Thursday, 5 October 2006

Cursed house?

Our house is haunted since Tuesday evening!!! First our TV in the living room broke down and DH spent 3 hours yesterday evening getting a replacement from ASDA (first they've replaced it with another broken one) and this evening when I got ready for "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" in the bedroom (still have that funny cold and had a nasty headache all day) nothing happened when I switched it on (on the TV itself - we started to switch it off - not standby - a couple of months ago). No red light no nothing. Of course DH is throwing a bit of a fit again - all that happening when he has an important league meeting on Saturday and our second Affiliation Game is on Sunday (away game in Hull). That's just so blinking typical!!!!!

It doesn't rain, it pours here!! :( Told DH that I don't need a TV in the bedroom for the weekend and that we can replace it after all the pressure is over, he has far more important things to do... and that seems to be the case now.

What's going next? ... This year is just not good for us ... can we erase 2006 please????? Means Sharon would be still living here...

Wonder if that's a sign... watching too much TV???

Well... another ice pack needed and I will read a bit. Hopefully studying a bit tomorrow and get more of my swaps ready!

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