Monday, 30 November 2009

Advent Calendars Ready? NO!

I don't know... somehow I am a little out of sync with everything right now. Maybe it's the news about my job, maybe it's just me being generally not prepared whatsoever. And maybe it's the quick trip to York the weekend including first Advent. Or maybe it's me trying to get some studying in to get prepped for the preparation practical weekend for the Exam (most likely beginning/mid January).

I haven't got the Xmas decos down from the loft. I haven't got our advent wreath out, the first candle therefore wasn't lit yet.

Do I like it? NO - Not at all! :( . And it seems it's every year the same, Christmas is just creeping up at me ... that so doesn't work out with the advent time I had when I was a kid!!

I'll be doing a to-do list for this week, which will include about 3-4 hours studying every day plus other things.

Today my brain wasn't functioning for studying ... the cold is back with a vengeance, but this time we step away from the cough (it's still there, but only coming up sometimes) and now we're back to snotty/stuffy nose  - switching from blocked to runny at random.  
:(  Brain being cotton-wooley, so I had a look at the Tortora about 30 mins and that's that.

Made my way into town to meet up with my best (UK) friend Sharon to have a cuppa Chai Latte at  Caffe Nero's.  Even with Princes Street being opened again it is a round trip of 2.5 - 3 hours (which involved only 1 hour time with Sharon & her boyfriend!!).  I really hate that about Edinburgh!!!

But it was definitely good to have a quick catch up with Sharon again. :)

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