Thursday, 19 November 2009

I've been deserted!!! ;)

Sitting here, still with my sinusitis, and am just feeling bleh! Decided against going to my 2nd Ceroc Class in Edinburgh because of the stuffy nose/head, and it's probably for the better, as I need to be fighting fit for a football-filled weekend (well... at least be OK to survive ... fighting fit at the moment is a bit much I think!!).

DH is upstairs, sleeping ... his Miami Dolphins are playing this night (1:30am - 4:30am or so) and he has to go to work tomorrow... I'm staying up and see if I can watch at least half the game. ;)

I've got lots to catch up with, am TOTALLY behind with Shimelle's class, and haven't started on Jessica Sprague's new free class, "Holidays in hand". Something I am probably going to catch up with tomorrow.

As for the weekend ... (American) Football will be back in full force over the next month - The Edinburgh Wolves have their ROOKIE TRYOUT DAY on Saturday. Junior Wolves have their 1st training session before Xmas on Sunday and then there is the first of 2 games I probably have to show at least a bit of impartiality!!! ;) STIRLING CLANSMEN v NAPIER MAVERICKS.

The Clansmen are my BUAFL (British University American Football League) team from this season onward as you may have gathered from previous posts (LOL), while the Napier Mavericks are now being coached by an ALL EDINBURGH WOLVES COACHING STAFF!!!

Got a bit of a history with that uni team though - we used to have a Uni team (combined Napier and Uni of Edinburgh plus players from the Colleges) affiliated to us, the "Timberwolves". The "Presidency" was first at Uni of Edinburgh and then moved to Napier. Then there was a bit of discord between the Uni Team and the Wolves, involving them using our kit without paying after the first Club President left, coaching staff from another Senior League team being involved and them plus a couple of players ACTIVELY recruiting players for that team in question - which is nowhere near Edinburgh - needless to say we never got many players out of that. So we cut the ties ... and that was when the Uni team was aptly renamed "Mavericks".

This season, however, BUAFL introduced a new rule of "Single institution Teams" - i.e. players could only come from the one uni. Therefore Napier and Uni of Edinburgh had to split ... and unfortunately, the College players have nowhere to go during BUAFL season (ssssh... come to the SENIOR WOLVES!!! ;) ). Most of the "players of the team in question" from above are now with the Edinburgh Predators (Uni of Edinburgh) and therefore I should have no problems supporting the Mavericks, but the history of that team still leaves some bitter aftertaste in my mouth... we'll see what happens over the course of the BUAFL season ... and hopefully the coaching staff can get some players for the Wolves!!

And of course I picked already my BUAFL team ... ;) And like being part of the Clan. :)

Ok ... sorry... that turned out to be another Football post again... huh!!!

Music I am currently totally loving...

JUST SAY YES - Snow Patrol

A song I've so far been able to avoid and now got it in my head all the time as "good mood" song..
Found it through Shimelle's Class "Blogging for Scrapbookers" ... several ladies posted it on their blog ... FAB!! :) And I love that version/lyrics ... listening to it before Clansmen games!! ;)

Older favourites are "Don't Stop Believing" - Journey and "Shadow of the Day" - Linkin Park.

But I came across piano accoustic cover versions of these songs ... from my latest favourite band, Boyce Avenue!! Judge for yourselves!! :D

And then just 2 of their own songs I love (and I love ALL their own songs!!):

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