterday to open the case of our "Power shower". I went to the study to look into holiday options for DH and myself, and suddenly I heard the shower going off full power ....

About 5 Minutes later Chip turned up in the door - he could have entered a wet t-shirt contest. LOL!! What a bad scrapper am I... I didn't take a picture of him in that state... ;D . We went off to check where the water mains is and switched it off.

Later I went through to the ensuite to find the shower screen being taken off - part of the problem for the leak was incorrect sealant (and we actually had them re-doing it with our snagging list 5 years ago!) and possibly a fault in the shower. So that's drying now, and Chip has removed the sealant from the sides of the shower where the shower screen was connected, and from around the shower tray (and removed some mildew while doing it).

State of the ensuite just now is as follows:

Lots of interesting talk with Chip as well - about cooking, American Football, Culture, his experience in the USA, mine here, our respective ferrets etc. VERY interesting .... and it's not included in the charges from him. :D

Wonder what he's planned for tomorrow ... sealing the shower and then I think it's the loft? Who knows!!! :)

Have been to the gym for 15 mins cardio and then weights ... have to get back into the routine and tomorrow I really have to get stuff done around the house. :O

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sharonfruit said...

EEK! Sounds like the place is like a building site at the moment ;o) Fingers crossed that you can get all those little niggling faults ironed out though!

Sharon xx