Monday, 30 October 2006

Pumpkin Carving...

Well... my first attempt to carve pumpkins.... never done it before!! DH wanted a Batman Signal (and hand drew it on one of our pumpkins) and I used one of the templates for mine.

Didn't use the scoop provided in the pumpkin carving kit but followed the advice of one of my friends (thanks, Chris!!!) and used an Icecream scoop! VERY good for getting the flesh out of the pumpkin!! :)

Now just going to post two cards and the invitation for our neighbours for tomorrow evening.

Friday, 27 October 2006

Photo problems...

Blogger seems to have problems with uploading photos just now ... will attach them at a later time...

Monday, 23 October 2006

Next set of ATCs

Have finally been able to do my ATCs for the "Favourite Movie" Swap on UKS ... with me being in hospital and all that has been delaying sending them out but will go to the PO tomorrow.

I will be getting all the "Batman Begins" ATCs back... looking forward to that really. :)

Sunday, 22 October 2006

Was supposed to be a nice Sunday...

Ah... spoke too soon!! Had a thumping headache when I woke up and asked DH if I could have breakfast in bed. Had one piece of my brioche, took my tablets and then tried the 2nd piece and suddenly had a wave of nausea! Really felt like having to "hug the toilet bowl" soon, but nothing happened. Tried to sleep off the headache and asked DH for toast for lunch - smelled the lunch on DH's clothes and felt sick again!

At 3pm we left for home, and I went straight to bed. Still headachey and nauseous, I was drifting in and out of sleep. Dinner was soup and toast (special Soup from DH - he didn't find any cream so used squishy cream in the Campbell's tomato soup - which we won't do again ... the cream part of it I mean).

After dinner my old friend Chris phoned, whom I haven't seen in ages and haven't met for even longer!!! We had a good blether and then agreed she'll be coming around with lunch on Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to this!! :)

Saturday, 21 October 2006

Allowed to crop.. :)

Hurray! Managed to get to the crop for most of the time! Just for chatting and looking and new stash etc., not really doing anything (well... I cut the cardstock for my sis' paper bag book!). But then... I didn't expect to do anything really!!!

Met BIL's new girlfriend (?) who is really nice. Would be great if they'd stay together (or get together, not sure what the state of that relationship is?). Dominique is fairly chatty and funny - think she would fit right into the family!!! :) She is another chocoholic and had some chocs from Hotel Chocolat - including Praline Hot Chocolate (which comes in little marbles - so you can eat them as well?!) which she immediately made for me. She also got me a "get well card" and a little gift (small cosmetic bag from Estee Lauder) although she never met me before!! Really a nice person!

Mmmmh... didn't get any studying done again. My brain just won't do it ....think it's the antibiotics.... which came with the usual side effect so I got MIL to get me some cream.

Dinner was yum - steak with chips, and it looks like my appetite is back! :)

Friday, 20 October 2006

Finally allowed back home...

Was told in the morning that I can go home in the afternoon. So had a shower and finally got to wash my hair as well. Felt a bit off with the greasy hair for such a long time!!

While drying myself I saw a little blood trickling from the canula so I thought I'd moved it a little - and suddenly I started bleeding like a pig!!! When checking my hand I saw that the other end (which is meant to be in my vein!!!) was out...and nothing but blood. So... every normal person would press the call button immediately, right?

NOT ME!!! I first put my (DH's Superman) dressing gown on, tried to clean up my hand under the water and THEN pressed the call button to tell the nurse that I made a bit of a mess. Geesh, what am I like!!!

Dr Thong came along to tell me that they discharge me in the hope that the cyst burst itself but that I would have an OP if it doesn't. And although I KNEW that's on the cards (and either solution means a delay in my next IVF cycle), I had a little cry out in a quiet corner of the ward. Of course one of the nice nurses turned up and opened the tear barrier even more when hugging me etc.

DH was very shocked about the tumour pointer test - he read up about the whole cancer thing and wasn't too happy that they didn't have any result (and DH being the person he is, he expects the worst!).

Was discharged at 3pm and had to say goodbye to one of the nurses, Helena Aitken, who is a student nurse and had her last day today. Sniff!!

We decided to stay at the inlaws this weekend just to make sure that I have someone looking after me and so DH could go to the BAFA meeting at Luton (which he was reluctant to go to because of me but I told him to as this would get his mind off things).

Thursday, 19 October 2006

Day 3 on NHS

As I said - didn't sleep well... and didn't have a chance to catch up on sleep with the regular check ups and medicine rounds etc. Was able to read though and found out that one of my former colleagues (know her from e-mail but not in person) was in the bed opposite. :) We have been chatting a bit.

One of the day nurses tried to get blood out of me ... and had to try 5 (!!!) different veins to get 2 syringes... and one was still missing!!! Really wonder what happened with my veins. They were ok when I was donating blood every 6 months.... :o

One of the blood results is a tumour pointer test. Apparently a routine test for anything that grows in your body which shouldn't, but still doesn't make me feel 100% about it.

Had Dr Raja turning up in the morning and Dr Thong in the afternoon. Apparently Dr Tay was there as well but I was in the shower.

DH turned up at 5pm with my laptop again so I could check my e-mails and write some replies. Once we figured out that I'm still to stay overnight I told him to leave early so he got an earlier dinner and also got a bit more sleep (well... more than me anyway!).

Talking of food - I have to say that hospital food is very nice actually. Better than what you'd get in a plane sometimes! And you have a selection of a couple of things.

Mmmh.... at the moment it looks as if I'd have an OP to remove the cyst. Dr Raja told me that this could compromise the blood circulation in my right ovary, which of course gives me the shivers - with the right one being my good ovary, what does that mean for my IVF? Reduced number of eggs? But of course no final result etc.

And something that doesn't get into my brain (probably being German!) is the fact that they are going to discharge me instead of doing the OP while I am in hospital anyway?!

DH and I decided that I can have patientline for TV (for "Extras" and "Mock the week") and bought it via Visa card so we could get money credited back if I'd be discharged before my 24hrs TV was up (which I was in the end).

Tried the internet but it seemed dial-up and took ages to load! So I just posted a message on UKS and then got off again (and was charged 80p!!!). But TV was great. Missed the last 5 min of "Extras" though due to the meds round but "Mock the week" really got me giggling about (ouch! That hurts!!). AAAbsolutely funny!!

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Still not 100% sure what is causing the pain...

WHAT A NIGHT!!!! Woke up at 2am again and then couldn't get back to sleep as one of the other patients was SNORING like DH!!!! I actually asked the nurse who brought me my pain killer if they'd have any earplugs ... answer was NO (note to self - bring eyeshade and earplug when next going to hospital!!!) but I got some cotton wool which helped ... a little. Still wok e up about every hour, and getting woken up at 7am for the meds round and BP & pulse doesn't really help!!!

My internal scan wasn't booked until 3pm ... so a lot of hanging about really. However, the scan showed that I have a huuuge (well... in my eyes!!) cyst on my right ovary ... 10 cm in total I believe. Liquid and solids .... which is a bit worrying for me, because I don't know what the "solid" part is?!

"Ran into" (well... was pushed on my wheelchair towards) DH and our friend Andy in the foyer and returned back to the ward. Again, it took them until around 7:30pm to get the ok from the next ward (210) for a free bed for me.

So off to the ward above Simpson's I went and got the standard procedure there (BP, pulse & temperature) which showed that I had higher temperature (38.5) which resulted in a doctor turning up and taking blood from me (100ml syringe) for blood cultures and putting me onto antibiotics.

And guess what - I woke up again at 2am!!! At the gynie ward they don't let you pull the curtain around so they can check on you from the windows, and of course they keep the lights on out on the floor. So - for me who is used to sleep in a pitch dark room (blackout curtains!!) it's very hard to fall asleep in the first place!! And I had yet another snorer!!! And the old biddy in the next bed was talking in her sleep.... I was doomed from the beginning!!! ;) It didn't help that my pain wouldn't let me sleep on either side (since Tuesday) and I am just not used to sleep on my back!!!

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

I'm in horrible pain!

Woke up at 2am with horrendous stomach pain - all over. Suspected constipation first but never had it that bad!!! I suddenly got the twitchy body (like an epileptic fit - I have that while I am unconscious - know that, happens while/shortly after I pass out with pain!

Must have passed out, because when I checked the time (thank goodness for my projector clock!!) it was a little later. Now the pain just left ASIS to right ASIS and then up to right upper quadrant up to under my right breast. Totally confused about that but still suspected severe constipation pain. I tried to find a way to lie down and get a little sleep at least but couldn't find any position comfy enough for that.

Next was a try to go to the toilet ... but broke out in cold sweat as soon as I was sitting on the edge of the bed so fell back onto my pillow and lie there for a while. The next time I actually made it to the toilet but nothing happened - and a quick rush back to the bed as I felt the cold sweat breaking out again.

This whole scenario repeated itself until 7am when DH got up - I asked him for a heat pack as well as an ice pack to see if that does the trick. Got a big row that I didn't wake him up earlier but I thought it better that he gets some sleep in case he has to run me to the hospital.

DH phoned NHS24 who then spoke to me - repeating all the questions they asked him already!!! Could hardly speak for pain and was old to either see my GP (which they'd prefer) or go to A&E. So we phoned the practice at 8:30am and DH made an appt for 9:30am just to having to change it to a house visit after I told him that I am definitely NOT in shape to walk over to our GP!!!

The GP turned up at 9am and did the normal checks - but couldn't feel any organs as I was tensing up my abdominal muscles as soon as she had her hand just near my tummy!!! And then I got the request to "relax". Why do docs say that all the time? Surely they should know that this is impossible if you know that they're going to press down the area where you have the pain from hell???!!!

After a lackmuss paper test we were told that I have blood in my waterworks and that I have to go to A&E. We took our own car (tsk.. still no ambulance ride for me!!! ;) ) and I felt like in labour. Could feel every bump, every swerving etc. and was breathing like a pregnant woman about to give birth and also have been yelping at every bump! And that was with DH being so considerate to put down the seat as far as he could (he learned from our EC!!)

Arrived at A&E and was asked for another urine sample and then got to wear the nice fashionable nighties they have in hospital. Another doc turning up, pressing about my tummy and asking questions. And then the search for a vein on my hands to put the canula down!!! Gosh, that Dr "Simon" really had a hard time but he finally found a spot after 2 failed attempts.

Possibilities for the pain so far - Appendicitis or UTI (urinary tract infection) and I got some painkillers who did the trick (after Aspirin at 3am and Ibuprofen at 7:30am didn't do ANYTHING). Got paracetamol with cocodamol.

A little later I got a chest X-ray (?!?!?! Referred pain?) and then was shipped off to CA (combined assessment) to free space at A&E. And as I was still down for a possible operation I was NBM (nil by mouth) and got a Saline IV.

Around 3:30pm I was collected for an external Ultrasound where the consultant couldn't find anything wrong with my kidneys or liver, and he couldn't find my appendix (which is definitely still there!!!). But he found some fluid in my pelvis.

Back in the ward we've been waiting until 6pm without any consultant coming around to tell us what's going on. DH then checked with the nurses who have been relocating the patients to other wards for the night. At 7pm finally my consultant returned with her excuse that I must have been for my scan during the ward round (for goodness sake, surely someone should have come around afterwards????!!!) and told me that I have to stay overnight and needed a TA scan in the morning. Fortunately, DH had packed an overnight bag so that wasn't too bad really. At 8pm finally we found out where my new ward was (106 - another combined assessment ward) and I got settled for the night. Was told that I am now F&D now though (Fluid & diet) and I took every chance for a cuppa tea or water. :)

Sunday, 15 October 2006

Wonders of technology - and TV stll broken!

Wahey! Got the TV on my notepad working yesterday evening ... so I can still watch telly in bed, even though we haven't replaced the TV in the master bedroom yet. First I thought I'd only get the standard 5 programs, but no!! I get lots of digital TV as well!! That notepad is really worth the money!! :)

Very lazy day today - lounging on the couch all day and only putting on a wash and doing the washing up plus finishing the cooking - nice lamb roast with potatoes, carrots and broccoli. Yumm!!

Yesterday I have been doing some tidying and a couple of washes ... had nasty cramps from the witch though, so a lot of hot wheat pack on duty and cooking homemade pizza.

From tomorrow onwards I want to go either swimming or to the gym before I start studying for 4 - 5 hours. After the studying it's about 2 hours housework and then me-time. Hopefully I'll stick to that ... really hope so!

Tuesday, 10 October 2006


Have been buying just the Christmassy issues of "Cross Stitcher" and "World of Cross Stitching" for 2 years now. And somehow I just have to admit that I am not a knitter but a stitcher. All I have knitted so far were 3 scarves. Haven't even started "purling" yet, and am amazed how much wool can cost. It's cheaper to buy a jumper than knit one!!! Shame, actually. I'd rather knit a jumper and know that I've done it myself....

So... I will cancel my subscription to "Simply Knitting" after the Christmas issue. Think the December issue is the last one in the quarterly payments anyway. Am I going to subscribe to one of the Cross Stitching mags again? Not sure, but think not for a bit. Yet have to start stitching again, and am "behind" with the stitching for my friend's charity "Blinkie Patrol" in the USA. Just too much on this year really.

Wondering if there was much positive stuff this year of if we should just erase it from our memory? So far I can see more negatives than positives (the only positive probably me quitting my job!!!)... :(

Thursday, 5 October 2006

Cursed house?

Our house is haunted since Tuesday evening!!! First our TV in the living room broke down and DH spent 3 hours yesterday evening getting a replacement from ASDA (first they've replaced it with another broken one) and this evening when I got ready for "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" in the bedroom (still have that funny cold and had a nasty headache all day) nothing happened when I switched it on (on the TV itself - we started to switch it off - not standby - a couple of months ago). No red light no nothing. Of course DH is throwing a bit of a fit again - all that happening when he has an important league meeting on Saturday and our second Affiliation Game is on Sunday (away game in Hull). That's just so blinking typical!!!!!

It doesn't rain, it pours here!! :( Told DH that I don't need a TV in the bedroom for the weekend and that we can replace it after all the pressure is over, he has far more important things to do... and that seems to be the case now.

What's going next? ... This year is just not good for us ... can we erase 2006 please????? Means Sharon would be still living here...

Wonder if that's a sign... watching too much TV???

Well... another ice pack needed and I will read a bit. Hopefully studying a bit tomorrow and get more of my swaps ready!

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Feeling crappy... :(

You know that feeling ... knowing that there is a cold lurking inside you but it just won't come out? I have that feeling since Monday afternoon and just can't shake it! :( Wish the cold would just come out and get over with, so I can concentrate on life and studying etc again.

Haven't touched the books since Thursday on the train (no time in London and then the stupid "cotton wool feeling" in my head - very counter-productive to studying!!!) but will try a bit today. Module 12 is in 65 days - that's scary FEW for me... don't need to have a "domestic" if I'm not able/feeling too crappy to study.... and failing the exam in January is just not an option!!! :o

Aaaaaargh. All I have from the cold is woozy head and a stuffed nose and a little bit of sore throat (think I got swollen glands as well, but just a little) but no cough or drippy nose like DH had when he started his cold over a week ago. That's a scary record for him - usually he has a 3-day-cold (which results for me in double the time!) and that's why we first thought it's hayfever ... but he had fever/higher temp on Thursday/Friday which is very unusual for him. Wonder which bug we've caught there!!

Well.. off to hit the books in a bit ... after I had another cuppa tea and some lunch.

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Sharon's Birthday book

Well.. now that I'm back from London and have handed my latest "creation" to its new owner I can finally post what I have been scrapping last Wednesday... ;)

Monday, 2 October 2006

Nearly on my way home...

Woke up earlier this morning to have brekkie with Sharon to say goodbye and Graeme said bye to me later on, so I decided I may as well get up instead of sleeping until 9:30am.

Train leaves Kings Cross at 1pm so I give myself enough time to get there with leaving at 10:30am.

Weekend was great, but I am looking forward to getting back home again. :)

Thanks again to Sharon & Graeme for a wonderful weekend. I'm sure we will repeat this again soon. (((HUGS)))

Sunday, 1 October 2006

Last full day in London...

Did set my alarm for 9am and managed to sleep another 15 mins just to get up for a shower. Outside was torrential rain - again! So we only decided at 12pm to leave the flat to go to Hotel Chocolat as well as the best Dim Sum place I've been to (Chuen Cheng) - well, it's the only Dim Sum place I've been to but Sharon and Graeme agree it's the best! :)

Had loads of Dim Sum ... think we had Prawn Dumplings, Prawn & Pork Dumplings, Turnip Paste thingies, beef dumplings, veggie dumplings, duck noodle soup, some unidentifiable dough dumplings with sweet vanilla (?) sauce and then sesame dumplings with some unidentifiable filling. Yummie!!!

Hotel Chocolat is a very posh .. mmmh... chocolate boutique? :D Lots of nice things there, and I got some chocs for me (a mini slab with nuts & tiramisu pralines) as well as Doug's birthday present. It's a very nice place for shopping for a treat, but definitely not an every day thing! :) Shame they have an online shop as well.... LOL.

After lunch we went for a quick visit to V & A (Victoria & Albert Gallery) and I took a picture of the 200th edition of "Private Eye" for DH! :) He got a subscription for his birthday from his best friend but I think he hasn't renewed it. Also had a big wander about in the Asian area - lovely chest of drawers and other everyday items from China and Japan.

Quite surprised that the gallery (and the other museums) closed at 5:30pm, and even more so to find out that the supermarkets close at 6pm on Sundays in London!!! Little backward, isn't it??? :) Same with the smoking - think England is following suit with introducing the Smoking Ban next year spring or summer.

Have been thinking of the Wolves quite a bit today - first game to acquire affiliation status for 2007 kicked off today at 1pm. DH phoned me before the game to let me know that our tree beside the pitch had gone and that there was a burnt out car on the pitch - what's new?!!?!? That seems to be one of the things that keeps the neds around our venue occupied!!! :(

Spoke to DH again at 7:30pm and got the information that we won 14:6 against the Glasgow Tigers. Good result. However, one of our players had the wrong pants on, some wore the wrong colour of socks and our transfers back from the Pirates hadn't spray-painted their lids again. So - no "uniformity" within the team which we got marked down for by the assessor, who got injured by stumbling over a bike which was lying close to the team area and cut his hand on the gear. YIKES! Seems like everything that could possibly go wrong (including pitch being in a state and the hash marks being wrong!!) went wrong. :( But then ... the assessor found out the hard way that we have always someone around who can drive injured players to A & E and pick them up after they've seen the doctor.