Monday, 26 February 2007

Laundry service...

... slight progress... we had to soak the pants in our tub as well as the white jerseys from the England Youth Team. The Scotland Jerseys will be ok, they're dark blue. But I had to wash some of the pants twice!!!!

And of course the weather doesn't really allow me to hang up washing outside.. :O So our living room looks like a laundry area!

To top everything off - weather at training yesterday was MISERABLE and everything is caked in mud!!! One of the A&E Nurses actually asked Chuck yesterday if he left any mud ON the pitch!! :o

Soooo... let's see if I can finish all the washing by Saturday!

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Getting some experience ...

..for my sports therapy re-sit that is! Today was a little mad dash about with stuff because Doug had to take the van back to Tollcross, so it was all a bit rushed and I couldn't get forms from players really before the game.

Set up my room again, and had one of our players coming for a look at his back and some DTM (deep tissue massage).

I was just about to get our equipment manager for his examiniation & assessment when we had Kenny and Chuck stumbling into the building, Chuck holding his forearm and Kenny telling me that Chuck probably had dislocated his shoulder or elbow (quite a big area and hopefully I'll never come across a dislocated elbow!!). We rushed them into the changing rooms and I had a look ... and saw my first ever real life shoulder dislocation... :O Looks nasty, and Chuck was really in pain. So off I sent Allan to get some ice and then I phoned Doug to see if he was already on the way back to JKC - which he wasn't. Next order was to send Kenny off to get someone from the team who had the car with them so we could get Chuck to A&E (gosh, I'm so glad that we're just 10 mins from ERI!).

After a few minutes Chip turned up and we loaded Chuck into his car. At A&E we actually got seen fairly quickly (think it's the triage thing for dislocated shoulders - the longer it takes for it to be "reduced" = popped back in, the more painful and difficult it is). Chuck was just worried about the waiting time of 4-6 weeks for him to play again ... he's worried someone else is going to take his starting position.

Spent 2.5 hours at A&E and actually saw the X-rays of the shoulder pre and post reduction ... of course I have seen bits and bobs in the books, but seeing stuff in real life is totally different!

We'll see how long it will take for him to recover - he's agreed for me to make up a rehab program for him ... my books say 6-8 weeks to return fully to competitive sport, so we'll see what the doctors are telling him tomorrow at the checkup.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Scotland v England Youth American Football - Wilson Trophy

And it's done ... after months and months of DH doing all the work as gameday manager we managed to stage the game, had quite a good crowd and all in all had a good day at Meadowbank Stadium.

Don't know much how the game went on ... after declaring that today is going to be my "day off football" I ended up being the general dogsbody of the day... ;) From the start I have been doing work: From adding a photo from one of our youth players to his application form for our affiliation with BYAFA , getting signatures from our coaches for their forms, handing out access passes to Media etc, creating access cards for new volunteers, running around to get Daniel (a disabled teen who was Scotland's team mascot of the day and coin tosser) sorted, speaking to all those BAFL, BAFA and BYAFA people (would you believe, we had the chairmen/woman for each of the big British American Football Associations/Leagues attending!!! :O) ), handing over the Wolves Junior application pack to Wendy (head of BYAFA) and more running around helping out ... PHEEEWWWW!!!

Thanks to all our volunteers of the day, Wolves Seniors & Juniors doing Stewarding (otherwise called "Crowd control" and "Security" ;) ), Jim for providing the van to move kit, my inlaws to help with the tuck shop and Neil & Dominique helping as First Aiders on call, Magic/Derek & Sid to do the announcements/music and "spotting", Alex & Andy for helping out on the chain gang (Alex, sorry for the injury and the hillarious moment you've provided for everyone! :O ) & Debs for helping out wherever help was needed.

Think that should be everyone covered .... I'm off to do the first wash of Junior Kit (we've got both England & Scotland kits here .... and I am going to stone the person who decided to use WHITE pants for both teams .... let's just say ... they look more BROWN now ... :(

Crowd-wise we think we had about 250 people through the turnstiles ... Big thanks to the English who brought their own fanclub with them in a separate bus!! ;) It's a test run for the Wolves Season starting on 15th April ... and it looks good for us if we can get word out!! :)

Oh... totally forgot the result, didn't I???? Ooops! It was 20-8 for England.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Manic day...

Geeesh, somehow I wonder whether DH thinks I can read minds. I am currently trying to get our Junior Team affiliation application sorted, and he gives me a hard time because it's not ready yet which means we'd be losing the Junior players to do Chaing gang on Saturday at the Scotland v England Youth game at Meadowbank. :(

For goodness sake, nobody told me of a specific deadline!!! I've been on the phone to the head of BYAFA trying to figure out what we can do, but after 30 mins of talking there's nothing we can do - as much as she'd like to help, but she's coming up to Scotland tomorrow ... :(

Ah well... I am sure there are other jobs that the Juniors can do on Saturday, like buddying up with the Seniors to do Stewarding ... Wish DH wouldn't be so stuck in his plans... he really doesn't know how to be flexible. :(

At least I'll have the affiliation application ready to hand over to the head of BYAFA on Saturday.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

And the results are in....

Totally shattered, was a very long day today .... :o

What are the results? Well.... see below... ;)

Part 1

Surface anatomy - Pass (at pass mark of 60%)
Written paper of whole course - Pass (76%)

Part 2

Clinical - fail (45% - 15% away from the pass mark).

So ... In total I'd prefer the following description... I haven't FAILED the exam ... I just haven't QUALIFIED yet. ;)

So next step is to get lots of patient handling (no problem, considering the injuries the Wolves players bring along already ... :D) , lots of talking through stuff, more pressure when tissue handling and getting to grips to my Injury pathology/etiology and rehab programs.

To be honest... I knew I ran out of time for the clinical part. I had to battle my brain for the whole anatomy & physiology for the WRITTEN exam and that was my main aim. My lecturer actually suggested I should sit the exam (that was at module 12 about 3.5 weeks ago) and if it's only to get part 1 out of the way.

Feels better now, and I can concentrate on the clinical part. And my fellow student, Tony (who passed today - well done, Tony!!!), will do meet ups with me and do everything to get me through the resit. Soooo... if I fail again (which won't happen!!!) it's Tony's fault. LOL.

I would have been totally peeved if I'd failed part 1 though, I tell you!!!

Well... gotta go to bed ... watching "Troy" (even though I missed a lot because of being online) and then get some sleep!!! :)

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Counting the hours ...

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Have I studied hard? YES. Have I done practical E&A? YES.

Do I feel as if I have run out of time???? YES!!!

But there's not much I can do about time, so let's do the best of it.

Tony was here for 2 hours to go over practical stuff with me (mostly tests - like Apprehension test for shoulder dislocation and the Kennedy & Hawkins test) and it was good to go through some things with him and discuss what we expect to appear in the final written paper or the E&A + Clinical question time.

Will be reading my sports injuries book and hope that things will stick.

Fortunately I'll know by around 4:30pm tomorrow if I have passed the exam or not. No prolonged waiting there... phew!!

So - quick check on e-mails and then back hitting the books.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Scrapping Saturday

Had our monthly crop today and had a lot of people there ... 18 this month!! And we even didn't have everyone of our "regulars" there! WOW, it's really going from strength to strength.

Had our first male scrapper attending as well, and Jay was so nice to show us a CRICUT in real life and how it works ... he even let the ladies have a go. Jay - glad to have had you there, and looking forward to you becoming a regular as well!! :)

I made a list of things I HAD to do, but I didn't have the time to prepare "page kits" so it was a bit of trying to get stuff done... Hope to change this for next month though ... page kits is a must to prevent me taking everything but the kitchen sink each month. LOL.

So, I did an engagement card with materials from Stampers Grove and a CJ entry for Heidi of the Scrapbookseite Forum.

All in all the crop was fantastic, lots of fun, lots of lovely people, lots of good baking (thanks Helen!) and purchased baked goods (ta girls!). Lots of blethering and also a quick "Starbook" Demo from Louise ... thanks girlie, that was fab!!

Friday, 16 February 2007

Bit of comfort food ...

...and a good natter with the other EFREC girls. :) We (Maz, "Maisie", Lorna, Jan and myself) met again at the Chocolate Soup after a longer break.

It was really great, just our own wee support group. Just venting about people who don't want to talk about their pregnancies with us, relatives who don't want to talk to us because they are pregnant and we aren't and they feel that hurtful (and who should take offense here?? Surely it would be US, not them? They get the baby afterall!!! WEIRDOS!!!), going on about success rates and treatments etc. Just a good thing to meet up with "girls" who are in the same boat as me.

Jan is looking into starting an official support group ... sounds very interesting really. I mean ... my way of coping with the whole IVF/infertility stuff just now is burrowing myself into loads of work (be it studying, Wolves work or other - you can be certain I am going to find something new, even though I am not as bad as DH!).

We had a bit of a laugh at my reaction to the Zolly ... i.e. defunct brain etc... ;) Had another jab earlier today and my GP said he can imagine how bad I must feel (at least HE believes me when I tell him my brain doesn't work - unlike DH!) and explained that I am not only getting "menopausal" side - effects, but it's even worse ... as I get it concentrated - so what women go through in 2-5 years or so, I am going through per month I am on Zolly!!!! :0)

Anyway, having the 1.5 hours with the girls was good, it's different to talking to my friends about it, just because they don't know how it feels.... (no offense to anyone out there... you're great listeners as well!!)

And I had a bit of "comfort food" - Chocolate Float and a Blueberry Muffin ... Nice. ;)

Ein bisschen "comfort food" und ein gutes "Schnacken" mit den anderen EFREC Maedels. :) Wir (Maz, "Maisie", Lorna, Jan und ich) haben uns heute nach einer laengeren Pause wieder mal in der "Chocolate Soup" getroffen.

Es war echt prima in unserer eigenen kleinen Unterstuetzungsgruppe. Einfach nur den Aerger loswerden ueber Leute, die nicht ueber ihre Schwangerschaften mit uns sprechen wollen; ueber Verwandte, die sich weigern mit uns zu sprechen, weil sie schwanger sind und wir nicht und es verletzt sie (und wer sollte sich hier beleidigt fuehlen? Sicherlich doch WIR, nicht sie??? Sie bekommen immerhin das Kind!!!Spinner!!), auf Erfolgsraten rumhacken und ueber Behandlungsmethoden sprechen usw. Einfach nur gut, die "Maedels" wiederzutreffen, die im gleichen Boot wie ich sitzen.

Jan ueberlegt, eine offizielle Unterstuetzungsgruppe auf die Beine zu stellen.... das hoert sich wirklich sehr interessant an. Ich meine ...meine Bewaeltigungsstrategie mit der ganzen IVF/Unfruchbarkeit ist derzeit mich in saemtliche Arbeiten zu stuerzen (Studium, Wolvesadministration oder aehnliches - Man kann sicher sein, dass ich immer etwas neues finden werde, auch wenn ich nicht so schlimm wie mein Maenne bin!).

Wir haben auch viel ueber meine Nebenwirkungen vom "Zolly" gelacht...mein "geloeschtes Hirn" usw... ;) Hatte heute morgen das naechste "Implantat" und mein Doc sagte, er kann sich vorstellen, wie schlecht ich mich fuehlen muss (wenigstens glaubt ER mir, wenn ich ihm erzaehle, dass mein Gehirn nicht funktioniert - im Gegensatz zu Maenne!) und erklaerte, dass ich nicht nur die normalen "Wechseljahre Nebenwirkungen" habe, sondern dass es viel schlimmer ist!! Ich bekomme das, was Frauen in den Wechseljahren so ueber 2-5 Jahre bekommen, schoen konzentriert pro Monat in dem ich mein "Zolly" nehme!! :0)

Aber egal, die 1.5 Stunden mit den Maedels war prima, es ist doch anders als mit meinen Freunden ueber die Situation zu sprechen, da sie nicht wissen, was das ganze beinhaltet und wie sich das fuehlt... Keine Kraenkung hier fuer meine Freunde auf der ganzen Welt...ihr seid dafuer auch prima Zuhoerer!!)

Und ich hatte ein bisschen "Komfort Food"... Chocolate Float und einen Blaubeermuffin... Lecker! ;)

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Time travelling...

...well, I think that's what I am doing with my music taste lately... :) Have been watching older episodes of Scrubs over the last month and in one they used "OVERKILL" from Men at Work (including Colin Hay & his guitar!! ;) ). Now there's a group I used to listen to quite a lot when I was younger. So I downloaded the file onto my phone/PC. And just yesterday I decided to download their "It's a mistake" as well...

Add to that all the ELO songs I am listening to and we have a perfect time travel. :)

Zeitreisen .. nun, ich denke, dass ich das derzeit bezueglich meines Musikgeschmacks mache... :) Habe waehrend des letzten Monats aeltere Episoden von "Scrubs" gesehen, und die hatten den Song "Overkill" von Men At Work benutzt (inkl. den Saenger Colin Hay und seine Gitarre ;) ). Das ist eine Gruppe, die ich in meiner Jugend sehr oft gehoert habe. Also habe ich den Song auf mein handy/PC runtergeladen. Und gestern habe ich beschlossen, auch den Song "It's a mistake" runterzuladen...

Nimm noch dazu meine Vorliebe fuer ELO Songs im Moment und wir haben eine perfekte Zeitreise. :)

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Just to say ....

... I love you to my DH! :)

Even with the crappy time we're going through just now ... thanks for being there for me (even if it's sometimes hard for either or both of us).

Love you lots!! :)

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

No final decision

on our next IVF cycle that is ... Arrived early for the scan, and the place was deserted!!! :) So we got an earlier appointment, quick scan etc. Had Dr. T around for the scan again... not sure if I should be honoured that he's doing the scans since my first cyst appeared in October, or if I should be worried.... :o

Scan showed big cyst going down to 3cms diameter and they found another small one now. Dr T wants me to go on 3 more months of Zoladex, and have another scan end of March. While DH and I were actually thinking of waiting the 8-12 months until we're on top of the NHS list, Dr T seems to prefer to get me going with the next available date for me ... think he's worried about the severity of the endometriosis.

Just exactly the news I needed to hear, isn't it? I've got enough on the plate as it is, with studying for the exam and me not being the best in remembering just now ... :o

DH and I had a bit of a bust up in the car as well, about a small thing like holidays to boot. He wanted me to make a decision, and I felt like he could do some bits in our relationship as well, after all - I am getting poked about, have nearly every doc knowing my insides now and get all the stupid injections, be it Zolly or IVF hormones... :( Bust up was cleared before DH left for work today, but I'm still a bit angry? Disappointed?? Not sure what. It's probably all the bottled up stuff ... bottle is just not big enough. :/

Just one of those days, eh?

Friday, 9 February 2007

Won something!!!!

Now that's a novelty!!! :) Haven't won much since I got that pen at one of the first Scottish Claymores games I have attended (that would be 1999/2000). Of course I won 2 things at the Crop, but that's more likely because of the size of the group of potential winners (crop is between 8 and 16 so far and rising).

Anyway ... I NEVER won anything through a magazine or newspaper and that although I have been taking part in give aways in several Cross Stitching magazines... :) Today I got a package through the door ... containing 3 Klasse scissors and a pack of Madeira Mouline embroidery floss ... WOW!!! Absolutely great!!! :)

And I got my first CJ from Heidi from our first forum CJ on the Scrapbookseite Forum. Hope I'll be able to do some scrapping this weekend so I got it ready to post on... I am notoriously leaving CJs to last days!! :o

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Wondrous world of our body...

...well, that's how I felt today. Have a nasty cold since last Monday with chesty cough and a stuffy nose. Left it for a week with normal stuff i.e. cough syrup, paracetamol etc. Had an appointment with my GP today as I still had the cold and felt like not getting anywhere ... and the cough is keeping me up most night. :( And I feared it would bring up my Asthma again.

And what does the doc say? It's not a chesty cough, it's actually my sinuses!!!! :o And symptoms worsen at nights because I am lying flat and the phlegm is getting into the throat. Now there you go!!! That'll explain why chesty cough syrup didn't help!!! Am on Sudafed now, in the hope it clears up that way. LOL.

Die erstaunliche Welt unseres Koerpers ... nun, das hab ich heute gefuehlt. Habe eine ekelige Erkaeltung seit letztem Montag, mit Husten und verstopfter Nase. Hab versucht, es letzte Woche mit Hustensaft und Paracetamol wegzubekommen. Hatte heute einen Termin mit meinem Doktor, weil ich immernoch die Erkaeltung hatte und mit den Standardmethoden nirgens hingekommen bin ... und weil der Husten mich den groessten Teil der Nacht wachhaelt :( Und ich hab Panik, dass es mein Asthma wieder hochbringt.

Und was hat der Arzt gesagt? Es ist kein Husten, es sind meine Nebenhoehlen!!! :o Und die Anzeichen sind nachts schlimmer, weil ich horizontal liege und der Schleim in meinen Hals runterlaeuft. Interessant!!! Das erklaert auch, warum Hustensaft nix gebracht hat!!! Ich nehme jetzt Sudafed und hoffe, dass das alles klaert. LOL

Monday, 5 February 2007

Superbowl XLI

Totally tired ... was up since 8:30am to get ready and be at JKC for 10am to do a 2-hour open clinic for the Wolves players ... and in the end only 1 showed up from the 3 who contacted me with their injuries and niggles .... :o Ah well, it was a "lift" issue etc. so not really a problem .. it's more theirs!! ;)

So with nasty cough and stuffy nose at JKC until 2, DH had a little run in with one of the uni coaches about support etc, went shopping at Aldi & Lidl and then back home ... in the hope to get some sleep. But of course ... didn't happen!!! :) Helped DH doing contact forms and tickets and then it was too late to get sleep anyway.

The party itself was great - we're going from strength to strength - this year we had 400 people through the door, the game started off great (touchdown in the first 15 seconds) but then dragged along the 2nd half with lots of turnovers. And amazing how bad the weather was in Miami ... we at least had a SUNNY Sunday!! :D

Had lots of fun talking to Livvy, whom I haven't seen in AGES as we didn't have any real games this year. Ta for turning up, hun!! And good luck!! ;)

Game finished earlier than we thought ... I actually expected it to run until 4am but it actually finished 1 hour earlier with the Colts winning the game.

Hope I'll be able to catch up some sleep today!! :) And as you can see, I'm not the only one!!! :D

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Day before SuperBowl XLI

No studying today ... my head was spinning a little (stupid cold), my throat hurt from all the coughing, and my back muscles hurt as well (from all that explosive cough stuff - isn't anatomy great!!! ;) ). So I did some ironing while watching telly.

After dinner I started on my CJ (oops, leaving it late again .. but there you go, studying comes first) and checked in at the CyberCrop at the SBS Forum but didn't feel up to doing anything of the packed agenda!! ;) Definitely next time though!!

Well...cover for the CJ is done, will do intro & my entry tomorrow or Monday before sending it off.

Need to get some sleep, have an "Open Clinic" for the Wolves Players tomorrow from 10am - 12pm and then it's SuperBowl Party in the evening. And my could drains me enough as it is.

Got an invite from my "colleague" Kai to help out as Trainer at the GB Lions Trials . Looks like I am getting enough practical training for my exam!! ;)

Friday, 2 February 2007

My first attempt at mind maps....

... and it went to oversize!! ;) Not sure why, probably did take a too complex topic for it... was just "Injuries" and all went huuuuuge!! :) However, I think for some things it will work... somehow! ;)

Totally forgot ... some news about the Edinburgh Wolves in the news on 31.1.2007 ... :) Hurray! Now onto planning stewarding, tickets, programs etc etc etc ... !!! :o

Mein erster Versuch mit "Mind Maps" ... und es wurde uebergross!! ;) Weiss nicht genau warum, habe vermutlich ein zu komplexes Thema genommen ... es war nur "Verletzungen" und alles wurde rieeeeesig!!! Aber egal, ich denke, dass es fuer einige Dinge funktionieren wird ... irgendwie! ;)

Hab ja total vergessen...Neuigkeiten von den Edinburgh Wolves in der Zeitung vom 31.1.2007. Hurraaaaa! Nun muessen wir nur noch das "stewarding", Eintrittskarten, Programme usw usw usw planen... !!! :o

Thursday, 1 February 2007

While I am not very crafty ...

...just now due to TIME (mostly used for studying ... even though my body is totally against it and throws colds and defunct brain at me!!!) I thought I upload a couple of pictures of the things I have done for Christmas Presents in December...just to keep the "crafty quota" up in this blog ... LOL.

The first two pictures are the present for my big sis - an exploding box (thank you, Anso for the easy instructions!!)with pictures of her at different ages plus some quotes about sisters.

She said she loved it!!! :)

The third picture is of a double LO (6x4) for my friend Anam who moved to Canada last year (gosh, that must be coming up 1 year now!!). She had asked her friends to make the LO so she can take something of us with her ... and of course I didn't get it done until December (she moved in spring)!!! :o

Waehrend ich im Moment nicht gerade sehr kuenstlerisch bin (saemtliche Stunden, die ich wach bin, sind fuer's studieren da...auch wenn mein Koerper sich dagegen straeubt und mir eine Erkaeltung nach der anderen schickt und mein Hirn einfriert) dachte ich mir, ich lade mal ein paar Fotos von einigen meiner selbstgemachten Weihnachtsgeschenke, die ich im Dezember gemacht habe, hoch ... einfach um die "Bastelquota" meines Blogs auf gutem Stand zu halten! *grins*

Die ersten zwei Fotos sind von dem Geschenk fuer meine grosse Schwester - eine "explodierende" Box (danke, Anso, fuer die einfachen Anleitungen!!) mit Bildern von den verschiedenen Lebensabschnitten meiner Schwester und ein paar Zitate bezueglich Schwestern. Sie hat gesagt, sie liebt es!! :)

Das dritte Foto ist ein Doppellayout (6in x 4in) fuer meine Freundin
Anam, die letztes Jahr nach Kanada gezogen ist (jesses, das muss jetzt auch bald ein Jahr her sein!!). Sie hatte ihre Freunde gebeten, ein kleines Layout zu machen, damit sie etwas von uns mit sich nehmen kann... und natuerlich hab ich das erst im Dezember geschafft (sie ist im Fruehjahr umgezogen!!) :o

Another quiz ...

And I hope that I will be doing some more "Real" blogging later today. Have a stuffy nose and a fairly chesty cough I think...feeling crappy but will try to do some studying today after managing 4 hours Physiology yesterday!! :)

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