Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Week of tidying…

Hubby is off this week, and we’re tackling the house “a bit”. The twins are at the grandparents yesterday and today (2 nights instead of the usual 1 night), so we’ve tried to make some inroads in our new study.
That room used to be our box room (and that’s literally that!) since we moved in, housed several things from American Football stuff over paperwork to hobby stuff from me and lego and boxes of comic books from hubby.
You definitely could NOT step into it, and new stuff was just added to it in the front of the room. Which happened when we needed to empty our old study upstairs for the girls’ nursery at the beginning of the year.
Now … I’m a bad scrapper given that I haven’t taken photos of the “before” situation, and I should have taken a photo yesterday evening of our “beginnings” to clear things, but that’s the situation now:
BILD0032 BILD0031
Several things that lived in the hall is now back in the study, so it’s not as much space as I had earlier, but it’s CARPET we can see, we can walk PAST the table (the small book shelf in the back to the left was housed previously in front of the other bookshelves just beside the table, giving just a side-shuffle/shimmie to get anywhere past it with space for a quick turn around on the spot in the back. ;)
Lots more to be done, but we have sorted things into boxes we can now take downstairs with the girls around (they are tempted by paperwork etc) to sort through.
I know it doesn’t look like much, but it really is a lot less (less boxes, less stuff) than it was. I even given away my remainder of Cross Stitch mags without looking into them to check for patterns I want to keep… booohoooo…
Tonight I’ll be going through some boxes of rubber stamps to sort out for my “sale page” I’ll install on my blog, so hopefully I’ll get some money for myself. :)
Oh … and we’ve made a clear path in the other spare bedroom so we have won’t have problems hanging up washing… :)