Sunday, 30 November 2008

1st Advent & St. Andrew's Day

Didn't really happen at our house today. I didn't have any of the Christmas Decos down from the loft - just not tuned in yet to Christmas, because of the late holiday in Florida I think.

Anyway, got up very early, had breakfast and then we drove to Jack Kane for 9.15am for the Junior Wolves training. It was -4 degrees when we left the house!!!

Stayed cool throughout the day, I believe the warmest it got was 2 degrees for a bit. :o

After Junior training we had the adult training ... we had 30 (!!!) rookies down with about 26 of our veterans. Was quite a good sight to see so many kitting up for the Wolves - let's see how many will stay on. :)

I've been over to Dobbies during training, hoping to get some of the Christmas coloured Brads from Dovecraft and the Big Bite for the crop, but they didn't have either. Still ended up buying some bird suet stuff & feeder and a new Poinsettia for me (in a nice red bowl with greenery).

Dinner was nice Haggis Neeps & Tatties - but not as you know them. :) I made the Haggis Neeps & Tatties Soup from New Covent Garden Co - we love that soup, and AP liked it very much as well.

Missed the whole Advent wreath lighting though ... really have to get the boxes down from the loft tomorrow.

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Latharia said...

Sounds like you've got quite a busy life! :D