Saturday, 14 November 2009

Lurgy is back with a vengeance...

...and I am feeling crap and sorry for myself right now.

Was up at 6:15am to drive DH and Scott to Waverley station (well... more likely drive the car back home) - went to Tesco on the way back to get some stuff for the cold, as I want to be at least in "working order" if not fit for tomorrow's game.

Can't find my rotary cutter, and with me feeling "blah" I think I will give DH the current birthday gift for Xmas. Got other presents he can get on Monday. Oh ... just in case I cannae find my rotary cutter ... you think I can cut fabric with a pizza cutter? Its blade is sharp enough... ;)

Might do some scrapping later, and I am definitely going to bake the 3rd batch of cheesecake brownies ... but probably doing some studying as well... if my brain actually lets me do that!! :o

About to get a 2nd cuppa...

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Cat said...

I laughed when I saw your medicine photo - I too have had the lurgy this week and also had a dash to the shops (mine was Sainsburys, not Tesco!) for supplies before curling up in a heap in the house all week.
I bought that Covonia liquid without checking it out first and I think it is the most repulsive, retchworthy stuff ever!! What do you think of it??
Hope you're feeling better soon anyway xx