Thursday, 22 September 2016

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt 2016 - Final Roundup

I'm DONE!!  Rinda's scavenger hunt  ... and I managed all photos! :D Despite late start. 

  1. A "wild heart" - a naturally occurring heart 

  2. A footprint or paw print

    (enough paw prints on Cramond Beach!)
  3. A skeleton, bone or X-ray

  4. A book or magazine read during 2016

  5. A porch or deck

    (taken Wednesday during my ventures into town. It's the "porch" of the Royal College of Physicians - LOVE it!)
  6. A camper (caravan)

  7. A family gathering

  8. A drawing, art project, artistic photograph, scrapbook page, greeting card or art journal page created by you
  9. Someone playing with, in, or around water

  10. A bicycle

    (going for a ride on the Cramond Beach Promenade)
  11. Fresh produce

    (fresh produce at "our" Aldi, and Blueberries I picked today in our garden)
  12. A window

  13. The Moon

  14. A buffet of food

  15. A team logo

    (added a new one ... ticket delivery for the NFL International Series 2016... ;) Not for us unfortunately, the tickets are going to friends or people who took them off us.)
  16. A map showing a trip taken during the time period

    (The Supertwins went on part of the Walk with my mum and me in July 2016 - Part way being from Juniper Green to Saughton)
  17. Twins

  18. A supermarket cart, basket or trolley full of groceries

    (Our shopping went past and all items were in the car before I remembered to take the photo! So when we popped back in to get one more item I snuck a photo of someone else's shopping trolley... :o )

  19. A seasonal cocktail or beverage

  20. Someone laughing

  21. A photograph of you with a newspaper or calendar page from the time period covered in the Hunt. Note: you may not use a substitute for this item

    (photo of me holding yesterday's newspaper, which contain the official class photos of half of all P1 classes in Edinburgh) I HATE most photos taken of me ... not very photogenic! ;)
Alternatives - if you're having trouble finding any of the above, you may substitute from this list (but you may not substitute for item #21)
Alternative 1: a lighthouse

Alternative 2:
 a baby (human or animal)

Looking forward to the Winter Scavenger Hunt now really. :)

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