Friday, 2 February 2007

My first attempt at mind maps....

... and it went to oversize!! ;) Not sure why, probably did take a too complex topic for it... was just "Injuries" and all went huuuuuge!! :) However, I think for some things it will work... somehow! ;)

Totally forgot ... some news about the Edinburgh Wolves in the news on 31.1.2007 ... :) Hurray! Now onto planning stewarding, tickets, programs etc etc etc ... !!! :o

Mein erster Versuch mit "Mind Maps" ... und es wurde uebergross!! ;) Weiss nicht genau warum, habe vermutlich ein zu komplexes Thema genommen ... es war nur "Verletzungen" und alles wurde rieeeeesig!!! Aber egal, ich denke, dass es fuer einige Dinge funktionieren wird ... irgendwie! ;)

Hab ja total vergessen...Neuigkeiten von den Edinburgh Wolves in der Zeitung vom 31.1.2007. Hurraaaaa! Nun muessen wir nur noch das "stewarding", Eintrittskarten, Programme usw usw usw planen... !!! :o


Heather said...

Nice to read the Wolves article. :) Good luck with Mind Maps. (I gave those a go when I was at university.)

sharonfruit said...

Does this mean you'll need someone to run the tuck shop again? ;o)

I think you need to break things down with mind maps. You could start with a big topic and then do seperate mind maps for the topics that stem from the first map IFYGWIM. When I did mine for my degree - my huge topic was immunology and I had mindmaps for things like tolerance, innate immunity etc that all linked into "immunology".

A good exercise is to try doing them without looking at books etc. Just let your mind explode onto the page. Then you can see just how much you know and highlight those areas that need more study.

Ok, I'll stop being the mind map geek now.

Sharon xx