Monday, 25 August 2008

It's the 25th

...and I have not taken lots of photos for Shimelle's "Scrap your day". :( Woke up at 9am with a headache, and then went back with ice pack on head for a snooze until 11am.

Then met Helen for lunch and had a very good natter there. Then the usual stacking the dishwasher, putting on another wash, hang up the wash (x 2) and sort socks & undies. Still not 100% ok, but not as bad with the headache anymore, and should be ok for Rob Deb's Q&A session tonight.

Going to my favorite pub in Edinburgh (Jekyll & Hyde) for that, will probably have a cocktail (Sloth of the 7 sins - LOVE it!!) as well. Really can't believe why I am only once a year (or up to 3x a year) in that pub (for Rob's show) ... really LOVE that place. Hidden toilets etc. FAB!!! :D

Was actually planning to do some scrapping today but ... yep, you guessed it ... NADA! So that's on my list for Thursday, or maybe Wednesday evening after work.

Oh... and we got our tickets for the 2 Parades at WDW today .. WHOOOOHOOO!! :) That was QUICK! DH and I are now thinking about our costumes for the "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween" ... any ideas??? ;)

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Heather said...

Sorry you had another headache. :(

The pub sounds fun, and the hiddentoilets sounds fun unless you're bursting for a wee and can't remember how to get to the loo!