Sunday, 10 August 2008

We're still in!!!

After the last home game on 26 July which we lost, we were still in the run for the Playoff spot. However, due to our loss the only way was by us winning our last game of the (regular) season on 16 August against the Manchester Titans, and the Lancashire Wolverines losing their remaining games ... including the Glasgow Tigers, who struggled with injuries and of course the Chester Romans, a Div 1 team who still had to win a game this season (again, struggling due to injuries).

Now ... last week we heard the first sweet news ... The Titans won against the Wolverines.

And today, after senior training, DH was told that Glasgow WON against the Wolverines today!!! ... This was confirmed by one of the refs who were down at Lancashire.

It sounds like a freak storm to me ... unbelievable ... but we're still in the run for the Playoffs!!!

AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! ;D Now ... I just need the Romans to find their feet ... and of course our team keeping their heads in the game next week!


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