Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Help! Time flies!!

Imagine that – my girls are already 5 weeks old!! And we haven’t killed them yet Winking smile . Doing both well, although they have been kicking up some fuss last night and shortly before the first feeds on my own (i.e. once DH and his parents have left the house) yesterday and today. Wondering if there’s some growth spurt involved…

Today the Health Visitor (Gillian) has been to do a quick check up, and to weigh the girls, and here are the stats:

Kara – 3.11kg (6lb 13 oz) – up from 2.89kg (6lb 6oz)
Megan – 3.68kg (8lb 1oz) – up from 3.45kg (7lb 9oz)

Sounds good to me, and after being told last Friday by the staff nurse Louise (who’s helping/checking for the BFing) to go 4hrly feeds during night time we now get the ok to go 4hrly feeds during the day for Kara and Megan can go to feeding on demand. Still have to figure out how we’ll handle that as it could mean more interrupted time if they’re not on the same level, but you never know.

I also have a “best buddy” who’s helping with BFing, but she seems to be pro 100% BFing, and I doubt we’ll be able to do that. She thinks at their age I should go “on demand feed” all the way, but given that Kara still has troubles with latching on, we still have to top up with bottle feed (although it seems to get less once they were doing well on BF) and that is causing trouble with timings again if going “on demand”. It’s easy to say to do this system if you have only 1, but with twins it’s a totally different picture.

Talking of which – below is a pic of Megan taken today after she had been fussing about a lot. And two pictures of Kara in the Karime which I kindly received from Donna, one of the twin mum’s in my Corstorphine Twins Group (West Edinburgh Group). It’s a great tool once you get the hang of it, shame you cannot carry both twins in there!! Winking smile 


Oh – and ignore my grumpy face – don’t get the hang of smiling when trying to do the long-armed photo somehow…that’s the reason why I wasn’t looking directly to the camera (got a pic with that, and DOUBLE CHIN springs to mind! Yuck!).

I’m planning on looking into digi scrapping again as I doubt I’ll be able to do much with the girls being so young – if anyone has any hints how to do that / good sites for tutorials  & freebies, please DO comment below!!

Much appreciated!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

History lessons start early...

Just started watching "Once upon time...Man" again - with the girls. And in German ... makes sure that I speak to them in German, too.

LOVE this series and the other one (Once upon a time ... Life) and actually asked for the DVDs as Christmas presents before we even got pregnant. ;-) The "Once upon a time ... life" actually helped me a little with my Sports Therapies studies in a fun way. :-)

The German title song of "Man" by Udo Juergens is soooo great and just shouts to be used in the future on a  layout about the girls!!! German lyrics are below.

Weißt du wieviel Sterne stehen
Und wohin die Flüsse gehen?
Sag', warum der Regen fällt,
Wo ist das Ende dieser Welt?

Was war hier vor tausend Jahren?
Warum können Räder fahren?
Sind Wolken schneller als der Wind?
So viele Fragen hat ein Kind...

Ach Kind, komm' laß die Fragerei'n,
Für sowas bist du noch zu klein,
Du bist noch lange nicht soweit.
Das hat noch Zeit...

Was ist Zeit? - Was ist Zeit? - Was ist Zeit?
Ein Augenblick
Ein Stundenschlag
Tausend Jahre sind ein Tag!

Wie wird der Mensch zum Nimmersatt,
Wer alles hat, kriegt noch Rabatt,
Und woher kam die Gier nach Geld?
Wie kommt der Hunger auf die Welt?

Warum kommt jemand in Verdacht,
Nur weil er sich Gedanken macht?
Ist man noch frei, wenn man nichts wagt,
Ja, was ein junger Mensch so fragt...

He, junges Volk, was soll denn das?
Und leistet ihr doch erst mal was!
Ihr werdet auch noch mal gescheit.
Das bringt die Zeit...

Na, na, na - Na, na, na - (usw.)

Ist diese Welt denn noch erlaubt?
Die Erde ist bald ausgeraubt,
Das Wasser tot, das Land entlaubt,
Der Himmel luftdicht zugeschraubt...

Die schöne Lüge vom Goodwill,
Das hübsche Spiel vom Overkill,
Und wann macht ihr die Waffen scharf?
Wenn ich das auch mal fragen darf...

Das wird verdammt noch mal so sein,
Und wer soll uns das je verzeih'n?
Ich bitt' euch, fragt, solang' ihr seid,
Ihr seid die Zeit...

Na, na, na - Na, na, na - (usw.)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

… and we’re now TINY BABIES

In Mothercare clothing that is. Winking smile Today’s visit from the Health Visitor showed that Megan is now 2.99kgs (6.9lbs), and Kara (the wee older sister who’s weight has us worried because she’s soo tiny in comparison to big little sister Megan) is now 2.57kgs (5.11lbs). Which is incidentally Megan’s birth weight. Winking smile

So, whenever I find the time, I’ll have to sort out our “Early Baby” size clothes (i.e. anything up to 5lbs). Didn’t last long, but I’m glad both are putting on the weight. We’re still on 3hrly feeds, but I think we’re getting used to that routine, and somehow I think mothers tend to cope with less sleep once the routine comes into force. I’ll take a nap after the next feed, mind. Winking smile

We still have to work on the breast feeding, but we’ll get there. Don’t think I’ll BFing 100%, but planning on bottle feed EBM during the night feeds (currently SMA during nights). The health visitor will be coming around at a feed next time and then, hopefully, we’ll get things started.

Sorry that the blog now turns into a baby info blog … Winking smile I hope that from October onwards I’ll be able to show some crafty things again. Open-mouthed smile

The girls are 3 weeks old!!

Unbelievable! Time really flies.

And yet they're not officially "born" yet - funny thing with the adjusted birthdate, specially when it comes to the 6 weeks check up - I need to go after 6 weeks from c-section, while the girls have to go 6 weeks after official EDD (which was 24/8/11).

Health visitor is coming today, hope to get some info - DH and I have accumulated lots of questions again. ;) List people!!

Regarding yesterday's photos ... I thought "Peter Pan's Lost Boys" the minute I saw them. Don't you think???? ;)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 1 of new regime..

Well.. ok, it doesn’t really count as a full day, as

a) the inlaws stayed overnight and did the 1:30am and 4:30am feeds while I just had to express milk

b) the inlaws were here until lunchtime and passed the girls to me for the feed and did the nappy changing and took the girls out for a walk so I could get quickly showered and settled in the living room. And DH was giving Kara the bottle while I was feeding Megan.

Reason for that is that DH is back at work from today, 4 days per week for the next 6 weeks (I believe), before he’s back the full week. Quite daunting thought, with him only around for 1.5 weeks with me and we didn’t really establish a routine for me alone. I kinda envy my friends whose partners/hubbies stayed for longer, but on the other hand – I have to cope with things at some point.

Recovery from c-section for myself is going well, but I think it’s just like after the laparoscopies – I might do too much too early, so this week I’ll just do the feeding (not tandem, as I cannot handle them both at the same time with one or the other kicking up a fuss at every feed!!) which worked out around 1.5 hours for both including meds (wish they didn’t need to be on them, it’s a shame really – they’re currently on Nystan for thrush (I blame Kara’s antibiotcs she got in hospital for the pustules!) and Megan is also on Infacol as she’s quite colicky). AND it incidentally included a big poo from Kara and an EXPLODING TUMMY from Megan! Bet their daddy will be laughing when he reads that – so far I was lucky with no nasty nappies when I did the changing (which, to DH’s due, he’s been doing about 99% since I got home). Oh … and of course Megan decided to wee at the same time I was cleaning her bottom from that nasty poo. Another typical thing for her really! LOL.

I had lunch (yay for prepared leftover lettuce!) and some snacks, but think I really need to stock up on those noodle packs and cut some fruits in the evening for the next day.  Things that ARE not getting done right now (or barely): expressing milk (supposed to do that after each feed, but just don’t have the time during the day really!) and sleep. But right now I’m still running on high with the hormones and of course getting some more sleep last night thanks to the inlaws.

HOWEVER – still getting up for expressing (which usually takes in total about 20-30 mins) has a similar effect to my sleep as getting up every 3 hours for 1.5 hours feeding & expressing. Will have to look into that with DH, maybe not expressing during 2 feeds during the night and just bottle feed?

Things I’ve realised today:

As a new mum your YOUTUBE account will suddenly include lots of lullabies – I’ve already saved some German ones, including “La Le Lu” by Heinz Ruehmann, “Aber Heidschi Bumbeidschi” by Heintje and a version of “Guten Abend, gut’ Nacht”.

Today’s photo of the twins – Ready for the walk with granma & papa, in new outfits (would you believe it’s AUGUST???!!). Kara on the left, Megan on the right.