Monday, 29 March 2010


Haven't posted in a while, and was determined to do better than last year. Didn't even keep up my monthly and weekly quick fillers/updates.

Life's quite stressful ... lots of things going not really the best way ... Football, family life, health...

I've got tons to do (editing Photos from Clansmen games and the holidays, doing some "culling" around the house, get Wolves paperwork done asap, update the blog, do some scrapping) but at the moment there's always something else getting in the way, or I'm just NOT IN THE MOOD!!! :(

Had a scan today, no cysts reappeared since OP in October, but weight's not ideal so we don't want to go ahead with another cycle just yet. However, I am getting frustrated with NHS/Sign and whatsoever ... I'm in the "mill" for coming up 5 years now, we had 3 fresh cycles, 2 frozen (or was it 3? It's all just merging into one long line of treatments really!!! :( ), and so far I only had one attempt that "took" ... and then ended in a fail afterall. BY THEIR STATS I SHOULD HAVE 1.5 KIDS BY NOW!!!!

I'm not believing in "entitlement", i.e in normal life we should have 2.5 kids because everyone else does etc. But what annoys me is that we're "playing by the rules" for the whole thing, no smoking (we don't anyway), no drinking (very rarely for me) and healthy diet (we do! Just the weight didn't shift with me since the OP due to Christmas and me not going to the gym due to constant colds/migraines/stress etc.). And yet they can't figure out why we're not getting anywhere, or won't look into other tests because of them working under SIGN. REALLY getting fed up with that right now! :( I've had enough of bad times ... can't I finally get a bloody break????

Current options are to lose 8kg until next month (impossible with a trip to Germany) or having to wait until October!!! Stupid waiting lists here! :(