Sunday, 25 February 2007

Getting some experience ...

..for my sports therapy re-sit that is! Today was a little mad dash about with stuff because Doug had to take the van back to Tollcross, so it was all a bit rushed and I couldn't get forms from players really before the game.

Set up my room again, and had one of our players coming for a look at his back and some DTM (deep tissue massage).

I was just about to get our equipment manager for his examiniation & assessment when we had Kenny and Chuck stumbling into the building, Chuck holding his forearm and Kenny telling me that Chuck probably had dislocated his shoulder or elbow (quite a big area and hopefully I'll never come across a dislocated elbow!!). We rushed them into the changing rooms and I had a look ... and saw my first ever real life shoulder dislocation... :O Looks nasty, and Chuck was really in pain. So off I sent Allan to get some ice and then I phoned Doug to see if he was already on the way back to JKC - which he wasn't. Next order was to send Kenny off to get someone from the team who had the car with them so we could get Chuck to A&E (gosh, I'm so glad that we're just 10 mins from ERI!).

After a few minutes Chip turned up and we loaded Chuck into his car. At A&E we actually got seen fairly quickly (think it's the triage thing for dislocated shoulders - the longer it takes for it to be "reduced" = popped back in, the more painful and difficult it is). Chuck was just worried about the waiting time of 4-6 weeks for him to play again ... he's worried someone else is going to take his starting position.

Spent 2.5 hours at A&E and actually saw the X-rays of the shoulder pre and post reduction ... of course I have seen bits and bobs in the books, but seeing stuff in real life is totally different!

We'll see how long it will take for him to recover - he's agreed for me to make up a rehab program for him ... my books say 6-8 weeks to return fully to competitive sport, so we'll see what the doctors are telling him tomorrow at the checkup.

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