Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The girls are 3 weeks old!!

Unbelievable! Time really flies.

And yet they're not officially "born" yet - funny thing with the adjusted birthdate, specially when it comes to the 6 weeks check up - I need to go after 6 weeks from c-section, while the girls have to go 6 weeks after official EDD (which was 24/8/11).

Health visitor is coming today, hope to get some info - DH and I have accumulated lots of questions again. ;) List people!!

Regarding yesterday's photos ... I thought "Peter Pan's Lost Boys" the minute I saw them. Don't you think???? ;)

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Latharia said...

I blinked and they're huge! I feel like I am so behind the times. What cuties!! And if I find a manual to babies, I'll share it with you! :D