Sunday, 30 November 2008

1st Advent & St. Andrew's Day

Didn't really happen at our house today. I didn't have any of the Christmas Decos down from the loft - just not tuned in yet to Christmas, because of the late holiday in Florida I think.

Anyway, got up very early, had breakfast and then we drove to Jack Kane for 9.15am for the Junior Wolves training. It was -4 degrees when we left the house!!!

Stayed cool throughout the day, I believe the warmest it got was 2 degrees for a bit. :o

After Junior training we had the adult training ... we had 30 (!!!) rookies down with about 26 of our veterans. Was quite a good sight to see so many kitting up for the Wolves - let's see how many will stay on. :)

I've been over to Dobbies during training, hoping to get some of the Christmas coloured Brads from Dovecraft and the Big Bite for the crop, but they didn't have either. Still ended up buying some bird suet stuff & feeder and a new Poinsettia for me (in a nice red bowl with greenery).

Dinner was nice Haggis Neeps & Tatties - but not as you know them. :) I made the Haggis Neeps & Tatties Soup from New Covent Garden Co - we love that soup, and AP liked it very much as well.

Missed the whole Advent wreath lighting though ... really have to get the boxes down from the loft tomorrow.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Black Friday?

Thanks to Latharia and Heather for your comments. Heather, I'll try the master list at some point! :)

Weather outside is fine, but probably absolutely freezing. I haven't stepped outside yet.

Sportsters was quite good, although the games were lopsided opponents for game 1 & 2, didn't manage to stay up for game 3 (would have kicked off 1.30am our time I believe).

Whittled down my to do list for today ... We've got Sharon and Graeme coming up tonight and a table is booked for 6:30/6:45pm which will probably cut it fine, but it should be ok. :) Khublai Khan seems to become an annual feature whenever Sharon is coming up to visit her family & friends in Scotland this time of year.

  • Quick tidy of guest room
  • clean bathroom
  • hoover
  • ironing
  • Quick tidy of living room
  • wrap Sharon's present
  • gym
  • Pick up Doug from work
  • Pick up Sharon & Graeme
  • Khublai Khan

Kept it short to make sure I get it all done. :) If I have time to do other stuff then it's on to Wolves stuff....

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thanksgiving Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends!

Hope you are not having too much trouble with your respective turkeys.

As for me ... I've got a long to-do list again, and had to shuffle a few items already to tomorrow as I want to be at Sportsters around 6pm for the NFL Thanksgiving Games!!

And why is it your to do list always changes over the day and you do other stuff but not the stuff on your list???

  • Take photo of SB stash bought in US
  • Divide Nikolauswichteln and Secret Santa presents
  • Phone my mum
  • Sportsters Thanksgiving Games
  • Pay Tollcross for Crops
  • PM Lou re church usage
  • Check Euro account
  • Gym
  • Wolves Subs e-mail
  • type Management meeting minutes
  • Send Management meeting minutes
  • Wolves Contract 2009
  • Start Christmas Thread on UKS
  • Book table @ Khublai Khan for tomorrow
  • 2 dark washes done & hung up
  • put on dishwasher
  • Divide Secret Santa & Nikolauswichtel
  • Take photo of US stash
  • Start Christmas Thread on UKS
  • Phoned Khublai Khan (table booking) and hope I get it
  • Sent important part of meeting minutes to the GM
  • Searched about 1 hour for login details for my Euro account and still haven't found them!
Shortly off to the gym ... weather is crap, so will take the car. And will go to the bottle bank on the way.

So... let's see how much more stuff I can manage until I am leaving for Sportsters...

Friday, 21 November 2008

Zolly headache came early...

Usually I get a headache the day after the Zoladex injection. It's probably a reaction to the hormones and I kinda expect it to be honest. However, it suddenly started around 6pm today. Wonder if it's the combination with the Flu Jab??? Any ideas?

Finished the CJ entry though and will send it off tomorrow morning, as the post office was closed earlier than I thought today. The topic was "My other hobby". So sorry again for the looong delay, Annette - life just totally got in the way!

Prepared the birthday swap for Michaela on the German Forum as well, that's going out tomorrow as well.

Planning on doing some scrapping tomorrow after housework and gym (as I haven't been today)... we'll see. Definitely have to clean the scrap area first!!


Well... something like that! :)

We have our Tryouts on Sunday for the 2009 season - and we actually got a video done for it. Well... kinda. :)

And we are on the Evening News Website with it.

So, if anyone is interested in trying out football - come along on Sunday to Meadowbank Stadium, registration is at 11am with the tryouts starting at 12pm.

Indoor trainers and T'shirt/Shorts is all you need to bring with you. :)

Snowflurry Friday

What a day already!! :) Alarm went off at 7:30am and I changed it to 8:30am - woke up by myself at 9am - the time when I was supposed to be at the doctors for the Zolly injection!!! So I phoned the practice and said I'd be there in 10mins (sooo lucky our doctors are 5 mins walk away!). Fortunately, the nurse did have space and I got the Zolly as soon as I came into the waiting area. When I asked for the flu jab appointment she just did the shot there and then, so I got that out of the way. Still needed another appointment with her so booked the appointment there and then. When I got out of the practice it was slightly snowing... more sleet than snow, but still... :o Apparently it's going to be worse on Sunday!

Went back home, had a very quick breakfast then drove out to Straiton to meet up with Lisa for Costco shopping. :) They had quite nice scrapbooking kits, but I didn't buy it - have to get my stash sorted as it is right now. Wasn't too sure about the Maple Syrup (price higher than I thought?), but got the pack of Halloumi, Chestnuts, Almonds, some nice choc brown boots (blame Lisa for that purchase!!) and 10 books of 1st class stamps. While in Costco I tried some Wonton soup with Shrimp, it was absolutely YUMMIE (LOVE Wonton Soup!!!) so bought a pack as well. :)

I actually wanted to go to Ikea afterwards but was a bit in a rush timewise and didn't have my Ikea Family card with me, so went straight to Sainsbury's to check for the Chai Latte I tried at Sharon's - no luck! :( So will have to order online I think.

Quick dash to the Inlaws to pick up the new Wolves Calendars and then went home, had lunch and finished one chapter of the book I was reading, "The Last Gospel" by David Gibbins - LOVE his books ("Atlantis" & "Crusaders Gold" were the first ones of the series).

Wanted to go to the gym but arm hurts a little from the flu shot (I usually get that, so am not worried), and my tummy is playing up so it's SAFER to stay at home.

Will finish the CJ now though which I have since AUGUST!! :o

Thursday, 20 November 2008

First Day off withouth DH since holiday

Got my first nice lie-in (ish) today after the whole jet lag situation. Still not 100%, but doing better. Think it will take a couple more days. NEVER had that long a problem when coming back from the US, it's really weird. I wonder if I actually got a cold coming along that plays a bit havoc as well.

TO DO list for today:
  • CJ entry
  • Send off CJ
  • Take photos of scrapbooking goods bought in US
  • Sort Secret Santa and Nikolauswichtel
  • Make appointments with Docs
  • E-mail Wolves Tryouts Form to interested people
  • E-mail Wolves players re Sunday tryouts
  • Swimming
  • Shopping
  • clean Bathroom
  • PM Louise regarding crop bookings at Church
TA DA so far

  • Sent Wolves Tryouts Form to 52 interested people
  • Fixed laptop which gave me a fright when not starting up properly again
  • Read Google Reader
Now I am off to do some shopping ... will try to go swimming at 5pm.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Insomnia!! :(

Not sure if it is because I slept a couple more hours today because of the headache ... or because DH was talking to me for about 45 mins after 1.50am - he then fell asleep and I am more awake than before he started talking.

Or maybe I am still suffering from jet lag.

Doubt the latter, as I have insomnia from time to time ... just because. :( Scrap area is not tidy enough to do a layout, so I hope I'll be tired enough soon to go back to bed. Don't want to start tidying as I would wake up both DH and probably AP (our lodger) as well...

MMMMH... :( Think I'll do more backup of the photos on my PC then....

Oh ... and of course Chris Cooley is not providing the 13 missing points. Got only 4 points (for >40 yards) and we're in the 4th Quarter... :( :( :(

Edit of last post... Now need 13 points from Chris Cooley

Funny ruling for the fumble recovery and TD from the Steelers D. So no points added, am down 12 points. Means I could do with 2 TDs from Chris Cooley ... or 130 yards Receiving, which he's unlikely to get (6 points per TD, 1 point per 10 Receiving yards).

There goes the dream of beating Colin this week... :( But think as the only female in our "league" I am not doing too bad....


OMG! DARTS on STV .... DEFINITELY time for beddy boos now!!!

Blogger Reader Cleanup

Have been whittling down my subscriptions ... had 155 on it, now only 105. Several are from people who don't blog regularly (Sharon!! Lisa!!! ;) ) and a couple of Flickr photo groups as well, so don't do the sharp intake of breath please. :)

Will probably go through them again soon, as I am spending far too much time reading blogs instead of updating my own or - shock horror - actually DO something crafty around here... :)

Just saw my Fantasy Football team on go up into winning position - currently 103 for my opponent (Colin, one of our Wolves Players) with no further players left to 99 points on my side... and I still have Chris Cooley going, one of the higher ranking TEs this year, although he wasn't too good in the last couple of games. In order to win I only need a TD really... and no negative yardage. :)

Might have to think about a new kicker though, as Dan Carpenter doesn't get much work apart from XPs, which just give me 1point each. :o Including some of my WRs ... :(

oh oh ... why am I still sitting at 91 points??? Hope they just haven't updated their website yet... because the Steelers Defense DEFINITELY had a fumble recovery and TD in the last minutes of the game!!!!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Back home again...

We're back in the country since Friday 9am-ish - weather was a bit of a shock, specially as we left Florida at a high 83s Fahrenheit (that's 28 Celsius for you and me!) and quite high humidity to crisp but sunny Edinburgh. In total I think our plane was delayed in Orlando 2 hours - but only because Newark airport was having trouble with weather.

3 out of 4 bags arrived ok (including the bag with our Halloween candy and Doug's FroJo which we were worried most about), but the bag with MY STASH didn't make the connection and only arrived yesterday morning AFTER I went to the crop, so unfortunately couldn't share with my girlies there. ;)

Due to us having quite full days in Orlando I've not been blogging, so if you're using Google Reader, Bloglines or something like that don't be alarmed - the old posts from me are back dated, your reader is still working ok. :) Might also update the blog with postings from September. :o

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Obama next US President

It's quite some news!!! WOW!

297 - that's 27 over the required 270 right now - and there are still more states to deliver their results!! I'm looking forward to the change, we'll see what difference it makes to the rest of the world.

And we've been at one of his rallys! We've seen him LIVE (well... ok... on the megatron! ;) ). And from what I've seen during his campaign he came across as a very charismatic person - a very motivational speaker on TV and live.

SO glad about the result!!

Now we can get back to our normal holiday!! :D

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Election Day

Weather is grey - not nice, considering we wanted to go to Aquatica in the morning/early afternoon. Our friend Mel has mixed up her flight dates as well, she's going back to UK today instead of tomorrow, so that was another change as we wanted to meet up at Aquatica again.

So - our plan for today is having a lazy morning (well.. it's 11:30am!), go shopping and then come back for a gym session and then watch Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert covering the election - maybe I can update my blog a bit during that time and maybe even start some stitching!! :)

Something that is bugging me a bit ... the QVC Channel in our hotel doesn't work. BIL confirmed that DH asked him to pay extra money for that to happen. LOL!!! Ah well... will have to check online for crafty programs! :D