Sunday, 1 October 2006

Last full day in London...

Did set my alarm for 9am and managed to sleep another 15 mins just to get up for a shower. Outside was torrential rain - again! So we only decided at 12pm to leave the flat to go to Hotel Chocolat as well as the best Dim Sum place I've been to (Chuen Cheng) - well, it's the only Dim Sum place I've been to but Sharon and Graeme agree it's the best! :)

Had loads of Dim Sum ... think we had Prawn Dumplings, Prawn & Pork Dumplings, Turnip Paste thingies, beef dumplings, veggie dumplings, duck noodle soup, some unidentifiable dough dumplings with sweet vanilla (?) sauce and then sesame dumplings with some unidentifiable filling. Yummie!!!

Hotel Chocolat is a very posh .. mmmh... chocolate boutique? :D Lots of nice things there, and I got some chocs for me (a mini slab with nuts & tiramisu pralines) as well as Doug's birthday present. It's a very nice place for shopping for a treat, but definitely not an every day thing! :) Shame they have an online shop as well.... LOL.

After lunch we went for a quick visit to V & A (Victoria & Albert Gallery) and I took a picture of the 200th edition of "Private Eye" for DH! :) He got a subscription for his birthday from his best friend but I think he hasn't renewed it. Also had a big wander about in the Asian area - lovely chest of drawers and other everyday items from China and Japan.

Quite surprised that the gallery (and the other museums) closed at 5:30pm, and even more so to find out that the supermarkets close at 6pm on Sundays in London!!! Little backward, isn't it??? :) Same with the smoking - think England is following suit with introducing the Smoking Ban next year spring or summer.

Have been thinking of the Wolves quite a bit today - first game to acquire affiliation status for 2007 kicked off today at 1pm. DH phoned me before the game to let me know that our tree beside the pitch had gone and that there was a burnt out car on the pitch - what's new?!!?!? That seems to be one of the things that keeps the neds around our venue occupied!!! :(

Spoke to DH again at 7:30pm and got the information that we won 14:6 against the Glasgow Tigers. Good result. However, one of our players had the wrong pants on, some wore the wrong colour of socks and our transfers back from the Pirates hadn't spray-painted their lids again. So - no "uniformity" within the team which we got marked down for by the assessor, who got injured by stumbling over a bike which was lying close to the team area and cut his hand on the gear. YIKES! Seems like everything that could possibly go wrong (including pitch being in a state and the hash marks being wrong!!) went wrong. :( But then ... the assessor found out the hard way that we have always someone around who can drive injured players to A & E and pick them up after they've seen the doctor.

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