Friday, 29 August 2008

Friday musings

We got our tickets for both parades. Also have one of our friends from the BAFL going to Orlando about the same time, and we're going to meet up for the MNSSH. That's FUN! Probably more fun than just us 2 alone. :) Might even be able to get together with Mel for some scrapbook shopping (will do it anyway, but Mel's scrapping as well).

Won't be able to do any pumpkin carving this year... :o Ah well... will see what nice autumn/halloweeny stuff I can find in Orlando for 2009! :D

Instead we'll be over for the ELECTION! Have been over in the past for important dates really, like we were over when GWB decided to invade Iraq in 2003. And we went over just shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans... and were in Orlando when the Hurricanes Wilma (2005) and Floyd (1999) hit. DH suggested we should be a measurement for the Hurricane watch ... they seem to come along when we want to go on holiday. :D

Right ... off to mow the lawn now ... will have to check for cat poop again ... blinking animals around here! :( Really have to figure out what to do, as they do not seem to care about the stuff I got at Aldi's ... maybe some plants are on the list?

Got a little headache, and my "dog tagging" injection site hurts still a bit, so no weeding and no gymming today - will go with DH tomorrow instead.

And MAYBE I'll get some crafting done later today... ;) REALLY have to get that CJ entry done.

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