Friday, 30 September 2016

The Big word of the week is WORK - Brain dump - Help needed?!?

I know I said I'd not be looking for work until 2017, but have been talking to friends who are just going back to work etc.

There's the age old question: What do I want to work? Do I want to go back into admin/pensions/secretarial work, or do I want a career change? At my age, would a change in career be an option? Or should I just trudge back into a "desk jockey job" that I don't like?

How many people are actually LOVING their job or have the job only because it's good pay and makes ends meet? And works around kids etc?

My main thoughts right now are: I would like a term-time job that works around the girls' school hours. We've been through a hellish time for 5 years to actually HAVE them, so I'd like to be able to spend as much time with them as I can. And yes, I actually would like to go back to work, just for my own sanity and to regain my own personality again, not being "mum/mummy/mami" or "K&M's mum".

That's the main thing. And given that I've mostly worked to get the money & benefits, not really in something I absolutely LOVE and am happy to return day in, day out ... what shall I do? What do I WANT to do?

I love the medical field, but that usually comes with shift work or hours that wouldn't work with term times. Would it be feasible to get a term-time job for the time being and do some studies around it to get a job later when the girls are at S1 say, for a job I really love?

So ... medical field. And sports ... and looking after people (running the Edinburgh Wolves and helping the "kids" - ages ranging 14 - 48 at that point!!! - And working with the Stirling Clansmen). And I'm crafty.

I've got my diploma in Sports Therapy, but given I've not practiced since I received the diploma (due to pregnancy and then the girls) and I was not insured (decided against it as it would have cost a lot of money for not really being able to do anything), so I assume my exam has lapsed and I'd need to do a resit at minimum. And I know that the Sports Rehab & Education people were looking into creating a governing body and that the course was planned to be at universities only in future (that was looked into in 2010 and I haven't followed up what the situation is at the moment) instead of the distant learning course with practical modules like I did.

Would I want to do Sports Therapy? Could I do it? Would I be able to get a job in a practice rather than working self employed (cost factor)?

Also - I know some of my friends work evening/night shifts and weekends, and that is not really something I'd like to do as I would like to see Doug and the girls as much as possible...

I've got no idea right now. It's just things floating around in my head ... any comments/suggestions are much appreciated.

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