Friday, 29 August 2008

Friday musings

We got our tickets for both parades. Also have one of our friends from the BAFL going to Orlando about the same time, and we're going to meet up for the MNSSH. That's FUN! Probably more fun than just us 2 alone. :) Might even be able to get together with Mel for some scrapbook shopping (will do it anyway, but Mel's scrapping as well).

Won't be able to do any pumpkin carving this year... :o Ah well... will see what nice autumn/halloweeny stuff I can find in Orlando for 2009! :D

Instead we'll be over for the ELECTION! Have been over in the past for important dates really, like we were over when GWB decided to invade Iraq in 2003. And we went over just shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans... and were in Orlando when the Hurricanes Wilma (2005) and Floyd (1999) hit. DH suggested we should be a measurement for the Hurricane watch ... they seem to come along when we want to go on holiday. :D

Right ... off to mow the lawn now ... will have to check for cat poop again ... blinking animals around here! :( Really have to figure out what to do, as they do not seem to care about the stuff I got at Aldi's ... maybe some plants are on the list?

Got a little headache, and my "dog tagging" injection site hurts still a bit, so no weeding and no gymming today - will go with DH tomorrow instead.

And MAYBE I'll get some crafting done later today... ;) REALLY have to get that CJ entry done.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Here are some photos from Monday night.

And if anyone wonders - the ladies' toilets are behind the books!! ;)

Thursdays random thoughts and telephone rant!

Day off and I am trying to catch up with housework a little... was hoping for sunny day so I can mow the lawn, de-weed (lol) the front patch and hang out washing. So far I've done neither ... it looks like rain, so 1 and 2 are out, may have a chance of 3 if it's only stormy without the rain.

Done the washing up, emptied the dishwasher (and put breakfast plates in) and will be hoovering the stairs in a bit. Getting interrupted by telephone calls though. Twice already DH about football stuff (not even romantic - it's like office work at home really) and just to get me totally up the wall for the next call from DH - one of those stupid cold calls by a call robot where nobody is even at the other end and that's exactly what they tell you in a recorded message. WHY THE BLOOMING HECK DO THEY DO THAT??? WHY COLD CALL IF THEY DO IT WITH THAT STUPID MACHINE??? I *H*A*T*E* cold calls as it is, i.e. with someone on the other line, but at least I can tell them to take us off their list! AAAAARRGGGHHH!!!

Usually I get about 5-10 telephone calls on my days off ... DH calls approx 3-4 times, usually there's a call (or more) from MIL as well, and then some stupid sales stunts. And DH wonders why I am getting wound up about him phoning me so often. Free Smiley Courtesy of Bet you he doesnt' get that many calls when he's off work during the week and I am out of the house. Sometimes I just wish I would get no calls and could get on with things ... like one call in the morning around 10am and then another call around 5pm, both from DH, just checking in and the late one to tell me he's leaving work. Because it's not only phone calls .. it's e-mails as well. And yes, it feels sometimes like being at work. :(

Sorry, DH - I know I should have tried to explain it to you (which I tried in the past - but didn't get the words right), but it only dawned on me WHY I don't like all the calls ... it's my day OFF WORK after all... :o And I NEVER get chatty calls for MYSELF ... :(

So ... that's the rant of the week ... ;)

And no, the mowing and weeding has to wait until tomorrow .... it's getting VERY grey and stormy out there... Free Smiley Courtesy of

Irritability probably caused by low blood sugar ... really should not have late lunches when I am at home... :o

Monday, 25 August 2008

It's the 25th

...and I have not taken lots of photos for Shimelle's "Scrap your day". :( Woke up at 9am with a headache, and then went back with ice pack on head for a snooze until 11am.

Then met Helen for lunch and had a very good natter there. Then the usual stacking the dishwasher, putting on another wash, hang up the wash (x 2) and sort socks & undies. Still not 100% ok, but not as bad with the headache anymore, and should be ok for Rob Deb's Q&A session tonight.

Going to my favorite pub in Edinburgh (Jekyll & Hyde) for that, will probably have a cocktail (Sloth of the 7 sins - LOVE it!!) as well. Really can't believe why I am only once a year (or up to 3x a year) in that pub (for Rob's show) ... really LOVE that place. Hidden toilets etc. FAB!!! :D

Was actually planning to do some scrapping today but ... yep, you guessed it ... NADA! So that's on my list for Thursday, or maybe Wednesday evening after work.

Oh... and we got our tickets for the 2 Parades at WDW today .. WHOOOOHOOO!! :) That was QUICK! DH and I are now thinking about our costumes for the "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween" ... any ideas??? ;)

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


WAHEY! A trip to US again after a long break (and we used to go every year since I met DH in 1999, as far as I remember... ?! ).

Going in October/November. We'll be staying here (DH and I prefer suited so we can make our own food instead of having to go out every evening/lunch time). And now we just have to look into getting tickets for "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween" (MNSSH) and "Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party" (MVMCP). :D

Thinking about costume for the MNSSH (last year it was a more homemade Batgirl ;) )... we'll see what we can do.

SOOOO glad we're able to go (and yes, I have booked the time off work already!), we really need the break and away from everything ... and going somewhere else than Germany ... and the Cruise last year was not long enough really.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Holiday Planning...

Now with the Wolves season over (we've dropped out of the race for the 2nd playoff spot with our loss yesterday) DH and I are getting more serious about holiday planning (DH is actually speaking to Royalties as we speak).

Our plan was to fly in to New York and stay there for a couple of days (I've never been, but DH has), then hop over to Cleveland to visit friends and go to the (American) Football Hall of Fame in Canton - where we have been in 2005 but lil stupid here had formatted the CF card when she thought she switched the "format" of the photo (in my defense I only had the camera for about 2 weeks prior to our trip and and absolute rookie to digital photography) and then go down to Orlando for the rest of the holiday.

When we checked hotel prices for NYC last week we quickly realised that we'd have to drop this part of our trip - 3 days in NYC was about the same price as 2 weeks in Orlando!!! Not sure if people are flocking to NYC for the election? Didn't think Halloween was soo big there?

Next was Ohio ... and there were price issues with the flights. As we hadn't heard anything from our friends so far either, we have now decided to go for 2.5 weeks to Orlando.

Now, as we only have time to travel end of October to mid November we had planned to go and do "MNSSH" (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween) again, which we did in 2005. Looking forward to it, as it's really a fab evening/night! And that without kids even!! :) I will try to get in touch with Bronwen again (which I tried a couple of times in the past 6 months), my "scrapbook shopping buddy" and good friend who organised the tickets for us last time and came along with her husband and daughter.

While I was checking the ticket dates on I found that the MVMCP (Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade) starts on 10 November!!! So I may get a two for one out of this trip!! :D Told DH that I don't HAVE to as it will be about $250 for the 4 tickets... but it sounds very nice!! :)

Thursday, 14 August 2008


The watersports are really what I watch most during Summer Olympics. DH doesn't like the diving (anything which involves judges, effectively!!), but I like it. Synchronised diving is fascinating and just a precision thing!

And then the swimmers! Just seeing Michael Phelps raking in the medals... :D AMAZING.

Had an article in the "Metro" today about what he eats (just no fair... 3x the normal recommended calories ;) ), bits about his size (his "wingspan" is wider than he's tall - 2.08m (6ft 8in) to 1.93m (6ft 4in).

I showed DH the photo and he said that Michael looks like an Albatros taking off...

And then I remembered another swimmer, who actually got the nickname "Albatros" in the 80's, who got 3 gold medals in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics ... and got 2 Silver and 1 Bronze (6 Olympic Medals in total)...

And at 2.02 m (6ft 7in) and with a "wingspan" of 2.13m (6ft9in) probably the tallest swimmer I've seen so far!!

His name is Michael Gross, and he was born around my corner of Germany in Frankfurt!! :D

I wonder... with those arms... are you getting lost when they hug you??? :D

Sunday, 10 August 2008

We're still in!!!

After the last home game on 26 July which we lost, we were still in the run for the Playoff spot. However, due to our loss the only way was by us winning our last game of the (regular) season on 16 August against the Manchester Titans, and the Lancashire Wolverines losing their remaining games ... including the Glasgow Tigers, who struggled with injuries and of course the Chester Romans, a Div 1 team who still had to win a game this season (again, struggling due to injuries).

Now ... last week we heard the first sweet news ... The Titans won against the Wolverines.

And today, after senior training, DH was told that Glasgow WON against the Wolverines today!!! ... This was confirmed by one of the refs who were down at Lancashire.

It sounds like a freak storm to me ... unbelievable ... but we're still in the run for the Playoffs!!!

AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! ;D Now ... I just need the Romans to find their feet ... and of course our team keeping their heads in the game next week!


Saturday, 9 August 2008

Kingdom Bowl II

Awh... the last tournament photos of "my boys" or the "Class of 2007/2008". Lots of the Wolves Juniors are now getting too old to play at Junior level and will step up and join the Forth Valley Fusion (a "fusion" of Fife Fire and Edinburgh Wolves at Youth Level).

I will miss them quite a lot ... :( Will be at their games, as photographer and spectator, but still.

A couple of them might still come around to Junior training if they cannot make it to Fife one week or the other, and I hope we'll still have nice chats on MSN. :)

Now ... where to find the "next generation" of Junior Wolves????

Can't wait for them to put on the red again in a couple of years for the Senior side!! :D

And yes ... they really JUMPED into that puddle ... in full kit... ;)

Friday, 8 August 2008

Fed up with hair style again.... :(

Don't like it. It's all flat again, and I wasn't too keen on the previous cut after 1 year as well. So currently searching for a new style, but can't find one that I like! HELP!!!

Would love to keep it long (long enough for a pony tail), maybe a bit wavy (but not curly IYKWIM). Don't think a fringe/bangs work with me... although I had them most of my childhood!! ;)

And I was wondering about highlights... maybe a different colour as well... (don't worry, I am not going blonde now!)

The hair mags I've seen don't seem to help either... :( Think I may just have to bite the bullet and go to a hairstylist and hope for the best?

Any ideas?

Olympics Opening Ceremony

Ah... it's on since 12:45, and while I am at home I have had only the chance of a couple of glimpses.

Surely it will be repeated tonight? What I've seen so far was very good, but DH won't be too happy with some of the music ... might remind him a little of "Splendid China" in Orlando. LOL.

A couple of things I am looking forward to see, have to check the timings for it of course.

Off to check for mail, hang up washing and put on another wash.

Hoping to go to the gym later this afternoon, either after dinner or while I cook dinner. Borschtsch (Russian beetroot soup) is on the list for today. :)

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Annual Fringe Outing

Didn't do much today ... wanted to do more, but didn't. Feeling pulling/slightly stabbing pain around womb area, which may come from Zoladex and additional HRT (which is new and you need about a week to get it to work in "harmony" with the Zolly), or maybe it's UTI ... which I kinda hope (feels a little like it). Really don't fancy another blinking cyst story right now. I'm on Zolly after all!!!

Quick DTM (deep tissue massage) on Al's upper trapezius, and then started on the next German CJ "My other hobby" (apart from scrapbooking that is). Only 1 page though! Gosh, I have sooo lost my mojo, will try to do more tomorrow.

DH is at a Clubsport Edinburgh (or is it Edinburgh Leisure? He's involved in faaaar too many boards!) meeting and will meet us for dinner in town (either Mexican or Greek or maybe something totally different ... who knows?) and then we're going to our annual Fringe outing... ;)

Rob Deb's back at the Jekyll & Hyde and we will probably go and see his show a couple of times again (as usual) - maybe even get the Wolves "Geek Squad" down one night. :D

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Don't tell me that's it again...!!!

Rain. Coming and going since last week (middle of I think?). Now nearly 24 hours nothing but. Bedroom window is open, and it sounds as if a brook or river is very near ... but no, it's all RAIN! Vertical amount and sound of a River!!! ;)

Hopefully it's going to change again ... Friday is supposed to be nice and sunny, but we need SUN on SATURDAY for the last tournament of our Junior Wolves for 2008!!!

And it's only beginning of August ... so don't you even THINK of being over yet, Summer!!!

Friday, 1 August 2008

Rebecca's Stash closes!! :(

Can't believe it ... another kit I like is finished now, and Rebecca is closing her business!! :(

If you like blooms - go and have a looksie at her website as she's got a closing sale on.

Here's my last "Booming Blossoms" kit ... gorgeous colours, yummie flowers, great add-ons.

Rebecca, hope you'll get lots of family time and can relax ... your kits were FABULOUS! Now I just have to start using them more. ;) Like on this card I made as a thank you for one of our doctors who's leaving the practice (the usual 1-2 year stint thing for younger docs ... :( )