Wednesday, 21 February 2007

And the results are in....

Totally shattered, was a very long day today .... :o

What are the results? Well.... see below... ;)

Part 1

Surface anatomy - Pass (at pass mark of 60%)
Written paper of whole course - Pass (76%)

Part 2

Clinical - fail (45% - 15% away from the pass mark).

So ... In total I'd prefer the following description... I haven't FAILED the exam ... I just haven't QUALIFIED yet. ;)

So next step is to get lots of patient handling (no problem, considering the injuries the Wolves players bring along already ... :D) , lots of talking through stuff, more pressure when tissue handling and getting to grips to my Injury pathology/etiology and rehab programs.

To be honest... I knew I ran out of time for the clinical part. I had to battle my brain for the whole anatomy & physiology for the WRITTEN exam and that was my main aim. My lecturer actually suggested I should sit the exam (that was at module 12 about 3.5 weeks ago) and if it's only to get part 1 out of the way.

Feels better now, and I can concentrate on the clinical part. And my fellow student, Tony (who passed today - well done, Tony!!!), will do meet ups with me and do everything to get me through the resit. Soooo... if I fail again (which won't happen!!!) it's Tony's fault. LOL.

I would have been totally peeved if I'd failed part 1 though, I tell you!!!

Well... gotta go to bed ... watching "Troy" (even though I missed a lot because of being online) and then get some sleep!!! :)


Lars said...

Congrats on getting part one Kat and good luck with the clinical part too

Pam said...

well done Kat, 2 down-1 to go!

Anam_Kihaku said...

congrats on getting through part of it and well done for sticking it all out. thats the hard part.