Saturday, 24 February 2007

Scotland v England Youth American Football - Wilson Trophy

And it's done ... after months and months of DH doing all the work as gameday manager we managed to stage the game, had quite a good crowd and all in all had a good day at Meadowbank Stadium.

Don't know much how the game went on ... after declaring that today is going to be my "day off football" I ended up being the general dogsbody of the day... ;) From the start I have been doing work: From adding a photo from one of our youth players to his application form for our affiliation with BYAFA , getting signatures from our coaches for their forms, handing out access passes to Media etc, creating access cards for new volunteers, running around to get Daniel (a disabled teen who was Scotland's team mascot of the day and coin tosser) sorted, speaking to all those BAFL, BAFA and BYAFA people (would you believe, we had the chairmen/woman for each of the big British American Football Associations/Leagues attending!!! :O) ), handing over the Wolves Junior application pack to Wendy (head of BYAFA) and more running around helping out ... PHEEEWWWW!!!

Thanks to all our volunteers of the day, Wolves Seniors & Juniors doing Stewarding (otherwise called "Crowd control" and "Security" ;) ), Jim for providing the van to move kit, my inlaws to help with the tuck shop and Neil & Dominique helping as First Aiders on call, Magic/Derek & Sid to do the announcements/music and "spotting", Alex & Andy for helping out on the chain gang (Alex, sorry for the injury and the hillarious moment you've provided for everyone! :O ) & Debs for helping out wherever help was needed.

Think that should be everyone covered .... I'm off to do the first wash of Junior Kit (we've got both England & Scotland kits here .... and I am going to stone the person who decided to use WHITE pants for both teams .... let's just say ... they look more BROWN now ... :(

Crowd-wise we think we had about 250 people through the turnstiles ... Big thanks to the English who brought their own fanclub with them in a separate bus!! ;) It's a test run for the Wolves Season starting on 15th April ... and it looks good for us if we can get word out!! :)

Oh... totally forgot the result, didn't I???? Ooops! It was 20-8 for England.

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