Saturday, 9 August 2008

Kingdom Bowl II

Awh... the last tournament photos of "my boys" or the "Class of 2007/2008". Lots of the Wolves Juniors are now getting too old to play at Junior level and will step up and join the Forth Valley Fusion (a "fusion" of Fife Fire and Edinburgh Wolves at Youth Level).

I will miss them quite a lot ... :( Will be at their games, as photographer and spectator, but still.

A couple of them might still come around to Junior training if they cannot make it to Fife one week or the other, and I hope we'll still have nice chats on MSN. :)

Now ... where to find the "next generation" of Junior Wolves????

Can't wait for them to put on the red again in a couple of years for the Senior side!! :D

And yes ... they really JUMPED into that puddle ... in full kit... ;)

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