Monday, 17 November 2008

Insomnia!! :(

Not sure if it is because I slept a couple more hours today because of the headache ... or because DH was talking to me for about 45 mins after 1.50am - he then fell asleep and I am more awake than before he started talking.

Or maybe I am still suffering from jet lag.

Doubt the latter, as I have insomnia from time to time ... just because. :( Scrap area is not tidy enough to do a layout, so I hope I'll be tired enough soon to go back to bed. Don't want to start tidying as I would wake up both DH and probably AP (our lodger) as well...

MMMMH... :( Think I'll do more backup of the photos on my PC then....

Oh ... and of course Chris Cooley is not providing the 13 missing points. Got only 4 points (for >40 yards) and we're in the 4th Quarter... :( :( :(

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