Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thursdays random thoughts and telephone rant!

Day off and I am trying to catch up with housework a little... was hoping for sunny day so I can mow the lawn, de-weed (lol) the front patch and hang out washing. So far I've done neither ... it looks like rain, so 1 and 2 are out, may have a chance of 3 if it's only stormy without the rain.

Done the washing up, emptied the dishwasher (and put breakfast plates in) and will be hoovering the stairs in a bit. Getting interrupted by telephone calls though. Twice already DH about football stuff (not even romantic - it's like office work at home really) and just to get me totally up the wall for the next call from DH - one of those stupid cold calls by a call robot where nobody is even at the other end and that's exactly what they tell you in a recorded message. WHY THE BLOOMING HECK DO THEY DO THAT??? WHY COLD CALL IF THEY DO IT WITH THAT STUPID MACHINE??? I *H*A*T*E* cold calls as it is, i.e. with someone on the other line, but at least I can tell them to take us off their list! AAAAARRGGGHHH!!!

Usually I get about 5-10 telephone calls on my days off ... DH calls approx 3-4 times, usually there's a call (or more) from MIL as well, and then some stupid sales stunts. And DH wonders why I am getting wound up about him phoning me so often. Free Smiley Courtesy of Bet you he doesnt' get that many calls when he's off work during the week and I am out of the house. Sometimes I just wish I would get no calls and could get on with things ... like one call in the morning around 10am and then another call around 5pm, both from DH, just checking in and the late one to tell me he's leaving work. Because it's not only phone calls .. it's e-mails as well. And yes, it feels sometimes like being at work. :(

Sorry, DH - I know I should have tried to explain it to you (which I tried in the past - but didn't get the words right), but it only dawned on me WHY I don't like all the calls ... it's my day OFF WORK after all... :o And I NEVER get chatty calls for MYSELF ... :(

So ... that's the rant of the week ... ;)

And no, the mowing and weeding has to wait until tomorrow .... it's getting VERY grey and stormy out there... Free Smiley Courtesy of

Irritability probably caused by low blood sugar ... really should not have late lunches when I am at home... :o

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