Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nearly that time of year again…

… and this time I hope I can stick to journalling etc. Smile 

Yup, it’s time for the  Journal your Christmas (JYC) 2013!!!

It’s my favourite class from Shimelle, and despite me having not finished ONE SINGLE journal/album since I started in 2005 (?), I’m hoping for the best for this year. Smile 

My plans are to use my newly (??!) purchased SN@P album for it and work with that. Have to prep some things, i.e get embellishments and cardstock/patterned paper sorted/into one box – I’ll try to get some time each evening to make my layouts.

Or at least I am planning on blogging every day for the duration of this class.

If you like Christmas and are a fan of Shimelle’s, you might want to have a looksie here to read what it’s all about and to purchase the class. As with all of Shimelle’s classes you purchase it once and then get the prompts (for annual classes) the next year around for free.

For all the “alumni” – I’ll see you at “class”. Winking smile 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Doctor Who is 50! ;)

Err… ok… the whole “weekly update” thing hasn’t panned out just yet, has it? But at least I’m posting more often than before, so that’s a step up. Open-mouthed smile

Right… yesterday was the 50th Birthday/Anniversary of Doctor Who. The whole household has followed the Birthday week programs etc, the Twins can identify all the Doctors, a Tardis (and yes, there are 2 in the Grassmarket and the Cowgate, i.e. on the way to hubby’s work – as pointed out by the girls), a Dalek.

We’ve been clearing the garden a bit yesterday early afternoon (raking leaves and picking up firework leftovers from Bonfire/Guy Fawkes night (the sticks and packaging from the rockets once set off etc), then the girls had their nap and I went up the road to friends who had a Doctor Who marathon from 10am already. DH and the girls arrived an hour later and we stayed for 2 episodes with the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy).

We decided to let the girls stay up for the 50th Anniversary Episode, “The Day of the Doctor”, which proved to be a little problem, as the girls got a bit antsy about 2/3 through the show, so we had to “review” a bit of it after they’d been in bed. Winking smile 


(The girls are holding our two “houseguests” from a Craftsters, A.D. Pose & Adi Pose – i.e. 2 crocheted Adiposes) in their arms. Smile )

Anyway… what can I say… WOW! OMG! And all those people who don’t like Doctor Who and have been spouting comments on updates from Whovians on Facebook – geesh, get a life! You have your own preferred TV moments (most likely soccer etc – so nothing I would comment on anyway as I’m not interested) why comment on (your friends’?) updates and dissing the show?!?!

We (including the girls) LOVED it … and now cannot wait for the Christmas Special (apart from Matt’s regeneration into Peter, there are still open questions, like how did Clara get out of the Doctor’s Time stream?!?!).  Was good to see how they brought the “War Doctor” into it, was of course very nice to see the 10th Doctor again (LOL) and just the way David and Matt were playing off each other – great! The plotline obviously gives now more ways of more regenerations than just the 12 stated. And nice to see John Hurt regenerating, just a shame that Eccleston didn’t come back for the regeneration scene. Ah well… bad blood after all??

Seeing Tom Baker at the end was fun as well… somehow “the Curator” sounded familiar to me, but might have been from a different show…

And then of course the one thing we didn’t realise was coming up (on red button) but thanks to the Internet can still be watched … The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot… Smile FAAAAAAAAAB! Just wish BBC would have shown it officially, and we’re hoping they will show it before the Christmas Episode (even if it’s just on BBC Three).

Unfortunately it’s not fully on youtube yet, but you can watch it during the next 6 days here. Sorry, I’m not sure if non-UK residents can see it… Surprised smile 

And some behind the scenes from “The Day of the Doctor” as well… just because.

Oh… and just a final note (to shut up those Doctor Who “haters” … Winking smile ) – Yesterday’s Simulcast of “The Day of the Doctor” broke Guinness World Record.

Ah well… now it’s just doing the countdown for Christmas … fortunately not as long as waiting for the 50th Anniversary Episode! Smile

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sometimes the cover IS better than the original! :)

Stumbled over this version while trailing Youtube – have to admit I never heard of Sam Tsui, but I really LOVE his version of Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” and even prefer it over the original.  But you can make your own decision on that…

And for comparison the original…

Sunday, 10 November 2013

10 on the 10th (after a long time)…EYE CANDY

Well… always thought I’d manage to post the 10 things on the 10th, but then somehow it’s a week later, and it didn’t happen. Drafting the post didn’t happen either.

So let’s see if we can revive it again. Not sure how many of Shimelle’s students are still doing the 10 things on the 10th, but I see some popping up in between.

Explanation for this month’s 10 things … I saw “Thor – The Dark World” and somehow have to admit that I’ve joined “Team Loki” (that’s after I’d seen “Thor” and “Avengers Assemble” – but it just “hit home” on Thursday).

So, this month will show some *eye candy* (at my age, am I allowed that ? Winking smile And also have to double check, with some (?!?!) of them there might be the term “cougar” needed… LOL).
So let’s start … in no particular order/ranking…

1) Tom Hiddleston/Loki

2) Richard Armitage/Thorin Oakenshield

3) David Tennant

4) Christian Bale

5) Zachary Levi/Fandral

6) Ben Affleck

7) Pierce Brosnan

8) Ryan Reynolds

9) Hugh Jackman

10) Robert Downey Jr

There are of course others … Winking smile But it’s only 10 allowed, so that’s 10 above. Only 3 of them are younger than me, and that not even by much, so no “cougar” after all. Winking smile

Mmmh… so what have I learned from this? I quite like ruffled hair and am partly partial to facial hair … ummmmmh. Poor hubby! Winking smile And don’t worry … he’s got his own list of eye candy!

And now… just to round it up … and something I just cannot leave out… Let’s “SAY HIS NAME” and kneel! Open-mouthed smile

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Weekly Catch up

Well… one day late, but I try my best! Winking smile 

Catch up of the week … let’s see, what’s happened? The usual of shopping (Sunday), keeping the Hobbits occupied (Monday, Wednesday – Friday). One day of “freedom” (Tuesday) while being ill with a nasty cough (which is still not better) which I used to go to the hairdressers, get another present for hubby and get a bit of housework done.

Miss Martian was violently sick on Wednesday over dinner – however, I suspected that it’s “just” mucus in her tummy from her cold (I really wish the girls wouldn’t react like this when they have a cold!) which was then confirmed Thursday afternoon at the doctors. Another week where we couldn’t go to PEEPs due to illness – I really HOPE we’re able to go next week!!  She’s fine now, apart from stuffy nose and Supergirl has a cough, but that’s just normal in Scotland this time of year I think?!?

Thursday also involved carving 3 pumpkins … the girls picked their own 2 in the shops (BIG pumpkins), and hubby and me got a small one which was used at the Twin & Multiple Club’s Halloween Party for “Pass the Pumpkin”.

In my infinite wisdom I used the small pumpkin for our “family of superheroes” emblems … but it turned out nicely (Blue Beetle – Daddy, Wonder Woman – me, Supergirl and Miss Martian). It’s the first time I tried my hand on pumpkin scraping/shaving for different shade, and I really want to get better on this, love the effect. Also love the effect of the “Blue Beetle Symbol” on the door! Smile 

Miss Martian PumpkinBlue Beetle PumpkinSupergirl PumpkinWonder Woman Pumpkin

Blue Beetle Shadow

The girls got their own 2 pumpkins, and I used their favourite things at the moment…

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin IIMickey Mouse Pumpkin

Tardis Pumpkin IITardis Pumpkin

When I took the girls to the doctors it was chucking down, and I was worried that there won’t be any “guising” going and that getting the pumpkins out would be futile – but at around 5:30pm the rain stopped – and we had lots of guisers coming around. Smile Because of the weather and their current health status we decided NOT to take the girls guising ourselves, but put them into their Jawa costumes and let them hand out the treats to the kids coming around.

Memorable recurrent sentence from Supergirl: “More body come?”  Not really the wording I’d chosen at Halloween! Winking smile 

Friday included a plumbing job and flooding which was then fixed by hubby, us “girls” being at Twin club and then drop off daddy at his work, going to the shops, having lunch, going to Craigie’s for the pie tasting just to arrive a little to late to get any pies so made do with the play park and the farm animals. Beautiful view onto the Forth from up there!!

2013-11-01 14.55.57

… and that’s it for the first round-up. Winking smile