Monday, 30 November 2009

Crafty Advent Calendar

Have you seen the new blinkie on my sidebar? The wonderful Katharina Fei of "Whiff of Joy" and her team will be providing a crafty Advent Calendar.

I LOVE her stamps - only got into them late this year ... and have to admit it's mostly Elizabeth Bell's stamps I like. They have put the Magnolia Stamps into the background now. ;)

Anyway - have a looksie at Katharina's Blog - she's giving away a surprise package!! :)

Advent Calendars Ready? NO!

I don't know... somehow I am a little out of sync with everything right now. Maybe it's the news about my job, maybe it's just me being generally not prepared whatsoever. And maybe it's the quick trip to York the weekend including first Advent. Or maybe it's me trying to get some studying in to get prepped for the preparation practical weekend for the Exam (most likely beginning/mid January).

I haven't got the Xmas decos down from the loft. I haven't got our advent wreath out, the first candle therefore wasn't lit yet.

Do I like it? NO - Not at all! :( . And it seems it's every year the same, Christmas is just creeping up at me ... that so doesn't work out with the advent time I had when I was a kid!!

I'll be doing a to-do list for this week, which will include about 3-4 hours studying every day plus other things.

Today my brain wasn't functioning for studying ... the cold is back with a vengeance, but this time we step away from the cough (it's still there, but only coming up sometimes) and now we're back to snotty/stuffy nose  - switching from blocked to runny at random.  
:(  Brain being cotton-wooley, so I had a look at the Tortora about 30 mins and that's that.

Made my way into town to meet up with my best (UK) friend Sharon to have a cuppa Chai Latte at  Caffe Nero's.  Even with Princes Street being opened again it is a round trip of 2.5 - 3 hours (which involved only 1 hour time with Sharon & her boyfriend!!).  I really hate that about Edinburgh!!!

But it was definitely good to have a quick catch up with Sharon again. :)

Friday, 27 November 2009

Update on Shimelle's "BfS" class..

Yes ... you could have guessed so... I know... ;) I haven't lasted long with Shimelle's class "Blogging for Scrapbookers". Typical, eh? Somehow life's always getting in the way when I do online classes for crafts ... same with Jessica Sprague's "Holidays in Hand" class.

But I intend to catch up with both on my own time ... and considering my current situation I will have some more time in about 2 weeks time ... first I have to get some studying done and then we're off to visit my family for a few days.

ANYWAY!!!! ;)

In line of the "Blogging for Scrapbookers" class there have been lots of "Blog Trains" popping up.

Blog trains are effectively themed entries which are leading you from one blog to another. They are also called "Blog Hops".

I've joined one of those "trains" and we (a group of 12 of Shimelle's Students of the "BfS" class) will set up a blog train on 1 December 2009 where we're going to share a Christmas Cookie Recipe and (hopefully) a photo of the finished product too!! :)

The girlies who are going to be boarding the train with me are:


Make sure you're coming back on 1 December for a lot of nice cookie recipes!!! :D

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Today's news in short

Got into work, was pulled aside by deputy head of department (neither HoD or team manager in) and told that my temp contract (usually renewed every 3 months and already running for 2.5 years) ending this Friday is not going to be renewed!!!

Had to wait for confirmation by phone from TM because he tried everything to get our contracts extended. It's all temps from my team (and others in Customer Service), but I am the only one whose contract finishes end of the month, while theirs is on the 11th December. 

Totally shocked and angry and annoyed at me crying about the news all day on and off. 

Tomorrow is my last day (as I am only working 2 days/week) and then I am out of a job. 

Plans and bigger rant to follow tomorrow ... I am knackered due to crying and headaches from the crying.

 Just HAD to add to my "out of office" notice: 


Monday, 23 November 2009

Still "gunky" (a weekend update)

Still feeling "gunky" ... all that mucus in my nose and throat does NOT make me feel like wanting to do anything.

Couple of snags from the weekend: Broke the screen of my small camera somehow (has a crack and therefore LCD screen is broken) and the Clansmen @ Mavericks game was called off due to the heavy rain this week... :( Won't see my Clan until 13th now. :o

We had a good turnout at the Wolves Rookie Day though (50 guys!) and lots of athletes, too. From this Sunday we're going to have 3 Sundays of "Football School" - i.e. teaching the fundamentals of American Football. Let's hope that lots of the Rookies will come back and join the Wolfpack! :)

Junior training was good, too - they have been waiting desperately for training, I assume - we had 12 kids down (10 returning and 2 rookies) with a couple of guys not able to make it. Things are looking up there for the Wolfcubs... ;)

Went to see the inlaws after training & shopping and it was good to catch up again.

Then cough increased again... really HATE that! I am getting to have the 6-8 weeks cough again, I am sure!!! :o

As for Saturday night - Went to the Circus Casino for my colleague Shari's going leaving night - good food, not 100% sure on the company though (included a lot of alcohol for them... huh!). Cough was getting worse during dinner, so I left after 3 hours to get back home. I will miss Shari quite a lot!!! Have to speak to DH about a trip to Barbados to visit her! ;)

Oh ... and my Fantasy Team is doing not the best... I am currently losing faith in Donovan McNabb!! :o And Peterson/Rice didn't get their usual points either... Still have Nate Washington for tonight but I would only win if he got me more than 12 points and Stuey's (this week's opponent for me) Linebacker doesn't get ANY points... I doubt that's going to happen... :o Ah well... we'll see. I WOULD be winning if we wouldn't allow another QB to be the additional Offensive Player! I mean ... how COULD I beat Brett Favre's points, even with Stuey's starting QB leaving the game injured (Kurt Warner) after earning only 19 points. ... :o

Friday, 20 November 2009

Slight change of plans?

Well... I am still not 100% ... that stupid lurgy is just stuck with me. Gunk in my throat and nose, but at least I don't have the facial pain from sinusitis. At least SOMETHING!! Got my (normal) flu jag on Tuesday, and the nurse booked me in for the Swine Flu jag next week Wednesday ... yep, I'm classified as "risk group person" due to my Asthma. And I kinda trust in those jags, so will go and get it, although lots of friends/acquaintances who had taken tamiflu said they felt horrible. Wonder if it's because they already HAD swine flu (or a very strong flu) and that aggravated it a bit, or if it was a side effect? But then ... others said they only had a very painful arm with bruise. Let's hope for the latter, eh?

I've not done anything for the crop tomorrow ... IF I am going (depending on how I feel), I will only take the stamp swap thingies, my embossing powders, ink pads, heat gun and the Chinese Whispers. Travelling light. I will only stay until 12pm max as we're having the Wolves Rookie Day from 1:30pm. And knowing me I am not able to do more than just 2 cards during 2 hours anyway! ;)

We've had word today that the pitches at JKC are called off for Sunday ... which means that the CLANSMEN v MAVERICKS game is cancelled. I personally don't have it officially yet from my Head coach, but as our Juniors are training the same day I'm part of the "intel". :) Will be going to Junior training to see the boys again, but afternoon will be off ... might actually get some catch up and scrapping done??

As for crafties ... I will be finally able to post my Chinese Whispers on my blog after tomorrow ... just so you see I HAVE been doing some scrapping ... even though it's just one layout per month! ;)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

I've been deserted!!! ;)

Sitting here, still with my sinusitis, and am just feeling bleh! Decided against going to my 2nd Ceroc Class in Edinburgh because of the stuffy nose/head, and it's probably for the better, as I need to be fighting fit for a football-filled weekend (well... at least be OK to survive ... fighting fit at the moment is a bit much I think!!).

DH is upstairs, sleeping ... his Miami Dolphins are playing this night (1:30am - 4:30am or so) and he has to go to work tomorrow... I'm staying up and see if I can watch at least half the game. ;)

I've got lots to catch up with, am TOTALLY behind with Shimelle's class, and haven't started on Jessica Sprague's new free class, "Holidays in hand". Something I am probably going to catch up with tomorrow.

As for the weekend ... (American) Football will be back in full force over the next month - The Edinburgh Wolves have their ROOKIE TRYOUT DAY on Saturday. Junior Wolves have their 1st training session before Xmas on Sunday and then there is the first of 2 games I probably have to show at least a bit of impartiality!!! ;) STIRLING CLANSMEN v NAPIER MAVERICKS.

The Clansmen are my BUAFL (British University American Football League) team from this season onward as you may have gathered from previous posts (LOL), while the Napier Mavericks are now being coached by an ALL EDINBURGH WOLVES COACHING STAFF!!!

Got a bit of a history with that uni team though - we used to have a Uni team (combined Napier and Uni of Edinburgh plus players from the Colleges) affiliated to us, the "Timberwolves". The "Presidency" was first at Uni of Edinburgh and then moved to Napier. Then there was a bit of discord between the Uni Team and the Wolves, involving them using our kit without paying after the first Club President left, coaching staff from another Senior League team being involved and them plus a couple of players ACTIVELY recruiting players for that team in question - which is nowhere near Edinburgh - needless to say we never got many players out of that. So we cut the ties ... and that was when the Uni team was aptly renamed "Mavericks".

This season, however, BUAFL introduced a new rule of "Single institution Teams" - i.e. players could only come from the one uni. Therefore Napier and Uni of Edinburgh had to split ... and unfortunately, the College players have nowhere to go during BUAFL season (ssssh... come to the SENIOR WOLVES!!! ;) ). Most of the "players of the team in question" from above are now with the Edinburgh Predators (Uni of Edinburgh) and therefore I should have no problems supporting the Mavericks, but the history of that team still leaves some bitter aftertaste in my mouth... we'll see what happens over the course of the BUAFL season ... and hopefully the coaching staff can get some players for the Wolves!!

And of course I picked already my BUAFL team ... ;) And like being part of the Clan. :)

Ok ... sorry... that turned out to be another Football post again... huh!!!

Music I am currently totally loving...

JUST SAY YES - Snow Patrol

A song I've so far been able to avoid and now got it in my head all the time as "good mood" song..
Found it through Shimelle's Class "Blogging for Scrapbookers" ... several ladies posted it on their blog ... FAB!! :) And I love that version/lyrics ... listening to it before Clansmen games!! ;)

Older favourites are "Don't Stop Believing" - Journey and "Shadow of the Day" - Linkin Park.

But I came across piano accoustic cover versions of these songs ... from my latest favourite band, Boyce Avenue!! Judge for yourselves!! :D

And then just 2 of their own songs I love (and I love ALL their own songs!!):

Monday, 16 November 2009

Welcome back to Tissue mountain!!


Yup... it's my DH's birthday, and I am sitting in bed, a box of tissues around (hope that's enough!) and feeling totally unhappy.     :(

My cold with the nasty cough turned into sinusitis yesterday over the course of the day. :o  Haven't had sinusitis in a while, so it hit me quite hard, and I am totally annoyed that this happens on DH's birthday.

He got his presents at least ... but that's about it. No traditional Birthday Muffin, can't go for meal out or to the cinema tonight as I am feeling totally crap. :(  Got that typical "cotton wool" head I tend to get with sinusitis.

That stupid cold was on its way out last week, and I don't have a clue why/how it got back!! :(

So ... feeling sorry for myself and for DH for not having a nice birthday.  :(

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Lurgy is back with a vengeance...

...and I am feeling crap and sorry for myself right now.

Was up at 6:15am to drive DH and Scott to Waverley station (well... more likely drive the car back home) - went to Tesco on the way back to get some stuff for the cold, as I want to be at least in "working order" if not fit for tomorrow's game.

Can't find my rotary cutter, and with me feeling "blah" I think I will give DH the current birthday gift for Xmas. Got other presents he can get on Monday. Oh ... just in case I cannae find my rotary cutter ... you think I can cut fabric with a pizza cutter? Its blade is sharp enough... ;)

Might do some scrapping later, and I am definitely going to bake the 3rd batch of cheesecake brownies ... but probably doing some studying as well... if my brain actually lets me do that!! :o

About to get a 2nd cuppa...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Just a quick note, as it's nearly time for bed again! :o

Yep... I am behind ... I haven't done any of Shim's blog entries 3-8, haven't even read half of them. Been busy ... as you may be able to gather from the "To Do" list from Tuesday.

Today I was at work, got some news about LTSB but am not sure how that affects me as a SW temp ... might not affect me, or I might not have a job in 2010. Who knows. Might just mean my plans of a career change/going to uni might come to fruitition earlier than planned and I just need to get my head around things.

After work I took my shoes to get the heels sorted (and they'll be ready for CEROC tomorrow!! :) ), then went to Choc Soup to meet up with Aisha - had a fab hour and a bit with her again - she's off with Wombat to visit her family in Australia this weekend for a month. Discussed a couple of European holiday options for them for next year and have to remember to send her the links to different sites. ;)

Got back home, had quick dinner (ta to DH who made quick Spaghetti with Tomato sauce) and then went on to edit the remaining 100 photos from Sunday's game. JUST managed to get the editing done, resizing and burning the photos onto CD before Coach turned up to pick it up.

And then I ordered my big sis' birthday pressies...

Currently catching up with my fellow "classmates" on their blogs ... who have been keeping up better with Shim's class than me and even managed some scrapping... which I yet have to do but have plans for it on my next day off on Friday. :)

Plans for the rest of the week???


Dinner with Nikki B @ Jekyll & Hyde
Ceroc (and dancing with Dave B - he owes me a dance!! ;) )

Stage 1 of DH's birthday pressie
Prepare crop stuff for UKS Cyber Crop
Tidy Study
Have lunch with Vicky B @ HW
Make 3 Batches (or 4?) Cheesecake Brownies
Geek Squad Cinema trip - "2012"


Drive DH & SNW to Train station early morning
Scrap @ UKS Cyber Crop
Stage 2 of DH's birthday pressie

Clansmen @ Tigers game

PHEW!!! ;)

Oh... and go for a swim on Friday or Saturday... easing back into gym work after OP and lurgy! And at some point I am going to catch up with Shimelle's class as well... Friday or Saturday. :)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Senior vs Uni Football?

Now that I’ve attended the Clansmen (Uni Football) Vets training camp, one training session, 2 scrimmages and my first game I am getting to know the Clan better and that’s nice. :)

What suddenly hit me though, is the fact that I may not see all of them again next season … because some of them finish their degrees over summer. Huh!

Granted, we have players coming and going with the Wolves (Senior Football) as well, usually the guys I get along great stay … we still have quite a quota from our affiliation season in 2002 and the first season in 2003 … believe it’s a total of 5? Cavey, Ali, Alan M, Allan P & Pete (only coaching from 2010 onwards).

Situation with the Clan is worse though… While the Wolves players usually stay in Edinburgh or at least Scotland, these guys are from all over the place … the joys of a Residential Uni!! :o

Feeling a bit like when I was fostering cats back in Germany … don’t get too attached to them – might have to “give them away” in between 1-4 years. LOL.

Day off and lots to do...

I tend to have lots to do on days when I am not feeling too great - woke up with a nasty headache, but been beating it (well... currently it's beating me!) - managed 2 washes so far, emtpying the dishwasher, doing the washing up, some paperwork and the 3rd wash is currently running.

Still have to do the following:
  • Edit Clansmen photos
  • Burn Clansmen photos CD
  • Send confirmation letter & cheque to Sports Rehab for Practical Module V
  • Check for First Aid Refresher Courses
  • Book Church Hall for 2010 Scrapbooking Club
  • Make appointment
  • CHINESE WHISPER (no procrastinating on that one!!)
  • Catch up on Shimelle's Class
  • Order present for Big Sis' birthday

And if I still have time ...
  • Sort SB stuff
  • Tidy study
(which I suspect will be pushed to Friday!!)

Just the usual then. ;)

Monday, 9 November 2009

Early posting... ;)

Yes, I know - it's VERY early right now ... and I'll probably sleep until 12ish today... but I decided to watch the late night Football game Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys. Why? You may ask? I am not sure ... just felt like it, and the fact that my Fantasy Football QB, McNabb, has quite a rollercoaster game again (interceptions, then coming back with scrambles and good passes, back to interception). Possibly that. :o

I had a fabulous day yesterday, will post some info when I am more awake later today... ;)

But here's the team photo of my 2nd team... ;)

Introducing: The Stirling Clansmen 2009

Friday, 6 November 2009

Stirling Clansmen vs Clansmen Alumni

From my Feedjit Widget I can see that there have been a couple of hits searching for photos of the Stirling Clansmen vs Clansmen Alumni scrimmage from last week...

Now that Coach Orr got his copy and has posted most pics on Facebook I can post the photos here as well... ;) Enjoy!

Advice/help needed from Digi / Hybrid Scrappers

I'm currently sitting on a lot of photos from the Edinburgh Wolves (that would be the team in the red on my blog header). To be precise it's 6 years worth of photos, on average times 10 games, plus a combine day, a rookie day, a team photo page, a coaches page, a staff page, awards nights, the odd training sessions, not to mention the approx. 3 x 4 tournaments from the Juniors (x 3 or 4 games each).

For the last 3 years I've been promising the guys I'll get the photos scrapped, do the album ... but somehow I am stumped...

Now I am thinking about doing some digi scrapping or at least Hybrid ... but I've never really done much digi scrapping apart from the awards for the last 2 years.

So... how should I start? I had a look at Designer Digitals and found several brushes and stamps etc that I am most likely going to purchase.

I'm not going to give up on traditional scrapping, but it's really a time issue now.. ;) The photos from the Stirling Clansmen (green jerseys on blog entries) I'll scrap traditionally I think... or maybe Hybrid. I bought card stock for the games already, so don't need to go all Digi. :)

a) What program is best? I currently only have the registration key for CS3 (but did a trial on CS4 and LOVED it!)

b) Where/how do you get 12x12 pages printed (I'm in the UK)? How do dark background colours as "page colour" work out? The team colours are cardinal red, silver and black, and the main "card stock" is usually the red in the traditional scrapping.

I hope I'll get some pointers from the lovely ladies out there who are now reading my blog through Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class... :)

I'm behind already... :(

2 days behind ... oops! But had 2 very busy days, with getting the house tidy enough for lots of friends coming over for the Wolves Game Day Team Meal yesterday evening for Bonfire Night.

Got that sorted, went food shopping yesterday and also bought the last bits for DH's birthday pressie which I still have to do during my days off next week! :o  Should have enough time though. :)

IMG_0003 Managed to make 2 batches of cheesecake brownies (one for the Clansmen game on Sunday, and one for the Bonfire Night Party yesterday) and pasta salad - again for the Bonfire night.

Had 5 people calling off but the house was still full, and we had lots of FUN, good food (everyone brought something - quite an interesting mix of dishes!!), very good company ... and we even managed to do a little brain storming on how to improve the gameday experience for our fans in 2010!

IMG_0001And DH had fun setting off the fireworks ... first time in his life! :)  The garden shows a few signs from yesterday (there's a black patch from where DH and TD set off the rockets... ;) ) but it's all ok. IMG_0004

And guess what ... I did take a couple of shots of the fireworks ... but I totally forgot to take pics of the people who were around!! :o BAD SCRAPPER!!!  


Today I'll take it slowly ... have been doing some housework (emptying/filling the dishwasher, putting on a wash) and will catch up with Shim's class at some point - and plan to do some crafty stuff, too! :)

Oh ... and here are photos of my new Autumn/Halloween deco - I got the pumpkins from Rebekah when she closed down Stampers Grove. LOVE the fact the big one houses a tealight - the small ones have a ball in them and function as bells. ;)

IMG_0008 IMG_0009

Surprised I don't have much autumn/fall decorations ... really have to change that!! :D

IMG_0010Oh ... and the first of my 3 books I ordered through QUIDCO for the Wolves Quidclan has turned up... :) The other 2 are about jelly rolls, which I've never used yet but am looking forward to after seeing Lynz's quilts!! :D 

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

BfS Day 2 - Studying

Well... that's not the title of the prompt, but what I make of it. Was bad enough for me to find a topic to use for today's post ... just suddenly had writer's block after I read Shimelle's prompt! :o That happens from time to time. ;)

But now to the topic at hand...

I've never been the best at school ... managed to go onto a higher level at Secondary School/High School than advised, but then dropped out when it got towards the "Abitur" (A-levels), started a course in Radiology which I dropped out of after 5 months as well... My last course back in Germany was a diploma course for Bilingual Secretaries (or "Trilingual", as other countries apart from Germany seem to count their own language, too). I did finish that course (YAY) and went into the "working world" with the full intention to only do that for a couple of years, for the money, and then do another course to change profession to something I really want. What, I wasn't sure of at that point (I was 20 then).

However, life got in the way, and 10 years later I was still working in an office job ... and hating it!

Through one of our Wolves players I got into doing the taping/ bandaging our players, and through our Sports Therapist in training (in 2005) I heard of a distant learning course for a Diploma in Sports Therapy, which I subscribed to.

image I've been doing the course for 4 years now, have sat the final exam in February 2007 and passed 2 out of 3 modules and was told I only need to re-sit the part I failed - by only 5 points!!!

Then life got in the way again, health-wise with both myself and my mum ... and I kept the whole thing trailing, haven't read my books/notes etc. in 1.5 years now.

But then, this year, work was getting to me again, and I got so frustrated that I was able to kick myself in the behind, and I contacted the Course Admins to see when I could do the re-sit. They advised me that there is another practical module they have introduced as preparation for the final examinations, and I hope to attend.

What you don't know is that I have a huge panic of examinations ... and that I still have to hit the books!! :)

Another thing you don't know is that I am now actually actively looking into going to Uni after I have got my diploma to study Sports Science... but that is a story to be told another day! ;)

Crafting projects?

Mmmh... I've been dithering about signing up for the UKS Cyber Crop, knowing that I am in Stirling all day on the 15th.

This morning I signed up however - DH will be down south in Doncaster on the Saturday for the BAFL Youth/Juniors meeting, so I can do some crafting/scrapping then... but will mainly work on finishing his birthday present I think. :) I was too late for the Mystery Kit, which in the past was the only kit I was purchasing for Cyber Crops anyway. So my main hope is that the Cyber Crop is going to kick start my scrapping mojo again...

Theme this time is "WICKED" ... which is just funny, considering that I have seen WICKED just 1.5 weeks ago in London!! :D I've joined the group of TIN MEN! ;)

Right ... mailbox just pinged and I see it's Shimelle's Day 2 prompt! :)

Welcome to Snotty Mountain...

yup... I've got a full blown cold ... since Sunday. Was feeling crap then, was ok-ish yesterday, managed to do some housework etc, but this morning when I was trying to get up to go to work I just didn't feel right - I'm burning up (although the thermometer says my body temp is normal). Got a cough, but as bloody usual no chesty cough, which means it will stay up to 8 weeks. :( Sniffling about right now - very runny nose on Sunday, next to nothing on Monday ... right now it's back with a vengeance.

So... that's pretty much in a nutshell ... I am going back to work tomorrow I hope.

Currently reading through a couple of blogs of the girls over at Shimelle's new class "Blogging for Scrapbookers" - still have to do my Day 1 for it, but my brain is currently a bit muddled.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Blogging For Scrapbookers (BfS) - Day 1 - "Intentions"

I've been blogging probably from around 2004 onwards - been platform hopping in the first 2 years but retuA bit mrned back to Blogger because it's a) free and b) easy to use (and now c) linked to Google ;) ).

Shimelle's Class "Blogging for Scrapbookers" (think you can still sign up, just have a quick look!) was interesting for me as I do blog a lot and scrap as well... not as much though.

She's giving us 3 options for the classes ...

a) Little to no time - maybe a photo (doesn't have to be your own) and a short text

b) A bit more time - take a good photo to document your story and a longer text

c) Time to Play! - Scrap & Blog. ;) I.e. create a scrapbook page that documents the daily prompt, include the layout in the photo and blog

From my experience I will be using all 3 options over the course of the class - there will be days where I have more time and can do a layout and on other days there will be no other option than option A!

However, my intention is to make at least 1 shot per week on option C. So ... if you can see me not posting a LO before next Monday, could any of my old and new friends over from Shimelle's forum give me a nudge please??? I am very bad with procrasrinating!!

REASONS why I am taking the class?

  • I want to improve my blog - it is mainly a "keepy uppy" for friends and family, but I wanted to include more crafts as well... and I did well, but right now I hardly do crafts!
  • I am looking into changing the layout of the blog and this is part of the class.

As for my blogging style ... I usually blog on my Laptop. That's just because I can post the entries quickly in any room, on the train etc. I started using Windows Live Writer again, which is not bad - specially as I am doing some "backlog" blogging (prefer that to keep stories in the timeline for possible future scrapbooking).

I scrap in my study where my desktop PC is ... or better said I WOULD scrap ... if the table were tidy and the stash sorted out... ;) That's on my to do list for Friday/Saturday. :)

Huh... now I've been posting quite a long blurb after all... ;)


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween 2009

First year in UK that I wasn't either at home or in Orlando for Hallowe'en. We were invited to go to Nikki & Dave 2's Halloween bash with proper dressing up etc. :)

That's why we only had 1 pumpkin this year, and I used it as an "Offering to the Football Gods" again... have been carving "Miami Dolphins" pumpkins for the last couple of years we've been at home (for DH - for me usually something witchy ;) ) :) So this is in the hope that the Dolphins will win against the Jets today. :)


Nikki & Dave 2's party was fun, good to meet up with them, Billy & Anna, the other Dave (Nikki & Dave's flatmate), TD and Stuey again. :) Shame Nikki & Dave B had already plans to go to their Ceroc Halloween Party. Ah well. ;)

Lots of fun, a bit of alcohol and all in all a good evening. :) Had my pumpkin with me and left it there in the end. Photos from the evening:

BILD0354 Anna & Nikki

And to my shame I realise I wasn't quick enough to take a photo of Dave when he was still dressed up as "The Joker" to Nikki's "Harley Quinn". :o


Doug - straight back from space mission! ;)


Donna Anna of one of the Italian Families... ;)


Billy as Al Capone ...


TD as Friar James - we had to find something more elaborate than his "Leaf Blower" outfit. ;)


A very handsome Phantom - Dave, the flatmate. ;)

Then we have Stuey ... Babe Ruth or Justin Timberlake ?? We weren't sure ... and yes ... that's what happens when Stuey had 2 beer already (pic 2) .. ;)




And yes ... a pic of me... the most flattering one DH managed to take at 2am ... and no, I am not totally drunk, the colour in my face was supposed to indicate an explosion into my face ... "Mad Scientist" ... ah well... ;)

Oh - and the "Football Gods" were pleased with this year's offering ... The Dolphins won 30-25 over the Jets in a (yet again!!) nailbiting game. :) WAHEY!! :)

IMG_0229 (864 x 576)

I hope their grace will still show for the rest of the season...

... and I am considering an Edinburgh Wolves pumpkin in 2010 ... watch this space!! :D