Monday, 4 April 2016

Let's do an update, shall we??

The aspirations for 2016 were....


  • Get a part time job after summer (a bit at least ... to get back into my being "Kat" and not "mummy/mami/mum" etc. )
    Actually... Doctor suggested to take 3-6 months out from anything really once girls started school (daily tension headaches have returned ... but I AM looking for a part time job for later this year!!). 
  • Lose another stone (or 1.5 ... we'll see)
    Bit stuck since WW changed from ProPoints to Smart Points ... but hopefully will get there eventually...
  • Declutter the house
    After Con and holiday... 
  • paint living room/get new couch
    That'll be on the plan for June/July
  • sort out girls' "play room" on middle floor
    That'll be on the plan for June/July
  • Declutter crafts/get craft room/study set up
    Hoping to get that started this Friday ... will be a long ongoing thing for the year...
  • More Geocaching with the girls!
    Definitely will do that... it's on the plan and we've done a bit more already.
Crafting goals/aspirations
  • 52 scrapbook layouts in 2016 (I think I can manage that ... I think I've done about 12 max per year since the girls were born... :o )
    Ummmm... done 1 layout so far... but hopefully get some more done this month... ;) 
  • Doctor Who Stitchalong Quilt
    After May
  • Harry Potter/Fandom bookshelf quilt
    After May
  • Disney Princesses/Winnie the Pooh pillows/quilts for the girls
    Hopefully in June/July with at least pillows done for girls' birthday.
  • DC Quilt or something for hubby
    After May
  • Learn to double-knit and make a scarf for myself (and maybe one for the girls and hubby, too).
    Maybe get to look into that and learn basics this month, but scarves will have to wait til later.
  • USE MY STASH (ok... a couple of purchases are allowed)
    Yup... doing that already.
  • Make sure to restock KatsGeekKrafts leisurely and not with a big push before ComicCon
    Was a bit more of a big push, but more leisurely than for last year's ComicMart!!
  • Restock KatsGeekKrafts for the ComicMart in November without rush (let's try that one again, shall we? ;) )
  • Most likely make favours for my BIL's wedding in September
  • Make a baby blanket or something for Susan & Scott who expect their first child in October. Wonder if she'd mind something Ninja Turtles (Scott would LOVE that one ;) )?!? Well, I'll find out what theme I should go for. 
  • TM Patch Swaps ... easily done and I like them. 
Well... it's not looking too bad, is it? ;) 

ComicCon recovery...


Ok, the whole "keep blogger updated" thing didn't happen, of course... what was I thinking?!?!?! With the whole crafting thing and even more the social calendar of the Hobbitses ...

Ah well, let's try how it works now.

The weekend saw the Edinburgh Comic Con 2016 and I was manning my own stall both days (in the past it was always hubby and his "minions" - i.e. friends of ours - who helped with this stall selling my stuff) with early mornings and lots of standing (broken up with a bit of sitting).

Fab atmosphere at the new venue (EICC) made for real Comic Con feel, lots of space and lots of great Cosplay going on.

Items sold nicely, and the Hobbitses arrived in their costumes and had lots of fun with all the people being dressed up. They LOVED Elsa (they constantly stopped on the way out of the building to shout "goodbye Elsa!!"), the Star Wars props and taking photos with the props and with Green Arrow and Harley Quinn. :) Supergirl being without fear, while Miss Martian was more timid and needed some coaxing (well, she didn't want to have her photo taken with Green Arrow, which is nothing against The Arrow really! ;) ).

Now time out ... but quiet day has turned into bickering kids in living room (I really have to start transforming the big spare bedroom into their play room!!) so definitely NOT quiet!!! :o

We had the 3rd birthday party invite for this month arriving today, and 3 play dates are set up for this week alone! Seriously, the Hobbitses/SuperTwins have a busier social calendar than me!!

More crafty stuff coming along this week, but no more KatsGeekKrafts for the time being (wait... I've got orders for 3-4 kids' t-shirts.... huh!) until June-ish, me thinks. Then leisurely prepping for the Edinburgh Comic & Toy Mart  in November (yeah, because the "leisurely" happened this time round!! ;) ).

Anyway... I suspect I will update the blog a bit more regularly now.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Ok... here we go.... Aspirations for 2016

We don't do New Year resolutions in our household ... but aspirations are fine. ;)

Soooo .... what are the plans/aspirations for 2016??


  • Get a part time job after summer (a bit at least ... to get back into my being "Kat" and not "mummy/mami/mum" etc. )
  • Lose another stone (or 1.5 ... we'll see)
  • Declutter the house
  • paint living room/get new couch
  • sort out girls' "play room" on middle floor
  • Declutter crafts/get craft room/study set up
  • More Geocaching with the girls! 
Crafting goals/aspirations
  • 52 scrapbook layouts in 2016 (I think I can manage that ... I think I've done about 12 max per year since the girls were born... :o )
  • Doctor Who Stitchalong Quilt
  • Harry Potter/Fandom bookshelf quilt
  • Disney Princesses/Winnie the Pooh pillows/quilts for the girls
  • DC Quilt or something for hubby
  • Learn to double-knit and make a scarf for myself (and maybe one for the girls and hubby, too). 
  • USE MY STASH (ok... a couple of purchases are allowed)
  • Make sure to restock KatsGeekKrafts leisurely and not with a big push before ComicCon and ComicMart

Well... that's the idea for aspirations at least. Might get changed/added, but that's the outline... ;) Looks actually a bit daunting... :o 

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year!!

No resolutions here, just aspirations, which I may post tomorrow or Saturday - whenever I find the time.

Just a quick "Happy New Year and all the best for 2016" for anyone who's reading my blog. ;) I hope to post a bit more again. ;)

Monday, 14 December 2015

Adding something new to the list of things...

Earlier this year I read on Rinda's blog about the Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt hosted by Eileen (in my playroom) and Joy (Daisy Row) and I loved the idea (actually toyed with the idea in the past to set one up myself a couple of years ago). 

Sooo, to add to my already full list of things to do in December I thought one more thing won't hurt!! ;) (Silly me!). 


  1. A robin Redbreast
  2. Tinsel
  3. Outside lighting
  4. A Star
  5. A snowman
  6. A puddle
  7. Berries and/or nuts
  8. A wreath
  9. A tree that has lost all its leaves
  10. A windy day
  11. Your favourite pudding
  12. A fancy button
  13. Street Art
  14. Afternoon Tea
  15. Candle Light
  16. A Chimney
  17. A ladder
  18. An arrow
  19. A fountain
  20. Cutlery
  21. Your own handwriting (this one is compulsory and cannot be substituted)

If you find any of the above hard to get you may substitute one or more from the subjects below, except No 21, which is compulsory.
Alt A: A supermarket Trolley or basket filled with shopping
Alt B: An animal statue
Alt C: Metal railings

This Scavenger Hunt runs from 1/12/2015 to 21/3/2015. Joy and Eileen also set up a Facebook Group for it.

I think they're mostly manageable and will be done for Christmas/Journal Your Christmas/December Daily anyway. :) 

Christmas Panic!!!

Welcome to the annual "OH SH... Sugar, it's only 10 days to Christmas and I haven't done ANYTHING yet!!!" post ... ;)

Well... the 2 packages to Germany have been sent in time at least (that COULD have been prevented, had I started the presents maybe in November???! Then I could have taken the presents with me on our trip (and sent one internally there and hand off the others)).

And we baked one batch of cookies (well... I made the dough, the girls did the mixing, started helping with the cutting out and then both got evicted from helping due to not following instructions despite being told 3 times each)...

I've got 2 to 4 handmade presents to do (depending if the girls get their Disney Princesses PJs now or for their birthday). And maybe some cards for family and maybe for (crafty) friends (at least I had the foresight to obtain their addresses).

Also was hoping to make at least 2 more batches of cookies (might be more) and a Stollen (this year only 1 ... 2 would be excessive ... but maybe for guests?).

Then tidy the house and get decorations up...

Journal your Christmas/December Daily ... what's that???? I've started writing down some thoughts for each day, but haven't done any JYC yet, so that's hopefully some catch up too.

Oh... and then there's Twin entertainment ... like their Wriggly Nativity on Wednesday (bang goes my 3 hours at home to do something there), going swimming on Thursday, they probably want to go to the Drumbrae Library Hub for another Crafty Friday again ... and on Tuesday is their last day at nursery!!

And the tree needs picking up on Saturday morning!!

Doug and I are going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Friday evening with the girls being at the Grandparents for a sleepover, and I was actually wanting to pop into town for a bit shopping (preferably WITHOUT the twins) and I actually had hoped to go to the gym again for a bit...

Personally, I blame the Comic Mart (ok, could  have planned/done the work from September/October onwards....) and the family trip to Germany (can't do anything about it ... it's too short and too much packed in though! ;) ).

Will try to update my progress ... if there is any.. ;)

Friday, 30 October 2015

2015 Halloween Costumes for Twins - DONE!

We're still having an unbroken record of homemade Halloween Costumes for the girls, 4th year running!! :)

The girls only told me middle of September they wanted to go as Tigger & Eeyore instead of Supergirl & Miss Martian (the costumes from the Edinburgh Comic Con would have still fitted fine!!)...

So, trying to figure out how to make the ideas work I opted for tutus and hoodies (given Scottish weather around Halloween). We'll keep the tutus for visiting Mickey (and hopefully Eeyore & Tigger will make an appearance, too!) next year, but will change tops to T'shirts instead of hoodies (given Florida heat! ;) ).

Eeyore's costume was finished on Wednesday, and I decided to omit the tummy patches due to the hoodie pockets and the fact that I went with grey and should have gone with light pink & light yellow (for Tigger).

I bought Tigger's tutu from my friend Elaine as she still had a Halloween Witch's one left over (and colour scheme fitted with Tigger) and that cut down on time & cost a lot.

Tigger's stripes posed a bit of a problem, as kid's hoodie sleeves are blinking tight and really don't like my sewing machine ... I had to flunk a bit after trying to sew by hand (which was a debacle). I think I'll invest in one of those hand-held hem sewing machines once I find one coming up with a good price! ;)

Ok... here we are ...

2015 Halloween Costumes


Halloween 2014

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2012 ..

Ok... and there's something missing ... not sure if I didn't manage to get anything done for that due to illnesses or whatever ... but the girls didn't wear any costumes at all, so no shop bought stuff either. ;) Does that still count as "record" then? ;)

Halloween 2011

Friday, 16 October 2015

RESULT!! Found the Geocache I first tried to find on 1 January 2009!!

We had a bit of a slow day today, given the Hobbitses decided to take 1 hour for eating porridge. That was okay with me, as I'm quite choked with the head cold ... again... still... whatever!

We took the car and parked in Belgrave Gardens to pop to the Wee Shop, to finally make our first purchases in Störtebäcker's physical shop. :) Got some pretzels for lunch (1 Salty for Supergirl, 1 Cheesy with Salami for Miss Martian and 1 cheesy for me ... errr... not pointing them ... just know that I probably have to halve my weekly points!! ;) ), cinnamon buns for the whole family and 2 slices of pear & almond cake for Doug and myself. :)

Then off to the UPS collection place to pick up my parcel from a Craftster Swapper with the "Back to Hogwarts" items for me.

Hobbitses decided we're having lunch up at Corstorphine Hill, so they can look for more autumn leaves (current obsession to bring home ...besides feathers, stones, acorns, beechnuts and branches...) and I decided to have a go at the elusive Geocache which started the physical geocaching trip for me.

Haggis Hunter's "Corstorphine Hill Tower" geocache was the first one on my list - I tried to find it on New Year's Day 2009 with Doug and our friend/lodger Allan, using no maps and an old phone with very questionable/doubtable GPS!

However, this time round it was a beeline to GZ (ground zero - nothing to do with 9/11 but geocaching jargon for cache site) and thanks to the clue (short & sweet) we found the cache VERY easily and quickly. Had to do a bit of playing around with Tigger & Eeyore to make sure the "Muggle family" sitting on a bench didn't get suspicious. ;)

After I signed the log book and took out the "trackable" (an item that needs to travel around from Geocache to Geocache - some have a set goal, for others it's more a "travel as far as possible) we had our pretzels. The girls then did a bit "climbing" time before we went back to the car.

I really think the GPS on my phone from 2009 was not up to scratch, given where we were searching back then and where we found the cache today ... ;)

EDIT: I just had a message from Haggis Hunter on Geocaching - his cache was only placed in May this year. The one I was searching for in 2009 has been "archived" (i.e. doesn't exist anymore). So this is still a mystery, but the new cache is in a beautiful location with nice view. :)

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Crafty list update

Just a quick update on crafty things... ;)

I've signed up for another swap on Craftster ... :o But hey ... it's for a great person and fab crafter and I'm looking forward to making items for her (edited - that's already finished and sent - "Back to Hogwarts Swap" for Ant Bee).

Whittling down the lists
  • Nursery teachers' presents for when the girls leave in less than 2 weeks (pinterest to the rescue ... I have now found an idea I quite like and hopefully get sorted!) - DONE
  • An order placed with Kat'sGeekKrafts for bags.   DONE
  • Crochet summer hat for wee Erica
  • Crochet summer hat for wee Finlay (re-do as the wee boy has a bigger head than anticipated!! ;) ) 2/3 Done!! YAY
  • Instead of the Wooly ghan below I'll make a FiS inspired something in time for DH's birthday
  • Wooly ghan for hubby's Christmas (?)
  • Wooly ghan for big sis (that will be most likely for Christmas if not next year, not her birthday)
  • OAHPT Swap for Ginny (got an idea, just have to get started now!) DONE
  • Snow white pillow cover for Supergirl (thanks to Fandom in Stitches)
  • Sleeping beauty (or another princess ... she changes her mind often!) for Miss Martian
  • Coaster Set for HPC on Craftster
  • Coaster Set for Nerd Battles on Craftster
  • Finish off the Stitch-Cation blanket on the Crochet Crowd (which I started last year in August... me thinks... :o) )
  • HP Coaster set for Jo
  • DC Coaster Set for Jo
  • 2 TM Patches for Craftster Swap. :) 
  • Swap Angel OAHPT. 
  • Back to Hogwarts Swap for Ant Bee
  • Fandom T-shirts for KatsGeekKraft for sale at the next Edinburgh Toy & Comic Mart