Friday, 21 November 2008

Zolly headache came early...

Usually I get a headache the day after the Zoladex injection. It's probably a reaction to the hormones and I kinda expect it to be honest. However, it suddenly started around 6pm today. Wonder if it's the combination with the Flu Jab??? Any ideas?

Finished the CJ entry though and will send it off tomorrow morning, as the post office was closed earlier than I thought today. The topic was "My other hobby". So sorry again for the looong delay, Annette - life just totally got in the way!

Prepared the birthday swap for Michaela on the German Forum as well, that's going out tomorrow as well.

Planning on doing some scrapping tomorrow after housework and gym (as I haven't been today)... we'll see. Definitely have to clean the scrap area first!!

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